Theater Aug 31, 2011 at 4:00 am

Greg Lundgren Wants to Turn the Lusty Lady into a For-Profit Arts Center and Manufacture a Renaissance

A box for big dreams. Katee Wright


How do I get involved?
Well, if the film focuses on the establishment of the arts center and the process of making the film about the making of the film about the arts center, may I suggest the project be retitled "Synechdoche, WA"?
I seem to recall someone doing something similiar in San Francisco or New York during the dot-com years.

Surprisingly, it imploded.
@3 you're referring to We Live in Public by the insane, ridiculous and brilliant Josh Harris. It did implode, and spectacularly. This is a very different sort of venture as far as I can see.
Anyone interested in supporting a critical, sustainable, regional arts center that will not implode should donate to YU instead of this circus.
This is cool and I would love to help!
This is just what Seattle needs.
Great idea!
Ditto on what @5 said. YU has the potential to be a significant center of cultural production, discussion, and dissemination in the Northwest. Walden 3 has the potential to be better than "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist."
There must be some really good weed going around town now.
Will it include a masturbatorium?
It is by definition a masturbatorium, sounds like.
I understand that fact-checking isn't a strong suit of The Stranger, and I can practically see the hearts pouring out of Brendan Kiley's eyes as he writes about Mr. Lundgren, but I'm surprised no one has taken either to task for the fact that the statement, "There are more millionaires in King County than in the entire state of Connecticut," is completely fabricated. According to multiple sources, each of them more reliable than either this writer or his subject, Connecticut has in the 89,000 range of households with a millionaire (the only way these things seem to be tracked), and King County has in the 68,000 range.
What is YU?
I got bored after the second paragraph.

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