In Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes's life, there's a before and an after, and what separates them is three minutes of severe beating by four Seattle police officers. Five years later, Alley-Barnes and his friends and family have created a group show—but it functions as a ritual exorcism, not just a site for vicarious looking, as the artist explains—of collage, installation, video, sculpture, and painting in a gallery right across the street from where it happened. The painted, metallic letters "WE SEE" on the wall (by Alley-Barnes) were taken from the BMW dealership they now face; Kat Larson's tired, beat-up old boxing glove bearing the hand-stitched words "Get Off Of Me" is a plea for other men and other futures. (Pun(c)tuation, 705A E Pike St, 2–9 pm, free. Through May 19.)