On Saturday, decorate a paper lantern and watch it float on Green Lake at sundown at the Water Lantern Festival.
Our arts critics have already recommended 65 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 34 best music shows, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from the Wizards Assemble Pub Crawl to the Water Lantern Festival, and from the Saved by the Dell! 90s Party to the Seattle Asian Street Food Night Market. For even more options, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.
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1. Design Happy Hour: Sleep and Dreams Workshop
Want to turn your bedroom into a "dream temple?" Astrologer and wellness consultant Stephanie Gailing will show you which essential flower essences, foods, herbs, and "intention-setting" practices will help you do so.


2. Tarot Card Tuesday
Get some insight into your future by having your tarot read while you sip cocktails.


3. Trivia Tuesday: Rick and Morty
Binge-watch your favorite animated series about a sociopathic scientist and his grandchildren to win prizes.


4. Bachtoberfest
Get hammered for a good cause, that is, supporting the upcoming season of the Seattle Bach Choir. The 14th annual Bachtoberfest will feature a performance by the Seattle Bach Choir, including Johann Sebastian Bach’s ebullient Brandenburg Concerto #5 and works by Johann Bernhard, Johann Michael, and Johann Christian Bach.

5. Booktoberfest: Libraryoke with Baby Ketten
Tomes and tones with Booktoberfest! Sing out your love of books with KJ Baby Ketten, who boasts a catalogue of esoteric and foreign-language songs, and exchange your old volumes with new friends.


6. David Levithan: Someday
A big name in the more adventurous regions of the YA fiction scene, David Levithan experiments with form, character, and style. His books include Every Day, Another Day, Two Boys Kissing, and Boy Meets Boy, as well as his collaborations with Rachel Cohn and John Green (respectively): Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and Will Grayson, Will Grayson. His next publication will be another book co-authored with Cohn, Sam and Ilsa's Last Hurrah. Hear him read from his book Someday, the sequel to his best-selling book Every Day.

7. Dr. Katherine Glew: What Everyone Should Know About Lichens
Lichens (aka "the association of a fungus with a green algae and/or cyanobacteria") are an essential part of forests' ecosystems—namely, they reveal important things about air quality. Learn more about lichens from North Cascades Institute's Dr. Katherine Glew.



8. Make Your Own Candy Dish
Need something cute in which to display your newly acquired mass of Halloween candy? Make your own blown-glass bowl.



9. Seattle Made Week
Not only do local producers and manufacturers make cool stuff, but they also create jobs and allow our region to rely less on the global economy. Seattle Made’s annual celebration of local makers features a week of pop-ups, meet-the-maker events, a party, a panel discussion, and vendor showcases. This week's events include The Future of Urban Manufacturing: Advanced Manufacturing and the Maker Economy (Tuesday); Youth Tours (Tuesday-Thursday); a Brewer's Shoptalk (Thursday); and Meet Your Local Maker (Tuesday-Saturday).

10. Seattle Latino Film Festival
This year's Seattle festival of Hispanic and Latinx cinema will highlight Spanish filmmakers and feature eight days of independent movies, filmmaker panels, workshops, and more. Don't miss Retrospectiva del Cine de Oro Mexicano (Tuesday) and Marisa in the Woods (Thursday).



11. 2018 Garden Art Show
Browse pieces by local Puget Sound artists to spruce up your garden and keep it looking beautiful year round.
Closing Sunday


12. Maple Festival
Maple trees abound in the tranquil gardens, so if your favorite thing about fall is the changing leaves, don't miss your chance to walk the grounds of the Seattle Japanese Garden. Plus, you can make nature-inspired crafts, go on a maple tree scavenger hunt, watch cultural performances, and attend tea ceremonies.



13. DiVe - Mystery Movie Night
Take a chance on a movie at this mystery screening, and enjoy drinks and lots of a la carte options.


14. Farming and Foraging Edible Fungi
At this hands-on educational work party, Jake Harris, "mushroom ambassador" and owner of Stone Soup Gardens, will discuss how to grow flourishing fungi in your home garden and how to safely identify tasty 'shrooms in the wild. Participants will help prepare a bed at Wetmore Garden for mushroom harvest in the spring and fall.

15. Modern Pickling
Venture beyond cucumbers with this pickling class with Seattle Pickle Company founder and "chief pickler" Chris Coburn, who will teach you how to brine and combine seasonal veggies as you snack on pickles.


