What happens in Vagus stays in Vagus.
What happens in Vagus stays in Vagus. NERVANA

Via sciencealert.com

A Florida-based company called NERVANA is bringing to market this month headphones that reputedly signal the Vagus nerve to stimulate "the release of neurotransmitters in the brain that enhance mood," according to NERVANA's website. How does it work?

Proprietary, patent-pending circuitry within the Nervana Generator analyzes the music signal and generates a targeted Vagus nerve stimulation output that synchronizes with the music’s signal, so the user can Feel the Music.

(Italics and gratuitous capitalization are NERVANA's.)

Theoretically, you can wear these special devices at a concert and experience the music on a much higher level than your counterparts. The headphones cost $300 through NERVANA's site.