The first annual summer bacchanal of flesh and fish, henceforth to be known as Seafarer Follies, launches this weekend, luring wayward thrill-seekers from the butch air shows and hydroplane races of Seafair to the cool, subterranean depths of the Triple Door.

The aquatic-themed cabaret nods to the days of Green Lake's Aqua Follies. In a typically namby-pamby Seattle plan, the Aqua Theatre was built in 1950 to host water ballet "swimusicals" for the first Seafair. These ran until 1964, the theater itself lurching along until it was dismantled in 1970 (just after Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead played there).

Produced by lady-about-town The Swedish Housewife, Seafarer Follies trades swim caps for G-strings. Flipping and stripping duo Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey, regulars at the Moisture Festival and favorites of fellow Baltimore native John Waters, debut a cheeky new trapeze dalliance. (Monkey brought home the Best Boylesque title at Exotic World in Vegas this year; the circus-trained pair won Best Duo in 2006.) Coney Island wild woman Bambi the Mermaid also guests-stars. Infamous for eating crickets and stripping in chicken masks, Bambi occasionally burlesques as a red vinyl crab. Perhaps she'll rip off her legs, pry apart her crustacean belly, and wind up nearly naked and slathered in butter.

Costumes are encouraged—King Neptune (aka Waxie Moon) crowns the most stunning reveler with the lofty yearlong ambassadorship title "The Royal Sea Urchin."

Seafarer Follies, Fri–Sat Aug 6–7, Triple Door, 11 pm, $22 adv/$25 DOS, 21+.