16. Climate Change, Human Health, and Nutrition
Public health sciences professor Kristie L. Ebi, geneticist Stephen Jones, and physician Mark Vossler will pool their expertise on the impacts of climate change.

17. Elliot Reed: A Key to Treehouse Living
In A Key to Treehouse Living, an orphaned boy who lives near a river in the Midwest makes it his mission to create a glossary of everything that exists—as he sees it—from asphalt paths to Beta fish to mortal betrayal. The author will be joined in conversation by author and UW English Professor David Shields.

18. Muslim and Arab Women in the Arts
In this panel inspired by Macha Theatre Works' upcoming production of Veils, five Seattle-based Muslim and/or Arab women artists—Anida Ali, Hadeel Elbitar, Lia Fakhouri, Angie Kamel, and Fathiya Ritter—will talk about their experiences in the local art scene.

19. Paul Souders: Arctic Solitaire
Through words and pictures from his book Arctic Solitaire, Seattle-based National Geographic photographer Paul Souders will share his sometimes hilarious quest to document the majestic polar bears of the Arctic.

20. U.S. Elections: Moscow Rules
John Donoso will explain how Russians have used social media to influence U.S. elections.

21. WTF Nite - Mary Ann Thomas: Asking for Elephants
For this edition of WTF (women/trans/femme) night, queer POC writer, nurse, and avid cycler Mary Ann Thomas will share stories of her most recent bike tour in India via her chapbook, Asking for Elephants.



22. Jane Eyre
Book-It's inaugural play of the 2018-2019 season is based on Charlotte Brontë's Gothic novel about an orphaned young woman who becomes a governess to the handsome but taciturn Edward Rochester and discovers strange goings-on in her new home.



23. Rocky Horror Art Show
Have snacks and a drink while you peruse art by Dusty Winter, Jesse Way-Out, R. Thies, Two Thangs, Kelly Jackson, and many others, inspired by the cult classic musical. Jimi Jaxon of Freaks will provide the music.


24. Socially Inept: A Comedy Roast of Seattle's Tech Industry
If you're a tech bro and you're not prepared to get roasted, be warned: This night of comedy will poke fun at coders, programmers, and the mega corps they work for, courtesy of five local comics.


25. National Coming Out Day Celebration
Celebrate National Coming Our Day by enjoying live music from the Give Back Brass Band, seeing performances by Boom Dance Studios, and learning about local LGBTQ+ resources.


26. Mountainfilm on Tour 2018
Check out a selection of films from Colorado's Mountainfilm festival, which aims to "motivate individuals and communities to advance solutions for a livable world."


27. Jill Lightner Author Talk: Scraps, Peels, and Stems
Learn how to maximize your kitchen scraps, from turkey bones to broccoli stems, from food journalist Jill Lightner, who will discuss her journey to reducing food waste with fellow food writer Rebekah Denn and sign copies of her book purchased onsite.


28. Art Blakey Birthday Celebration
Legendary jazz drummer Art Blakey, who performed with the likes of Fletcher Henderson and Billy Eckstine in the 1940s, will be the centerpiece of this tribute show with Seattle Hard Cop Collective artists Jory Tindall, Mark Taylor, Jared Hall, Michael Glynn, and others.

29. Music Heals Mental Health: A Tribute to Scott Hutchison
In remembrance of the late Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison, KEXP's John Richards will host a night of tribute performances with William McCarthy of the Augustines, John Roderick, Shelby Earl, Jon Pontrello of the Moondoggies, OCEANWIRES, and SECRETARY. DJ Shannon will give remarks.

30. The Totally Beyoncé vs Gaga vs Britney vs Madonna Sing Along
Sing along to 25 classic music videos from the pillars of pop: Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Madonna.


31. Hearts Do the Blues: An All-Blues and Jazz Variety Drag Show
The Imperial Court of Seattle charitable and social queer royalty organization will host a bluesy, jazzy, syncopate-y night of variety, featuring the talents of Malone Wolf, Daddy Issues, Deeva Devareaux, Sister VixXxen, Sister D-Lyn Greenbud, and Ladie Chablis, plus host Aunt Betty Malone.


32. Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: Community Approaches & Resources
Learn more about the opioid epidemic in Seattle and beyond, and find out what you can do to help address it, including prevention strategies. Presenters include UW Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute director Caleb Banta-Green, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services administrator Renée Bouvion, and Seattle Police Department Deputy Chief Marc Garth Green.

