[UPDATE: We are sorry to report that this production has been canceled.] It was a refrain that wafted about in the wake of the 2012 production of Keri Healey’s sibling-murder psychodrama Torso: “Stephen Hando is amazing.” To quote the many who’ve watched Hando light up Seattle stages since the mid ’90s: duh. A diminutive man with a towering stage presence, Hando is one of Seattle’s great character actors. InKeefee’s House of Cards, he goes solo, channeling a charming, wily, loose-tongued, and increasingly intoxicated blackjack dealer, in a semi-improvised show that involves Keefee dealing cards and dishing dirt to four self-selected audience-member card players. (Calamus Auditorium at Gay City, 517 E Pike St, strangertickets.com, 8 pm, $15, through April 26)