The Dina Martina Christmas Show

(COMEDY) Seattle's own "Second Lady of Entertainment" will return to the stage with some Christmassy razzle-dazzle this month. Alongside Stranger Genius award-winning composer and musician Chris Jeffries, Dina Martina will deliver the surreal comedy and festive tunes for which she's been known and loved for over 25 years. (Her show was described by former Stranger editor Chase Burns as "cozy but disorienting," and John Waters calls her act "some new kind of twisted art,” so buckle in for a holiday fever dream.) (ACT - A Contemporary Theatre, 700 Union St, various showtimes through December 24, $5-$60, all ages) LINDSAY COSTELLO


Macklemore: The Ben Tour

(MUSIC) Do I have the honor of being the first critic ever to review a Macklemore record? Your guess is as good as mine. But I did write about his first album, The Language of My World back in 2005. And I had positive things to say, particularly about his track "White Privilege." My, how time flies. Nearly 20 years later, Macklemore is world-famous, still rapping, still causing good trouble. His shows at the Climate Pledge Arena can be seen as a kind of homecoming, a return to his roots, to the place he called, just before he blew up, "The Town." (Climate Pledge Arena, 305 Harrison St, Dec 21-22, 7:30 pm, $45-$109, all ages) CHARLES MUDEDE

FRIDAY 12/22 

Ghost Gallery's 17th Annual Holiday Mini Art Exhibit

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(ART/SHOPPING) Oh no! You forgot to get a gift for your cousin or your best friend or your cool aunt named Megan who works at The Stranger! (Ignore that last part, that's just me hoping my nephews are reading this.) Lucky for you, slacker, Ghost Gallery is filled with treasures—crystals, jewelry, candles, and little glass containers full of ink made of melted guns. On Friday the shop hosts its 17th Annual Holiday Mini Art Exhibit, the perfect opportunity to grab some good last-minute gifts. There are hundreds of tiny and affordable pieces from artists including the ghost-loving Michael H Thomas, wool creature-creating Valerie Davidson, and ceramicist Katie Barnes. (Ghost Gallery, 600 Pine St, 5-9 pm, free, all ages) MEGAN SELING


Frankie Knuckles Tribute

(MUSIC) Cherry Complex is hosting an all-night tribute to Frankie Knuckles, the godfather of House. In 1977, Knuckles was a DJ at the Warehouse (check out this live set). He spun Philly soul, Eurodisco, and unknown imports from Africa and South America to lay the foundation of house. In the next decade, he'd play these records over the pounding staccato of a Roland TR-909 drum machine. By the 1990s, he was a real star and never diminished. He made great music all of his life (see "Your Love", "The Whistle Song" or his version of Allison Limerick's "Where Love Lives" for starters) that tangibly changed music. Whether you're new to Knuckles, or a hardcore fan, the tribute with DJ X-2 (aka Adam Mohr) is for you. (Cherry Complex, 1809 Minor Ave #10, 10 pm, $11.33, 21+) VIVIAN MCCALL

SUNDAY 12/24 

Ghost Stories for Christmas

(FILM) This might be the lapsed Catholic in me talking, but Christmas Eve can and should be spooky. There's no greater antidote to holiday schmaltz poisoning than a little chill in your heart. Back in the '60s and '70s the BBC agreed with me. The network had a tradition of broadcasting Ghost Stories, hour-long Christmas specials that felt a little like your favorite uncle telling his scariest story around the fire. The Beacon is showing two of the best, a Charles Dickens adaptation of The Signalman and Whistle and I'll Come To You, a story by M.R. James. (The Beacon, 4405 Rainier Ave S, 5 pm, $12.50) VIVAN MCCALL

MONDAY 12/25 

12th Annual Miracle on Rainier Ave with Rev Dr Riz Rollins, Dane Garfield, Sharlese, and Kaviera

(MUSIC) Formerly known as Miracle on Eastlake Ave, Re-Bar's annual Christmas party has moved to the Royal Room for its 12th year. Reverend Riz Rollins (Flammable, KEXP), Dane Garfield (Flammable), Sharlese (KEXP), and Kaviera (Quantum) will give the gift of beats while you dance off your eggnog hangover. (The Royal Room, 5000 Rainier Ave S, free, 21+) AUDREY VANN

TUESDAY 12/26 

Dark Star

(FILM) John Carpenter's first feature film was a quirky and unexpected foray into sci-fi comedy, developed from a student film he created with collaborator Dan O'Bannon. Twenty years into an isolated space mission, a crew of clumsy astronauts gets bored and starts to neglect their responsibilities, leading to, as you might imagine, total catastrophe. Check out Dark Star during Central Cinema's "The Other Carpenter" week of programming, which also includes screenings of The Thing and Prince of Darkness. (Central Cinema, 1411 21st Ave, 7 and 9:30 pm, $12) LINDSAY COSTELLO