33. Bob Peterson in Conversation with Tony Angell
Meet the man who photographed Clint Eastwood, Michael Jordan, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, Philip Roth, and many other personages for Life magazine. He's now coming out with a book of his best images. He'll be speaking with natural history illustrator and author Tony Angell at this event.

34. Michael Hebb: Let's Talk About Death (Over Dinner)
Hebb will be talking about how we die and face mortality, based on his book Let’s Talk About Death (Over Dinner) and his end-of-life discussion dinner series, at this Town Hall talk.

35. UW Libraries Special Event: Bird Walk and Urban Bird Presentation
Follow guides from Seattle Audubon to discover bird species that thrive in the city's natural sanctuaries, then hear a talk by Seattle Audubon Executive Director John Brosnan on urban birds and conservation.

36. Your Brain on Nature
Science writer Florence Williams is the author of Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, an ambitious, funny, and surprising take on breasts and their role in today's society. Here, she'll share from The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative, an informed and thoroughly researched set of reasons to take a walk in the woods.



37. The Monster Hunters
A group of cryptozoologists pursue a mysterious beast (what kind of beast? Who knows, it's made up on the spot!) in this improv adventure.



38. Whitney Cummings
The creator of Whitney, writer of 2 Broke Girls, and producer of the short-lived resuscitation of Roseanne, this comic has written I'm Fine and Other Lies and filmed The Female Brain.


39. Brainpeople
Jose Rivera's Brainpeople follows three women and the life events that haunt them, including a wealthy Puerto Rican woman who is still obsessively grieving the parents she lost at age eight.

40. Cyla's Gift
In his play written and performed by Samara Lerman, young Samara is awoken by the ghost of her grandmother Cyla, who relates the perilous history of their family's immigration.

41. Norway.Today.
Igor Bauersima's play, here directed by Marianna Chebotaryova for Theatre 33, is about a couple who meet on the internet and impulsively fly to Norway to meet each other. Based on a true story!

42. Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England
A lesbian scholar tries to deal with her college's impending financial doom, the peril to its tiny natural history museum, and quarrels with her own ex-lover (and her ex-lover's girlfriend) in this academic queer comedy.



43. And in This Corner: Cassius Clay
Introduce kids to the inspiring story of Muhammad Ali, back when he was 12-year-old Cassius Clay chafing against racist Jim Crow laws, at this Seattle Children's Theatre production.

44. Chamber Dance Company: Unspoken
The NEA grant-winning Chamber Dance Company will perform works like expressionist German pioneer Harald Kreutzberg’s Dances Before God, Lucinda Childs’s Katema, excerpts from Susan Marshall’s Cloudless, Joseph Gifford’s The Pursued, and Daniel Charon’s Storm.

45. Lily / LUNG
Choreographer Karen Stevens Dance and composer Kaley Lane Eaton will present a dual program of chamber pieces incorporating dance, electronic and acoustic music, and theater. Lily [bloom in darkness] is a half-hour opera scored for "voice, live electronic processing, pulse sensors, violas, saxophone doubling clarinet, [and] harp." Felicia Klingenberg's libretto follows a girl who's left England for the Pacific Northwest during World War I. LUNG imagines dancers as "breath mov[ing] through the body when preparing to speak" and is scored for bass flute, tenor saxophone, concert harp, two violas, and trumpet.

46. Skeleton Crew
One of Detroit's last lingering auto-stamping plants may be about to close in the 2008 recession, and the workers try to cope with the sacrifices that may be called for in Dominique Morisseau's play.



47. Pumpkin Workshop
Save yourself the mess of carving a real pumpkin and make one out of glass instead. Professional glassblowers will teach and help you to create either a solid or blown glass pumpkin to get your home ready for fall.


48. Understanding the Opioid Epidemic
A leading cause of opioid addiction in the United States is prescription drug abuse. This film presented by Meaningful Movies will examine the massive scope of the problem and how treatment centers are responding.


49. The All Mushroom Dinner with Delille Cellars
At this seven-course tasting menu with wine pairings from DeLille Cellars winemaker Jason Gorski, chef Aaron Tekulve will show off mushrooms in a myriad of forms, from maitake mushroom "steaks" to a malted mushroom milkshake and caramelized porcini ice cream with shiitake dark chocolate ganache for dessert.

