It's your last week to check out MoPOP's Marvel: Universe of Superheroes exhibit, where you can see props from the comics and film empire, like this Black Panther costume worn by Chadwick Boseman.

Our arts critics have already recommended 59 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 39 best music shows, but there are still lots more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from the premiere of Laser Bowie to Cat Video Fest 2019, and from the iconic touring reading series Sister Spit to the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. Oyster Feast! Pleasant Bay Oyster Co & Salish Sea Brewing
Savor two specialties of the Pacific Northwest—craft beer and fresh oysters—with beer from Salish Sea Brewing Company paired with Pleasant Bay Oyster Company oysters plucked from the sea the morning of the event. The event will feature three shucking stations, "all the fixings," and extra outdoor heaters to warm guests. There will also be a sausage special from Uli's Famous Pike Place Sausage Co. available to complement your bivalves and brews.


2. Ways in Which We've Failed to Manage our Anxiety
This "anxiety-inspired and anxiety-inducing" play by playwright duo Claire and Roland will deal with "self-care, depression, Shakespeare, bipolar disorder, long-distance running," and more, plus live accordion.


3. Arsenic and Old Waste: The Economic Poisoning of United States Agriculture
Join Adam Romero, Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at UW Bothell, for a conversation on how arsenic, a poisonous waste product of copper smelting, has been used as a common pesticide in agriculture. 

4. Rebecca M. Robinson and Stephen E. Strom: Bears Ears
In 2016, President Barack Obama established the Bears Ears National Monument on primarily undeveloped land in Southeastern Utah in 2016, which is now co-managed by the US Forest Service and a coalition of Native tribes. During his time in office, Trump has attempted to "reduce the monument by 85 percent," despite legal challenges that preserve the land. Join Rebecca Robinson and photographer Stephen Strom as they share their book Voices from Bears Ears: Seeking Common Ground on Sacred Land, a collection of voices and personal histories of those involved in the debate about the future of the monument.


5. The Science of Sports & Entertainment: A Sneak Peek at the New Arena
Get a sneak peek of the "scope, depth, and impact" of the new Seattle Center arena. 



6. National Geographic Live — Untamed
Come face-to-face with snakes, lions, jaguars, whales, hawk moths, and other magnificent creatures as Filipe DeAndrade (of National Geographic's online series Untamed) treats you to amazing photos and tells stories of nature and the purpose-filled life.



7. Kaylin Francis: Fabricated Foliage
See this textile artist's detailed fabric flower exhibition.
Closing Thursday



8. #fromwhereistand
Tel Aviv-born, Seattle-based artist Arit Gordon curates a series of Israeli photography featuring work by Yair Barak (who will share his collection of post-WWII developing neighborhoods in Berlin, called Parks and Recreation), Asaf Gam Hacohen (who creates flattened, digitally manipulated abstracts in Merge Visible), and former soldier Gidon Levin.
Closing Saturday

9. Anne Morris and Kathleen Faulkner
Anne Morris's handcrafted vessels are crafted from natural materials found near her home by the Salish Sea. 
Closing Saturday

10. Barbara Robertson: Constructure
Raised in the Ozarks, Robertson is inspired by "the mathematics of natural objects and organic forms—finding balance and symbolism within a crystalline, cube, and columnar rock structures." Her animations, sculptures, and 2D works seek parallels between the post-WWI era of industrial progress and our own time, in which the architectural styles of old cities are being replaced by "slabs of steel and concrete."
Closing Saturday

11. Elizabeth Gahan
Elizabeth Gahan's paintings depict Seattle's startling growth in psychedelic colors.
Closing Saturday

12. Meditation/Mediation
This wide-ranging group exhibition highlights artists' divergent approaches to concept and material. The contributors include such intriguing figures as sculptor Heike Brachlow, ceramicist Jun Kaneko, glass artist Preston Singletary, and many others.
Closing Saturday



