Meet Nadia Abdelrhman, a Stranger reader who has vowed to do everything The Stranger suggests for the entire month of March. Look for her reports daily on Slog and Line Out. —Eds.

Sometimes The Stranger suggests you go to something that is already sold out. Such was my fate last night at Artattack's production of Fat Pig.

I went to the theater, just in case, but no dice. Although, the friendly fellow at the ticket desk took my information and said he would call to arrange that I get to see the play before it ends on the 20th. So there's still a chance I'll get to write it up, if anyone cares. I do actually like Neil Labute, so I wouldn't mind.

But back to this business of The Stranger suggesting things that are already sold out—or things where you would have to crash someones home, or things that don't even actually exist—as I have experienced this week.

I know for the average person, it can be frustrating. At this point, I find it humorous, especially since the staff at The Stranger knows they have a hapless lackey going to all of these events this month—you think they'd spend a moment figuring out whether something is sold out or not before they add it to the schedule. But, true to form, The Stranger Suggests is put together this month, as it is every month, with (at times) fingers crossed. And, I was given warning of this before I started.

I haven't said a lot about myself thus far, but for those who don't know me (which is almost everyone), I do have a full-time job, so doing Suggests has been a little taxing, although it is very fun for me. I needed a good project, one where I could get out of the house, and this has been very exciting to be a part of.

Last night's Suggest was, for me, a failure. Here's hoping to less of that for the rest of March.