50. Author Talk and Tasting with Kausar Ahmed of The Karachi Kitchen
Chef and educator Kausar Ahmed, who splits her time between Seattle and Karachi, will talk about the bold flavors of Pakistani cuisine and sign copies of her cookbook The Karachi Kitchen, with a bite from the book provided by the Book Larder.

51. Elysian Brewing's Final Capitol Hill Series Release: Valkyrie
Witness the ceremonial tapping of Valkyrie, an American strong ale named after the Norse demi-goddesses and the final of five brews in Elysian's Capitol Hill series. Capitol Hill lead brewer Hiawatha Rhyans will lead a toast followed by a performance from local "urban rock" musician Ayron Jones, with all proceeds from Valkyrie sales going to homelessness nonprofit Plymouth Housing Group.

52. Stop Trying to Make Brut Happen Release
Do you have champagne taste on a beer budget? Then sip "Stop Trying to Make Brut Happen," a Brut IPA from Two Beers Brewing that drinks like a glass of bubbly and will make its debut at Downtown Spirits at this event. Downtown Spirits will also have other Two Beers brews, like Fresh Hop IPA, RAD Hazy Rosé IPA, and Evo IPA with Pineapple, and Seattle Cider Company ciders in Pumpkin Spice, Basil Mint, and Tangerine Turmeric.


53. Band in Seattle: Monsterwatch & Bad Optics
Band in Seattle's featured artists this session are Groove punks Monsterwatch and "post-cultural aspirationalist" punk rockers Bad Optics, and they'll be taping a live television segment, with free beer, live performances, and post-set music trivia.

54. An Evening with the Red Elvises
Bringing the wave of Siberian surf rock to the states, Igor and the Red Elvises will play a live set of rowdy "rokenrol," with contributing musicians from Israel, Kazakhstan, Puerto Rico, and Bulgaria.

55. Feel Good Inc. x Thriller
Do206 and Motown on Mondays are here to bring you an evening of tunes more sinister for the season, staffed by local talents DJ100Proof, Blueyedsoul, and Sessions playing hours of the good Halloween stuff for their Thriller cross-over night.

56. Genitorturers, Echo Black, The Offering, Celia, Dark Matter Noise
The lead singer of Genitorturers claims to be a master of "turbo-charged ceremonies and erotic rituals." Join them as they celebrate their latest album with support from fellow doom-y punks Echo Black, the Offering, Celia, and Dark Matter Noise.

57. Randy Hansen's Jimi Hendrix Revolution
Jimi Hendrix impersonator Randy Hansen will attempt to do the Northwest-born rock god justice by emulating his playing style.

58. Skatoberfest III
Get your October dose of ska jams with Chris Murray, Skablins, and Mister Blank.


59. Gaylien Invasion!
Watch your favorite aliens strut the stage in heels and glitter, embodied by Irene Dubois and others. Angel Baby Kill Kill Kill and Sugar Darling will host.


60. Andri Snær Magnason: LoveStar
Icelandic author Andri Snær Magnason will read from his Philip K. Dick Award-nominated book, LoveStar, in which the founder and namesake of a data corporation discovers how to transmit data via "birdwaves," thus "freeing mankind from wires and devices, and allowing consumerism, technology, and science to run rampant over all aspects of daily life."

61. Evelyn McDonnell: Women Who Rock
For Town Hall, journalist Evelyn McDonnell will honor the "104 greatest female artists who have played critical roles in defining modern music," based on the essay collection Women Who Rock, which she edited.

62. Sinful in Seattle
Get the scoop on Seattle's salacious history of sex, drugs, crime, and corruption from enthusiastic storytellers while you have a drink.


63. Skate Till You Drop!
It's National Roller Skating Month, so strap on your wheel-equipped shoes and skate until you can't skate any longer. You could win cool prizes for your perseverance, so stretch your calves beforehand.



