Thanks for reading over the years, everyone. This is the last one of these I'm doing on Slog, it's been an absolute honor being a sticker advocate. Keep slappin' them up, I'll always be on the lookout. And if you see any sticker you think I'd like, don't hesitate to send a picture my way!

It's Really That Simple

Spotted on 12th. JK

The amount of close calls I've had on this street. We should close it down between East John and East Madison to make it pedestrian only and put a bunch of gardens up. Yes, I'm leaving The Stranger to run for District 3 City Council race and this is part of my platform, you heard it here first. 

We're Gender-Inclusive Here

I love providing this reminder to anyone who needs it. JK

Never ask me for dating advice because this is what I will always tell you. Thank you, Chunky Brewster

This Made Me Realize That IDK How to Spell "Raccoon" LOL

Excellent. JK

I'm not fully on the "loving raccoons" train, but definitely on the "hating fascism" one. 

Lots of Traffic-Themed Stickers Today

It's not that hard! JK

I swear, the drivers on Capitol Hill are on another level of being absolutely terrible. Whether you're on a bike or on foot, these drivers do not give a FUCK!!!! They go too slow or too fast, aren't paying attention, and round corners like they're being chased by the police. CHILL OUT!!

Forget Cordyceps, What About Strawberries?

Okay, this might be cuter than the Infected from The Last of Us. JK

Maybe being bit by one of these things would be pleasant. Thanks, Delaney Saul

Stickers Posted Aren't Endorsements

Again, we love handwritten stickers here at Sticker Patrol HQ. JK

I guess, where do we go from there?

I Usually Try Not to Post Two Stickers by the Same Artist, but This Is the Last One So All the Rules Don't Matter 

Devastatingly true. It's so easy to get the ick! JK

Thanks again, Chunky Brewster. Also, this is my attitude today on my final day of work (FWIW, I'd be a great host of Whose Line Is It Anyway?):

Life Sucks... but Sometimes—Often—It's Beautiful

Forgot where I saw this one! JK

Endings are beginnings! A door closes and another opens! You see one good sticker and then another! It's cloudy until it isn't! Suckiness is a big part of life, but so is love and learning and spotting something funny slapped on a stop sign. If you need me, you know where to find me.

As always, forever yours, Jas Keimig.