Seattle-based musician and drag performer Michete recently underwent facial feminization surgery (FFS) and has not been seen in public for several weeks. Her fans and foes are receiving information about her surgery results only through a steady drip of unhinged and conflicting tweets. "Joe came over tonight and told me that I look [REDACTED]," Michete tweeted recently. It's chaotic and brilliant.

But in a very on-brand move, Michete is hosting Clapped!, a drag and music event where she'll dramatically reveal her new face. Done in collaboration with the BeautyBoiz collective, the party (and one of the last events at Fred Wildlife Refuge) will feature some of the hottest drag entertainers and DJs working in Seattle.

Hey, Michete, how are you feeling/healing?

I think I'm doing all right. I just got back from LA, and it's definitely nice to be home again. The process of recovering from FFS has been really wild so far, physically and psychologically speaking. I look completely insane and bruised up and swollen, and I can't move most of my face, and everything's numb, and I'm having a lot of anxiety about my results. But I also got my entire face chopped up eight days ago, and healing from FFS takes a long time, so I'm doing my best to be patient and remain calm and trust the process.

So for those who may not know, what does "clapped" mean?

LMAO, it literally just means ugly. The name of the party came about when I was backstage grabbing my shit after my last gig before surgery. I was saying goodbye to some friends and I made a joke about my surgery getting fucked up and me coming back ugly. My friend Joe Valley (who is also DJing at the party) immediately goes: "That'd be COOL! You come back and you're just clapped!" I was so taken off guard by that response, and it was so fucking funny to me. Eventually, the concept of me getting surgery and coming back uglier than before became the entire mythos of the party.

Well, are you clapped?

My marketing answer is "You'll have to come and see." But my sincere answer is that I don't know. Looking in the mirror fucking freaks me out right now, I can tell you that. I might be fucking clapped, Jasmyne.

Why did you decide to do a face reveal?

Because I'm extra and dramatic and I love attention. How many opportunities will I get to reveal an entirely new face to my community? Why not make an obnoxiously big deal about it?

Are you a drag performer or a pop star? Both? Which one are you at this event?

I'm absolutely both. At this party? I'm neither. I'm a victim.

What's your next transformation? Can we expect a reveal party, too?

I have no clue. Maybe I'll get huge titties and throw a titty reveal party. I would like to think I'm done getting surged up for the time being, but we'll see. There will definitely be more parties I throw in the future, though—that's a guarantee. That's the kind of girl I am.

This is a curveball, but who is your favorite twink?

I'm my favorite twink. And if you think women can't be twinks, I've got news for you, bitch.