13. Death of a Salesman
Arthur Miller's classic 1949 play follows Willy Loman as he tries to reconcile his past with the perception of the present. As he unravels, his family and friends navigate their own relationships with Willy, each other, and the "American Dream." Enjoy this production from Short Order Theatre Company.
No performance on Wednesday


14. Collections Selections
Jacob Lawrence, the namesake artist of the University of Washington gallery who moved to Seattle from New York in 1970, was, two years later, commissioned by the State Capitol Museum to paint a set of narrative paintings about George Bush, the first African American pioneer to set foot in Seattle (not to be confused with the former presidents of the same name). Here's your chance to check out some selections from the series.
Closing Sunday

15. Leanna Leitzke and Lois Haskell
In this season of love, Leanna Leitzke expresses her admiration for lions "through the prism of romantic light" by comparing their relationships to human courtships. Also in light of Valentine's Day, Lois Haskell pays tribute to colorful blooms.
Closing Sunday

16. Lynda Lowe
Lowe's sometimes surreal, sometimes abstract pieces explore science, art, and consciousness, drawing on research on perception and psychology.
Closing Sunday

17. Marvel: Universe of Superheroes
According to comics sales tracker Comichron, Marvel—now a property of Disney—accounts for nearly 40 percent of the market. This cultural behemoth will be MoPOP's latest geek culture blockbuster, with art, props, and costumes from the Marvel comics and film universe, including hallmarks like Captain America, The Avengers, and Jessica Jones, plus recent juggernauts like Black Panther. Your favorite superheroes have morphed over the years, and one of the most interesting aspects of the exhibition is the chance to discover their generational permutations. The organizers also promise a look into how these mass-culture objects of obsession relate to "real-world issues like gender, race, and mental illness." But there will be simpler pleasures on offer too, like "immersive set pieces" depicting classic comicscapes and ambient musical scores by Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer. JOULE ZELMAN
Closing Sunday



18. Tiny Stabs: Sashiko Visible Mending Workshop
The Japanese mending technique Sashiko uses patches to repair damaged clothing. Bring a pair of jeans (ripped or not) to create a piece of "wearable art."


19. 'Welcome to Gwichyaa Zhee' Film Screening and Nonprofit Meet & Greet
The Gwich’in people fight to protect the lands and caribou from oil and gas development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Meanwhile, Indigenous groups in southeastern Utah are working to protect their homeland from energy and mining exploitation at the Bears Ears National Monument. Learn about both movements at this documentary screening. 

20. For Ahkeem
The folks who put on the Social Justice Film Festival will host a screening of For Ahkeem, about a young girl sent to court-supervised alternative high school after getting in a fight at school.


21. Breakside Oligarch Tasting and Pastry Flights
Partake in a tasting of four variants of Breakside Brewing's Oligarch BA Russian Imperial Stouts, alongside flights of special pastries to pair with them.


22. Arnaldo! Dragchanteuse, The Love Markets, Sirens of Swing, Sweet Spot Combo
Seattle Men's Chorus soloist Arnaldo!, whose drag chanteuse persona formed from his self-made revue Cabaret Q, will perform live with the Love Markets, Sirens of Swing, and Sweet Spot Combo. 


23. Andrea Gibson
Hear poet and feminist Andrea Gibson, the first winner of the Women's World Poetry Slam, slam about queer struggles in the patriarchy and white supremacy.

24. Books & Beer (or Tea)
Grab a cold beer or a hot tea and listen to local author Tim Clemen read from his latest book, The Plant-Life Chronicles of a Seattle Gardener.

25. Karen Treiger: My Soul is Filled with Joy
Karen Treiger will read from her biography of Holocaust survivors Sam and Esther Goldberg, who repeatedly escaped Nazi occupation and were able to settle in the United States.

26. Laura Da, Cedar Sigo, Casandra Lopez
Three talented local Native writers—Da' (Eastern Shawnee), Lopez (Cahuilla/Tongva/Luiseño), and Sigo (Suquamish)—will read from their new books. 



