For the last six months, costume designer Jamie Von Stratton has been sketching and sewing a futuristic arsenal of sexy space-suits, pulling 16-hour days with hot-glue-smeared hair, sequin shards lodged in her feet, hands covered with scissor calluses, and forearms burned from drilling holes into bundled plastic—all in the name of the perfect broken-glass bodice. Von Stratton, a custom-fashion and costuming prodigy, shuttered her Capitol Hill clothing shop Agent X, joined the Atomic Bombshells around 2004, and is now designing solar-cell rhinestones for their new Lost in Space! 2010: A Burlesque Odyssey. Imagining what otherworldly beauties might wear (or not wear) and making such garments safe for dancers is tricky, but she should know—Von Stratton performs in her own creations as Honey D. Luxe.

Not only are the costumes the most outlandish in Bombshell history, Lost in Space is an ambitiously sprawling endeavor, featuring a dozen new acts and over 20 performers (including guest stars Waxie Moon, Ben De La Creme, and the Aerialistas moonlighting as the Falling Stars). Opening group number "Lost in Space" is a retrofuturistic Bond girl wet dream complete with candy-colored jumpsuits and ominous ray guns. Imagine a line of flirtatious and charming space traffic controllers in a mechanized goose step. Malevolent Martians commandeer a small-town diner in a caffeinated blitz, Ivy St. Spectre runs amok as a lovesick robot maid, and dancers cut some alien rug in a Metropolis-inspired tap number. Lost in Space! borrows more from Barbarella and The Jetsons than from Star Wars erotic fantasy, combining vintage burlesque with ray-gun gothic. Plus a theremin.

Lost in Space! runs April 7–9 at the Triple Door in Seattle and April 10 at the Mount Baker Theater in Bellingham.