64. Collaboration in Conservation
Join glass artist Joseph Rossano as he contributes to the creation of 2,000 glass fish to raise awareness for salmon and steelhead preservation in a weekend sponsored by the Museum of Glass and Trout Unlimited. Other artists will join him in this project. Learn about the future installation, watch documentaries about salmon migration, discover salmon facts, and witness hot shop magic. 
Opening Friday

65. Effervescence and Constraint: The Art and Mythos Of Mimi Sturman
Mimi Sturman's signature installation is a surprising interpretation of the challenges of global warming: a "life-size" squid in an Inuit coat made of single-needle-felted wool and wire.
Artist reception Saturday

66. Stasia Burrington
SeaTac artist Stasia Burrington will show her cute, mystical acrylics, inks, and watercolors.
Opening Friday


67. Ian Bagg
Canadian Ian Bagg, from NBC's Last Comic Standing, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and more, will perform in Seattle.

68. Turbo Turkey Presents: The Dark Meat
Turbo Turkey has a set of short, funny horror tales to awaken your nerves to the season.


69. Seattle's QTPOC Music Scene
Discover artists within Seattle's QTPOC music scene—including Tiffany Wilson, Falon Sierra, Nic Masangkay, Adra Boo, and JusMoni—in this documentary directed by Momma Nikki.


70. Greta Matassa's "Light Out of Darkness" Ray Charles Tribute
Greta Matassa will pay tribute to the late, great jazz legend Ray Charles with a full weekend of tunes.

71. Women in Song Series
Celebrate womxn musicians at this six-part live music series, starting with folk artist Pepper Proud and "Seattle's hottest old-timey band," Pickled Okra.


72. Night Terrors
These horror stories, from Masque of the Red Death to Charlie and the Dark Chocolate Factory to Heart Of Evil, will bring the thrills and chills just in time for Halloween.



73. Let There Be Light
Light projection art will spread across a huge panorama on the waterfront—namely, the working grain terminal on Pier 86—222 feet long and visible from many parts of Seattle. Artists are asked to incorporate images of Native Seattle, the historic city, the diverse population, and the waterfront.
Opening Friday


74. Fade
A Mexican-born screenwriter in Hollywood makes friends with a Mexican American janitor at the studio—but then finds his bounteous ideas for plots are intertwining with hers. A new comedy by Tanya Saracho, directed by Pílar O'Connell.

75. Legally Blonde
The chihuahua-toting valley girl who gets accepted to Harvard Law will grace the stage in a musical rendition of the classic rom-com.

76. Thought Experiments on the Question of Being Human: Living in Multiple Realities
The Infinity Box Theatre Project will stage readings of plays that interrogate and explain virtual and augmented reality. These works are collaborations between scientists and playwrights writing in pairs: Jane Ryan and immersive experience researcher Mar Gonzales Franco, Darian Lindle and experimental perception researcher Max Di Luca, L. Nicol Cabe and computer security researcher Franziska Roesner, and Wayne Rawley and virtual/mixed reality expert Laura Trutoiu.


77. Namasgay Summit
LGBTQ+ leaders across industries can build connections at this three-day summit.



78. Bastos Talaga: A Filipinx Art Installation
Celebrate Filipino History Month at this event, featuring music and performances by local Filipinx artists, including award-winning composer/keyboardist Victor Noriega, as well as treats from Filipino-owned businesses Central District Ice Cream Company and Seattle Freeze.

79. Dainty and Devious: Dual Book Release Seth Goodkind and Julia Wald
Check out two new books by these idiosyncratic artists: a sketchbook zine called Post Mortem by artist and tattooer Seth Goodkind and a set of "mini monsters" in Butterfly Monster Worm & Other Creatures by Julia Wald.

80. Georgetown Trailer Park Mall Birthday
The punky little market will celebrate its 10th birthday with a special tote bag giveaway, a DJ set by Brown Hornet, and more.

81. Kindness in a Glance: The Photography of Nathan Vass
See photographs from a book based on Nathan Vass's blog, Public Transformation: The View From Nathan's Bus, featuring portraits of the good people on public transport. According to the artist, among these will be prints from among the very last color darkrooms in the United States, which is soon to be closed down.

82. Periphery: New Work by Molly Magai
Molly Magai examines factories, highways, and other manmade spaces that we generally see out of the corners of our eyes. Her blurred, dynamic style imitates glimpses from a moving vehicle.
Opening reception Saturday

83. Sarah Romano Diehl: From Crust Till Dawn
Eat some tasty slices and get a copy of Sarah Romano Diehl's memoir of working in a pizza parlor.


84. Boom Bap: Hip Hop and Improv Comedy
Local free-styling lyricists will perform feats of "hiphop acrobatics" and improv comedy fueled by audience suggestions.


