Hey, patriot—show your spirit of independence by engulfing a locally made wiener with your lovely American mouth! On Capitol Hill, Rain Shadow Meats’ house-made hot dog is the product of extensive R&D, made to taste like a regular frank but with reduced-guilt local/sustainable meats (bonus: They are also pornographically large). In Columbia City, much-loved Bob’s Quality Meats also makes their own sustainable, no hormones/no antibiotics dogs—“Only the good stuff!” Hempler’s, in Ferndale since 1934, puts out only-good-stuff wieners, too. And family-owned Field Roast has the vegetarian-frank front covered. Happy Fourth! (www.rainshadowmeats.com, www.bobsqualitymeats.com, www.hemplers.com, www.fieldroast.com; prices vary)

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