Puccini's Problematic Madame Butterfly

Maybe Shut Your Eyes and Forget the Words and Just Have the Music Wash Over You


Gee, lady, it's a fricking opera.
The comments always validate feminist point of views with their agressive need to stomp it into the ground. *sigh* How about, yeah, sex-trafficking and slavery IS nasty, maybe even nasty enough to harsh a night at the opera.
I think the reviewer has simply looked at the indeed troubling aspects of Madame Butterfly in the wrong way; the opera depicts the way things were back then, which I believe serves to heighten the sense of tragedy of the opera. We have come a long way since then. But unfortunately, the problem of men (and women) abandoning their families and its tragic results will always continue to persist; and thus that theme of the opera will always be timeless. Cio-Cio's character is indeed that of a stereotypical charicature of a Japanese woman; however, even these people exist in real life and their story must be told as well...
Makes it seem okay to buy 15-year olds? The whole point of "Madame Butterfly" is the fucked up way Butterfly is treated-- like much opera, it's tragedy and she's the tragic heroine, which is why her music is what transcends. But even back then Puccini sure wasn't writing an opera called "Hooray for Pinkerton." The people who exploit Butterfly, Pinkerton especially, look pretty awful. It's Pinkerton's lies, weakness and moral cowardice that cause the tragedy. If you're watching a version of Butterfly where the opera company on stage seems to be suggesting its okay to buy 15 year olds, that Pinkerton and Butterfly's family have morals to be admired, or that Butterfly herself isn't the one person in the whole thing who actually does have inner strength and grace, then they're doing it wrong.
Say it with me: Portrayal is not approval. Portrayal is not endorsement.

Now say it again a thousand times.
4 and 5 got it, Rebecca Brown didn't.
What is it lately with millennials and the word "problematic"? Are they incapable of thinking up more precise adjectives?
Jesus Rebecca, the point of the opera isn't that it's ok to buy a 15 year old sex slave. It's that we live in a fucked up world where this happens, and for Cio Cio San, her pride made her more vulnerable than most to such terrible mistreatment.

It's tradition to boo a good Pinkerton when he takes his bow. Let that marinate in your brain a while.