85. Knit Your Bit
Knitting aficionados were hot commodities back in World War I times. On this tour, learn how to make old-timey gear, contribute knitted goods to charity, and learn all about the history of the craft.

86. Saved by the Dell! 90s Party
If for some reason you're nostalgic for the days when lots of people still used Windows 95 on Dell computers, you'll have fun at this '90s party. Wear your best era-appropriate duds and hang out in a '90s cartoon and cereal lounge, play a "terminator barbie activity," make Disney-inspired circuit projects, sip a colorful cocktail at a Lisa Frank-inspired bar, and much more.


87. The Pines Farm Fall Fiber Festival
Behold the talents and supreme softness of sheep at this all-day fiber arts festival. You can take shearing workshops, sway to a performance from Seattle's Totally Relaxed Ukulele Musicians, and shop for fleece and wool goods from a sheep of your choosing.

88. Water Lantern Festival
Write a message or make a drawing on an LED lantern, then watch it drift across the lake with others'. Before the launch, enjoy food trucks, live music, and family activities.


89. Post Alley Film Festival
Strike a small but meaningful blow at the male domination of the film industry by attending this one-day festival, full of premieres and shorts by and about women—a total of 30 for 16 countries. Show up on time for mini quiches and drinks, and participate in a silent auction all day.


90. Central Co-op 40th Anniversary Kickoff
Commemorate four decades of business for the community-owned natural foods co-op by petting baby goats and sampling products. All cheese will be 20 percent off for the occasion.

91. Cider Squeeze 2018
At the Meeker Mansion, you'll get to make your own cider using an old fashioned press, pick a pumpkin, and purchase caramel apples and other fall treats. You can also walk through the site for an additional glimpse into history.

92. Pull Up A Chair with Tiffani Thiessen
The Saved by the Bell and 90210 star will chat with Katie O of Seattle Kitchen about her new cookbook and sign copies. Snacks from the book, like chicken and dumplings and avocado brownies, will be served alongside bubbles.

93. Seattle Asian Street Food Night Market
At this night market, select from among over a hundred types of Asian dishes and snacks, from Chinese crepes to boba to dumplings, from vendors like Vong's Kitchen, Spicy City, Happy Lemon, Tokyo Trendy, Mee Sum, Peony, Yummy Duck, Kungfu Jianbing, Banana Kingdom, and more.

94. Wizards Assemble Pub Crawl
Gather your cohort of magical friends and scurry, fly, or apparate to various downtown pubs for Harry Potter trivia and themed food and drinks (like butter beer, natch). If you haven't figured out which house you belong to, the "interactive sorting hat" will let you know. Plus, prizes will be awarded for the best costumes.


95. Bainbridge Gardens 25th Annual Pumpkin Walk
Get in the spirit of Hallows' Eve by walking along a path illuminated by 300 glowing carved pumpkins, winding through a harvest maze, playing festive carnival games, and more.

96. Chance Fashion's 2018 Halloween Edition
In what has to be one of the most entertaining Chance Fashion events of the year, local designers will show off their costume designs.

97. Seattle Masquerade
'Tis the season to cover your face with a bejeweled disguise and dance into the night.

98. A Spooktacular Costume Party with Petey Normal, Primary Pulse, Glass Souls, Sun Mother
Wear your best costume and dance around like a ghoul to live music from electro-dance rockers the Petey Normal Show, Seattle/Tacoma indie rockers Primary Pulse, local soul rockers Glass Souls, and grungy funk band Sun Mother.

99. Werewolf Sex Orgy with King of Pants & Dee Jay Jack
Get weird with a night of bloodthirsty cuts with King of Pants and DJ Jack at this annual Halloween dance party.


100. Clara's 99th Birthday Bone Poets Ball
The Bone Poets Orchestra will put on a dance show that harkens back to 1939, when a woman named Clara, who would have been 99 years old this year, was just a young lady dancing about in Seattle. Halloween costumes are encouraged.

101. Duran Duran & Prince Tribute Night with Tiger Tiger & Purple Mane
Duran Duran tribute band Tiger Tiger "captures the essence of Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Andy Taylor live on stage." If you're more a fan of the Purple One, Purple Mane will play your favorite Prince songs.

102. DXDW: Dave by Dave West (Year 4)
Celebrate the fourth year of local rock and punk festival Dave by Dave West with an evening of high-energy live sets from Red Lektroid, Crawler, Summoned by Giants, and Death Coach.