27. In SEAtu: Rain & Coffee & Salmon & Weed
A group of "bouffons" (jesters, farceurs, clowns) take on the hard questions raised by specificities of Seattle behavior, such as coffee culture (where do our beans come from?), salmon (what are the impacts of fishing on indigenous people, water rights, and the environment?), and weed (what are the racial and economic implications of legalization?).



28. Arsenic and Old Lace
In this gleefully morbid farce, pompous theater critic Mortimer discovers that his sweet old aunts Abby and Martha are serial poisoners.


29. Irene Kubota: My Corner of the World
Kubota's art references her first three years as a child in the Minidoka concentration camp following Roosevelt's anti-Japanese Executive Order 9066 during World War II.
Closing Sunday

30. Kate Harkins
Kate Harkins, who usually favors abstracted forms, brings her signature bold colors to portraits of strong women.
Opening Wednesday

31. Sarah Fansler Lavin
Core Gallery describes these sculptures as "disjunctive" reflections on the increasing loss of values in today's America, which the artist believes is "alienating and dystopic."
Opening Wednesday



32. Big Tech and Corporate Responsibility: Microsoft President Brad Smith at SU
Microsoft President Brad Smith will talk about the tech company's $500 million pledge to help develop affordable housing across the Puget Sound, as well as privacy guidelines for big tech, artificial intelligence, the 2020 election in relation to big tech, and more. 

33. But Can I Pay My Rent Tho?!: Surviving as a TQPOC Artist
Are you a queer or trans artist of color? This workshop will help you evaluate your financial needs and sketch out a plan for getting your work out there. 


34. Apollo 11: The IMAX Experience
Witness the first moon landing with a view that rivals those of the astronauts involved in Apollo 11. 

35. Meaningful Movies: Plastic Ocean
When journalist Craig Leeson set out to search for the elusive blue whale, he discovered a slew of plastic waste in the ocean. In this documentary, he teams up with diver Tanya Streeter and a team of scientists and researchers to travel to 20 locations around the world (over a period of four years) to explore the fragile state of our oceans and devise immediate solutions.


36. Food Photography for Your Phone
Learn how to snap Instagram-worthy food shots on your phone using the basics of styling, lighting and post-production from food blogger Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt, while enjoying light snacks.


37. Emerging Technology 101: Virtual Reality
How are virtual and augmented reality used beyond video games? Local expert Xuny Haley, a manager of the University of Washington's CoMotion Labs, will talk about it. 


38. Green Jellö, Headless Pez, Alfredo Ghosts, Chase 'n' Skwerll's Sideshow
Join comic metal group Green Jellö for a night of pure shenanigans. Headless Pez, Alfredo Ghosts, and Chase 'n' Skwerll's Sideshow will provide support.

39. Music of Today / DXARTS: Until Spring
Hear new works from Center from Digital Arts and Experimental Media and School of Music composers Ewa Trębacz, Daniel Peterson, Wei Yang, Clayton Kinney, and James Wenlock alongside Morton Subotnick’s 1978 "analog synthesis" composition, A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur.

40. Swingset, First Hill, Lucee
Dance to soul and funk music by local group Swingset, rap/rock by First Hill, and shoegaze-pop from Lucee while Bella Pham does live painting. 

41. A Trip Through Musical Time: Tribute Night
This night is dedicated to hits you already know from decades filled with weird hair: Tool tribute band Hookerfist, Black Sabbath tribute band the Warning, "'90s phenomenon" Sweaty Vedders, and Metallica tribute band Disposable Zeros. 


42. Intiman Theatre's Show the Love Silent Disco Dance Party
Dance, eat, and raise money for social justice-focused theater company Intiman's newest season.

43. Tita Ester
Matt Dela Cruz reflects on "motherly reminders" his karaoke-loving Filipina mom gave him growing up. 


44. China's Mass Internment of Uyghur and Kazak Muslims
According to the event organizers, the People’s Republic of China has, since 2017, imprisoned as many as one million Uyghurs, Kazaks, Kyrgyz and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang, the autonomous Uyghur region of northwestern China. Learn more about this issue from a panel of political science experts. 

