Alan Turing was a crazy, brilliant (and crazy brilliant) British mathematician who helped defeat the Nazis by cracking their hellaciously complex code-generating machines with a useless-sounding logical theorem (from any contradiction, you can deduce everything). Turing was also the father of computer science and believed that machines could someday not only think, but feel. And he was gay, for which a British judge sentenced him to chemical castration. He committed suicide two years later. This production about Turing's life is exquisite—the text is rich and clever, and director Sheila Daniels has pulled awe-inspiring performances from her cast, especially actor Bradford Farwell as the stuttering, thorny, and enigmatic Turing. Go. (Strawberry Theatre Workshop at Erickson Theater Off Broadway, 1524 Harvard Ave, 800-838-3006, 7:30 pm, $15 half-price Thursday)