103. Emo Dance Party
This isn’t a phase, Mom—it’s a whole party! The Emo Gs are back at it for another night of emo classics by the likes of My Chemical Romance, the Used, Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, and more. My hair might be too short now to iron into flattened, fried perfection for a scene-queen-worthy MySpace profile pic (pc4pc, anyone?), but I’m looking forward to the sea of jet-black manicures at this shindig. For less than a tub of your favorite Manic Panic hair dye, come and dance (or cry, if you want to) the night away with all the other kids that your mom warned you about. SOPHIA STEPHENS

104. The Handsome Ladies Showcase Series
Dance to bluegrass music from women musicians all fall and winter long, starting with fiddle experts Piney Gals and "mostly-bluegrass trio" Darlin Do.

105. Unicorn Fukr
Dress as your most authentic unicorn or sparklepony and dance to the glittery sounds of New Orleans-based EDM artist Unicorn Fukr, plus sets from Subset (of Noise Complaint) and hherb (of WAVES).


106. Book-It Theater's "The Upside Down Boy"
In Sophie Franco's theatrical adaptation of Mexican American poet Juan Felipe Herrera's memoir/children's book The Upside Down Boy, a young boy whose family migrates to America learns to feel at home through music and poetry.

107. The New'd Cabaret
Watch neophyte burlesque artists strut their stuff, courtesy of Miss Violet DeVille.


108. Lucas P. Kok: Taima the Seahawk
Taima the seahawk watches over the Emerald City from his perch at the top of the Space Needle, swooping down occasionally to save creatures in need. When he discovers that he shares a name with Seattle's pro football team, he takes it upon himself to help them out of their losing streak. Join the author for a reading.

109. Poetry World Series: Seattle 2018
At this improvised poetry reading, two teams of great poets—including Bill Carty, E. J. Koh, Keetje Kuipers, Fernando Perez, and Melissa Stein—will take turns batting at topics pitched to them by the audience.

110. Saturday University: Breathing New Air into Tradition
Discover the sounds and history of the dan tranh Vietnamese zither from musician Van-Anh Vo.

111. Seattle Think & Drink: How Our Echo Chambers Affect Democracy
Listen in on a discussion with a panel of UW professors about the pros and cons of social media as a tool for spreading news and information. Panelists include David Domke, Mark Smith, and Andrea Otanez.

112. Seattle Writes: Writing for Children and Teens with Editor Tiffany Liao
Tiffany Liao, an editor at Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, will discuss the process of writing about intersectional identities.


113. Run! and Run S'more
After you finish a 5K, treat yourself to gooey marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers at a post-race party.



114. Rolph Scarlett and Walter Quirt: Missing Pages
The Late Canadian American painter Rolph Scarletts was at one time "the third most highly collected artist" of the Guggenheim collection. But when Solomon Guggenheim died in 1949, the Guggenheim family put most of the artist's work into storage. A similar thing happened to American painter Walter Quirt, whose work was removed from the Whitney Museum after his death by the request of his widow, Eleanor. This exhibition shows some of the artists' "missing" work.
Opening Saturday


115. Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show
Shop antique dolls, teddy bears, and accessories, or get yours appraised by an expert at this event for collectors and enthusiasts.

116. Meet the Portlanders in Seattle
Want to know what Portland—our frenemy of the south—is all about, but don't have time to visit in person? These five interactive statues will give you an idea of Stumptown's most iconic spots, from Powell's Books to Forest Park. You'll also get to enjoy some Portland-made goods, including some of the city's famous doughnuts (big hint: they're from Voodoo!).


117. Cranberrian Fair
Celebrate harvest season and Long Beach Peninsula heritage with food, crafters, and free admission to the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum and the Cranberry museum.

118. Cranberry Harvest Festival
Westport celebrates the tart seasonal berry with a cranberry cook-off, a firelight parade, and a "jog at the bog," among other family-friendly activities. They promise that it will be "the most cranberries you've ever seen in one place!" It even takes place on Cranberry Road.

119. The Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair
For the book lover who appreciates the specific thrill of the crack of a dusty spine and the smell of old pages, the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair features thousands of collectible books, prints, maps, manuscripts, and other rare documents to geek out over. Vendors from across the United States, England, Canada, and elsewhere will attend.