45. Christie Aschwanden: Good to Go
This book, subtitled What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery, explores the truth behind recovery and the gadgets and practices meant to facilitate it: saunas, "cupping," electrostimulation, flotation, and more. Aschwanden is the award-winning lead science writer at FiveThirtyEight; she'll appear here with Greg Hanscom.

46. Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice: Lizzi Bougatsos
New York-based visual and sound performance artist, writer, and "sometimes actor" Lizzi Bougatsos will talk about issues she faces in the contemporary art world. 

47. How the Body Holds its Stories
Join writers Jordan Alam and Tessa Zeng for a joint reading and conversation on the relationship between storytelling and the body. They'll ask: "How do generations of people of color, queer and trans people, and others who have experienced marginalization carry those stories over generations?" Musician Lex Gavin will also perform.

48. Utopian Blackness: In the Mind of the Millennial
Join Jeremy Bell—the featured artist of the recent exhibition Jeremy Bell: Utopian Blackness—for a panel discussion with other millennial artists of color.


49. ARCADE Issue 37.1 Launch Party and Community Celebration
Join local architecture and design magazine ARCADE for the release of their winter 2019 edition, The Simulated Metropolis

50. Art Battle Seattle
In this live painting tournament, local artists transform black canvases into colorful pieces in 20 minutes. Watch the artists at work, then help decide which piece should win.

51. The Diminishing Surface Of Winter Slips Away like Teardrops
Mimi Sturman, whose large-scale installation has been on display in the lobby of Shoreline City Hall this winter, will talk about her process at this closing reception, and also offer a sneak preview of her upcoming installation. 

52. Pop, Powwow, Punching Bags
Celebrate the opening of Jeffrey Gibson: Like a Hammer at this free reception with live performances, music, and art making, plus a screening of new video work by the artist. 



53. Jon Lovitz
Lovitz was nominated for an Emmy on Saturday Night Live, and he's appeared in noted films like A League of Their Own, The Producers, and Eight Crazy Nights.

54. Twisted Flicks
Based on audience suggestions, Jet City improvisers will add their own dialogue, music, and sound effects to incredibly cheesy B-movies like this weekend's Golden Voyage of Sinbad.



55. Sewing & Stitchery Expo
If a needle and thread is your favorite means of crafting, head to this annual expo to buy things for your next project, attend workshops, and make new friends who love making things as much as you do.


56. The Clean House
This romantic-comedy play follows the lives of an order-obsessed doctor, her live-in Brazilian maid (who hates cleaning and longs to be a stand-up comedian), her sister (who loves cleaning and secretly takes over the maid's duties), and her surgeon husband (who falls in love with a terminally ill patient). 

57. Love and Information by Caryl Churchill
Caryl Churchill's play about relationships in the information age will be performed by only seven Harlequin Productions players, who'll take on 100 roles in 50 short scenes.



58. Comedy O'Clock: Let's Warm Up!
Welcome another issue of the improv-centric Comedy O'Clock magazine and spend a whole evening on silly improv games.

59. The Reader: Tarot Improv Show
A tarot reading for a brave audience member will inspire an improv set in this "half-tarot, half-comedy" show.

60. Spectacular
Comedy veteran Randy Wood will host this evening of sketch and music.


61. Wizards and Witches Beer Festival
Remember when Harry Potter has his first butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks and gets tipsy and tries to walk back to Hogwarts in the snow? Follow his lead by tasting the Adult Butterscotch Beer along with over 20 other wintery brews. Or, stop by the Lair of Secret Cider Potions. There will also be a themed photo booth and music by DJ Merlin.


62. GayC/DC - The All-Gay Tribute to AC/DC!
If you like banging your head around to AC/DC but you wish they were a little more gay, good news: GayC/DC queer-ifies hits like "Highway to Hell," "T.N.T.," and all your other favorites by the Australian rockers. 

