Whoa, this party is the shit. BenDeLaCreme, fresh from her star turn on RuPaul’s Drag Race, will MC. Le1f will rap fast and deep and have sex with your eyeballs. Drag Race’s Joslyn Fox will be there, plus Purple Crush, PDX’s Boy Funk & Rap Girl, Amo A Nia, Artstar, Ade, Mama Tits, Dieana Dae, Cherry Surbete, Cherdonna Shinatra, Olivia Lagarce—whoa!! Plus DJs: Tiffany Roth, Riff-Raff, Roy G Biv. VIP means you can chill out with all of them and Tiffany Pollard (aka “New York” from Flavor of Love). Or, fuck it, get a VIP weekend pass! This is the first of three days of Nark parties. (Neighbours, 1509 Broadway, narkmagazine.com/pride, 8 pm–4 am, $30/$70 VIP/$120 VIP weekend pass, 21+)