Rhodora Jacob's hipster animals are just some of the denizens of Art Walk.

Every second Thursday, rain or shine, the streets of Capitol Hill are filled with tipsy art lovers checking out galleries and special events. On our Capitol Hill Art Walk calendar, you'll find a bunch of great options for June's event, which is going to be extra queer for Pride. Below, we've compiled our critics' picks—the things you shouldn't miss. Follow the links for more details and images, and, if you can't make it out tonight, check out our complete visual art calendar for even more events.

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Alyssa Putnam: All Snakes Are Blue
See moody portraits by Putnam that seem to exemplify listless modern existence: "These are the paintings made in between chain smoking, driving aimlessly for hours, checking twitter and instagram, and in between depression naps."
Joe Bar

Bridget Sexauer: Pareidolia
New-to-town artist Bridget Sexauer will have a solo show of pareidolia (the perception of patterns or features where there are none, e.g., Jesus in toast). She's a painstaking painter with a knack for capturing the feeling of frozen personalities we attribute to lifeless things.

Dark Decadence
All your favorite vices will be on display in classic 20th-century poster form. This creature-focused gallery is always a rarefied treat.
Creatura House

Greg Pergament
Greg Pergament's mixed-media works showcase a fun, bold, graffiti-like sensibility.

Hate Pissing Alone
Junk and luxury blend in Anthony White's nostalgia-fueled plastic pieces referencing gay culture and love.
The Factory

In Residence: Video Poetry Pop-up
Shin Yu Pai's students of the Video Poetry workshop created a visual poetry piece about the "driftwood fragments that compose Richard Long’s sculpture 'Puget Sound Driftwood Circle'" at Henry Art Gallery. The finished work will be projected on the wall in a loop, and Shin Yu Pai will discuss it with Michael Barakat.
Chophouse Row

Kelsey Melville
Mixed media artist Kelsey Melville draws inspiration from human emotions and the natural world.

Pride Group Show
We've highlighted the great talents of some of these artists before—portraitist Amanda Kirkhuff, who captures intimate moments between queer women, artist/filmmaker Clyde Petersen, who made the amazing full-length stop-motion animation Torrey Pines, Mary Anne Carter, co-founder of Party Hat—but it's always worth doing again. Doug Newman, Kerstin Graudins, Leigh Riibe, Stephanie Jamieson, Andrea Marcos, Marcus Wilson, Ashley Perez, Adrien Leavitt, and Anouk Rawkson will also be unveiling their lovely work.
Cloud Gallery

Rānan: Anxious
If you suffer from anxiety, see your feelings understood and mirrored in Rānan's minimalist photographic portrait series. Musician Abby London will perform original works, accompanying herself on piano and guitar.
The Thread Loft

Rhodora Jacob
She defines herself as a "Pop Surrealist" and comics artist "of whimsical creations made with childlike wonder." Meet her pretty, magical creatures, like antlered girls and hipster animals.
Kismet Salon & Spa

Revenance: An Evening of Honors Projects
Find out what those Seattle University arts kids are up to at this showcase of honors projects, including two plays: Frances Bringloe's "Birdwatch" and Gabrielle Sigrist's solo piece "babushka of the deep green." Thursday is a preview.
Lee Center for the Arts

Stay in the know! Get all this and more on the free Stranger Things To Do mobile app (available for iOS and Android), or delivered to your inbox.