And you thought Trumpy Bear was scary?
And you thought Trumpy Bear was scary? YouTube

Do you like cute stuff? Do you want your phone to store a complex 3D map of your face? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you'll love this new ad released today from Apple:

For those of you living under a rock still using an iPhone 5, Apple announced in September that its new spy device computer phone, the iPhone X (or iPhone 10), will unlock using facial recognition. Passwords are passé, apparently. Now we need a $1,000 iPhone that scans our face.

Apple's September announcement sent the internet into a tizzy, with consumers panicking that Apple will do "something shitty" with their "biometric data." (Read: Sell a 3D map of their face to Russian spies or—even scarier—our own government.) Apple needs people to trust its "Face ID," and it isn't going to do that just by giving consumers facts—like how your fancy face map is stored, as Gizmodo reports, "in an encrypted form in your phone's Secure Enclave, where it can't be accessed by your operating system or any of the apps running on your phone." Snooze! To win the people over, Apple has turned to...

The Animoji.

The Animoji isn't that unfamiliar. It's an Emoji synced up with your facial movement (like one of those freaky Snapchat filters, but fancier). Think of the possibilities! You can now sext your dirty talk as an animated, talking piece of poop!

When the iPhone X was announced in September, Apple hinted at the ability to use Animoji to lip sync to tracks, but a tweet from a tech editor for FastCompany set the trend in motion:

That tweet bore more tweets:

And now, a month after the Twitter trend, Apple has officially jumped on board with Animoji karaoke. The company released four new ads promoting Face ID as the “most unforgettable magical password ever created.” They're betting Animoji karaoke will help normalize facial recognition. I'm betting it will, too.