Last week I wrote about a new kind of tech that will win Donald Trump a second term in office change the nature of fake news. This tech, which is, in part, being developed right here in Seattle, allows the user to manipulate both video and audio in a way that makes the final product seem legit. So, for instance, you could take a video of, say, Barack Obama, and edit it to make it really look like he's referring to Donald Trump as "a total and complete dipshit," as Buzzfeed did in this video released Tuesday.

If you aren't terrified by this video, you should be. Yet, as I wrote last week, the people actually making this software seem blissfully unconcerned, as tech people frequently are when asked about the implications of their work. This technology will benefit certainly some industries—namely, entertainment—but as for the rest of us? It's not hard to imagine this going very, very awry.