120. Seattle Parrot Expo
Hear dozens of beautiful parrots copy your words (if they feel like it), listen in on talks from bird experts, pick up treats for your own parrot, and play games at this two-day feathery expo.

121. Turkfest
A festival that "celebrates the multiple cultures that link modern Turkey to the East and West." Experience an authentic Turkish tea house pop-up, play games, and learn about the country's cultural history.


122. Cold Brew Café: Seattle
This pop-up dedicated to Kahlúa and cold brew coffee provides a "hyper-sensory experience" where guests can try tasty caffeinated offerings and explore photo installations of delicious-looking beverages. Proceeds will benefit Rethink Food NYC.


123. The White Snake
ReAct Theatre will bring you a production of Mary Zimmerman's adaptation of a Chinese myth. A white snake spirit in human form falls in love with the man Xu Xian and, together with White Snake's friend Green Snake, the couple opens a pharmacy. But trouble comes in the form of a rage-filled monk. The cast will, for the first time, be entirely Asian American, with music by Stevan Tran.



124. Diwali Bazaar
The India Cultural Club will host a market full of local vendors in honor of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light.


125. Scarecrow's Secret Weirdo Triple Feature
We have full faith that Scarecrow Video staffer Matt Lynch will live up to his promise to choose for you the "weirdest, cheapest, [most] unbelievable trash cinema ever to get mercilessly poured into your brainhole" for this triple feature. The titles are a surprise, but apparently "marooned astronauts, claymation monsters, samurai ghosts, and post-apocalyptic delirium" are all key ingredients. Bring a weird friend. 

126. Shortfish
Every year, selections from Iceland's Shortfish film festival—an offshoot of the Stockfish film festival—come to Seattle for a one-day mini-extravaganza with six shorts and appearances from featured filmmakers.


127. Cider-Making at Nashi Orchards
Frolic through a bucolic orchard, press freshly harvested apples and quince, and learn the fundamentals of making hard cider, followed by a tasting of Nashi Orchards' apple ciders and perries (pear ciders). You'll go home with a gallon of fresh-pressed cider, equipped with the knowledge to make your own at home.


128. Burlesque 202 Graduation Recital
Waxie Moon's foxy students will show off what they've learned in the past six weeks. Witness the ecdysiastic talents of Johnny Crankshaft, Mia Maravilla, Miss Ida Hoe, Pucks A’Plenty, Ruth Bader Ginzboobs, and Verity Germaine.

129. Expand Upon
The Expand Upon staged reading series will present two commissioned plays on the theme "Incarceration/Prison Industrial Complex" The Assailant by Alma Davenport and The Swimming Pool by Stacy D. Flood. Suzanne M. Cohen will direct, and you can stay afterward for a moderated discussion.

130. Scream Along with Billy: Slouching Towards Bethlehem
Punk cabaret duo Sing Along with Billy (Susan Goldberg and Billy Hough) will play "punky songs about subject matter seldom discussed in polite society." John Waters allegedly called them “The bravest thing I’ve seen in 20 years."


131. Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, and Val Emmich: Dear Evan Hansen
Musical lovers should flock to this talk with Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who won an impressive array of awards for creating Dear Evan Hansen and A Christmas Story, The Musical. They've also worked on the movies La La Land, Trolls, and The Greatest Showman. They'll be joined by Val Emmich, whose novelization of Dear Evan Hansen was just published Tuesday.

132. D.D. Guttenplan: The Rise of a New Radical Republic
In The Next Republic: The Rise of a New Radical Majority, reporter D.D. Guttenplan profiles the activists who have come to the front lines of progressive resistance after the election of Trump. A Town Hall event.

133. Red May's October Revolution
Red May's annual October Revolution party will provide a "mini vacation from capitalism" with poetry readings from the likes of Alex Gallo-Brown, music from sigh-up, and video highlights from last year's fest, plus some other surprises.

134. Sweta Vikram: Louisiana Catch
A rich woman from New Delhi flees her past for a new start in New Orleans, where she'll coordinate a conference about fighting violence against women. In the course of her healing process, she clashes with her PR guy and meets a man online who, like her, is processing grief. Sweta Srivastava Vikram will discuss her novel with Joyce Yarrow.


135. Alaska Airlines Dawg Dash
Run around the UW campus and take in all the fall foliage in support of student scholarships.