Maybe it's because of my own advancing age (and she has a few years on me), but I contend that Stormy looks better now than she ever has.

"I work in the adult business, and I'm a better [actor] than he is." I've never seen any of her work, but I feel confident that this is the truth. That lie was unconvincing the day he delivered it. Stormy has consistently come across as the adult in this whole debacle, despite being roughly half Trump's age. (I shudder for her sake, at imagining the whole thing.)

Chase, I feel it's incumbent upon me as a vagina-lover to point out you're repeatedly referencing the incorrect anatomy, though I will concede that it's often improperly used as a catch-all (grab-all?) for this general area.


@1 AP says to use vagina.


@2: AP can suck wind.


The Chicago Manual of Style doesn't even give us an opinion on the matter that I can find. Losers.


Sad that Stormy's depravity once intimantly enjoyed by Trump is now celebrated by even his fiercest critics.


"*I know, I know, it's the labia but AP says to use vagina."

So? If the AP jumped off a cliff would you do it too? Just because a long-lived, respected institution does something doesn't /automatically/ make it correct. It might increase the likelihood, but it's not automatic. In this case they are medically wrong and prefer to use "vagina" because of reader ignorance, rather than attempting to enhance their knowledge. The sex education in this country is bad enough without this sort of ignorance being perpetuated by institutions like the AP.

The vagina is an internal tube. The vulva is everything outside. It even starts with the same letter (how convenient!) and you don't have to break it down to component parts (labia and friends).


Spose President Pussy Grabber aka Cadet BoneSpurs aka Secret Agent Orange* KNOWS all those 'icky' terms? Just say pussy, and tell the AP to go to Hell (have they not noticed the Firestorm that's devatating Cali?!).

*thanks, Putin!


"Sad that Stormy's depravity ... is now celebrated by even his fiercest critics."


Not that long ago, we used to lock 'em up for 'depravity' like that.
Shall we go back to those days?
Shall we bring back The Church and all her 'Morality'?

On, and you've gotten 'the Depraved' one backwards, btw.


@6 It's a joke.


@5 you're worse at trolling than teddy.


AP Stylebook has its own twitter account. If y'all are so upset with Chase over the issue, tweet to them. It would provoke an interesting discussion on their twitter account if they responded.


AP is demonstrably incorrect. Is the stranger contractually bound to them or something, what's up?


ps-> thanks for the review!


@10: It may be trolling to you, but it's still my commentary.
@9: No need for incarceration as guilt and shame eventually take their toll.


I salute her.


@1 Knat: I share your shudder. How ANYone can touch that filthy, putrid mushroom no matter how much the payout is beyond me. Trump is the epitome of all stink horns.
@5 & @14: Your triglyceride level must be shooting through the roof this week, sugarlips.


Skanks gotta skank


How is Stormy Daniels a patriot? Can someone please explain to me any of the clues that she's even a sort of a good person?

She chose to sleep with this disgusting man for money, and she'd probably still be in league with him now if it suited her. Then she signed a contract to not talk about it for money, and then talked about it when it would be most beneficial for her fame and fortune.

I have respect for sex workers, but isn't it specifically part of the job to not blab about your clients?

Would it be acceptable if I wrote a book and described the shortcomings of the vagina of an ex girlfriend?

We need to stop constructing the false narratives that we want to be true.
She's a mercenary and not a downtrodden feminist.
My enemy's enemy is not my friend.


@14: Does it take a cognitive toll? Because you're responding to comment #8, not #9, there Claude Frollo.

@16 I'd never heard of "stinkhorns" before today. What a perfect joining of image and name, especially in this context.


19, yes, 14's for me:

"No need for incarceration as guilt and shame eventually take their toll."

And if they don't, The Church is more than happy to assure them of their Forever place in Hell. I have a strong feeling Trumpfy, when he gets HIS Way, will create a new Cabinet position -- God's Justice. Where women are chattel and off-whites Know their place, and Un-believers quickly Convert or ... well, you know Trumpfy. Better hope you meet his* criteria.

*Prez's gonna make it up as he goes, but I imagine a rather fluid set of Rules, depending on rule-breaker. Buh-bye, Feminism.


@18 He wasn't a "client" as she wasn't paid to sleep with him. And yes, my enemy's enemy is certainly my friend when the enemy is this bad.


I fucking agree. Props, Stormy.


Kind of late to be talking about Stormy Daniels at this point.

Avenatti has moved on to false rape accusations, demanding we elect a white male to the presidency whose name is Michael Avenatti, and suing Tucker Carlson for something or other.

These people are not heroes, they are bottom feeders trying to suck money and attention out of any gutter they can find.


Raw capitalism with the oldest and best selling product.
You wingnuts never have had nor never will have any sex to sell, so sour grapes forever I guess.


23 You make the same mistake as the wingnuts - that to agree with someone on any matter you must automatically line up with them on everything always. This is an implicit fallacy of tribal politics tiddlywinks, and has it roots in religious blindness rather than reason.
Nobody in the real world is looking to politics for heroes.


@25: Your comment bears literally no connection or relation to mine.


Good for you, Stormy. Glad you visited Seattle, offered honest sexual fun, and made some money doing so. And I'm grateful for your exposing our president's hypocritical piety about sex. You have a hundred times more integrity than Trump ever will have.


For $120,000, Stormy Daniels will be whatever you want. You can cut a round mouthhole in a Klan hood and she'd give you a blowjob as long as the money is right.

Her an Avenatti tried to shake down Trump, then it worked, and they've spent the past two years trying to launder themselves. Don't even start with this "Trump randomly remembered a 10-year old affair a month before the election and tried to pay her hush money" garbage. Shakedown pure and simple.


I was amused to find a flyer for this show on my car the other day. Much better than a parking ticket. Though I didn't attend.


@19 Knat: Yes. Stinkhorns are indeed, a form of phallically shaped mushroom, and they fittingly reek to high heaven. Put one in a clown suit and you have the perfectly odoriferous Donald J. Trump. For reference, the plant genus and species phallus impudicus is listed in The American Heritage Dictionary, complete with illustration.
@20 kristofarian: Holy shit, I hope you're wrong, especially after the most encouraging midterm election in decades.
@28 Wallowing in your own cesspool again, Sporty? Tsk tsk tsk.


@30 yet here you are. Come here often?


@31 I'm not into cesspools, Sporty, and I don't start shit--I end it. Now run along before you go flaccid.


@30: I have an idea: How about a truckload of stinkhorns delivered by cargo plane to Trump Towers and Mar-a-Lago? Bombs away! I call it patriotic duty.


I don't think I'll ever fully reconcile my thoughts and feelings about my personal feminist views and the porn industry, but Stormy sure does impress the hell out of me every time I see her give an interview.


@33: Seriously, that ought to grab Mein Trumpfy by its stinkhorn.

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