63. Roller Skate Party with Wimps, Dyed, the Middle Ages
Hark back to a simpler time by swirling around the skating rink while Seattle rock favorites Wimps, DYED, and Middle Ages play live. 


64. The Not-Creepy Gathering for People Who Are Single and Want to Fall In Love
Nice people looking for romance with other nice people can gather at this singles night that promises to provide a respite from "cruise-y bar scenes and soulless dating apps." Be sure to bring a notebook for some writing exercises.


65. Soft Shock: A Night of Spooktacular Drag
Itching for some early-spring Halloween festivities? Turn to spooky queens Americano, Angel Baby Kill Kill Kill, Butylene O'Kipple, Old Witch, One, and Terrie Belle Nightshade for campy chills and thrills. 


66. Sandy Mazen: Kiyonuk
In his book Kiyonuk, author Sandy Mazen revisits the remote Alaska villages of Selawik and Wales, where his parents taught in the 1920s, and where Mazen grew up. 


67. Van Gogh (Starry) Night
Pick up some paint, brushes, and paper for a small donation and make art. You might win a prize!



68. Cabaret Month 2019
March is "Cabaret Month" at Egan's, with everything from jazz and blues to Beatles tributes and movie soundtracks performed with a little extra zazz. Performers this year include Faye B. Summers, John Engerman, Valerie Piacenti, Jeannette D'Armand, John Patrick Lowrie, Gabrielle Nicole, and many more.


69. Carl Lawrence and Friends: ✞aaaa✞
Experimental performer Carl Lawrence will present his first solo work in collaboration with visual artist Nick Bartoletti, Stranger Genius John DeShazo, dancer Matt Drews, and local electronic music artist Kayla Waldorf.

70. Something Magical with Mentalist Eran Raven
Witness the mind-reading powers of Eran Raven live on stage.


71. Lynda Hardwood Swenson: Land of Nowhere
Swenson, who works in non-traditional photography, print, etching, and painting, is joining Shift Gallery as a member. At this exhibition, find "reflections on climate change, feminism and the accumulation of memory."
Closing Saturday



72. Timaeus
Ancient Greek philosophy and sacred geometry will get the aerial dance treatment in this unusual depiction of Plato's 360 BC-era dialogue Timaeus. Vox Vespertinus, Celadon, and Nital Etch will provide accompaniment. 



73. Anatomy Fashion Show 2019
Join the University of Washington's Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity for their second annual Anatomy Fashion Show benefiting the Seattle Children's Hospital, where you'll see designs of different anatomical structures painted on human bodies.

74. Interwoven Symposium: The Blended Heritage of Nordics and Native Peoples
In this second-annual symposium meant to preserve the tradition of oral history and storytelling, hear Nordic and Indigenous speakers based in the Pacific Northwest present their stories.

75. King-Snohomish County Regional Spelling Bee
At least one Stranger employee has attested to the joy of seeing middle-schoolers knock out words like "zwieback," "alluvium," and "thalweg" at the annual King-Snohomish regional spelling bee, which brings together brainy students from across counties.

76. Lunar New Year Costume and Pig Mask Contest
Make a pig mask in honor of this Lunar New Year's Chinese zodiac symbol and enter a costume contest. Once the winners are announced, all participants can join a procession through Chinatown.


77. NW Metalfest
Get yourself in a thrashing, head-banging mood for a night of heavy metal and hard rock with TKO (who are also celebrating their 40th anniversary), Thor, Saint, Slaughterhaus 5, Prowler, Splintered, Throne, Axecrack, and Raod Rash.


78. Icelandic Þorrablót 2019
The mid-winter Icelandic festival Þorrablót is filled with traditional food (like fermented shark meat), Brennivin schnapps, and music (provided here by Icelandic band Sour Balls).

79. WhiskeyRocks NW 2019
Get all warm and tingly by tasting fine whiskey and bourbon while you enjoy live music. There will also be craft beer, snacks, and hot food. 


80. Impacts on Arctic Ecosystems & Indigenous Communities
In the areas surrounding Greenland, Indigenous communities rely on marine mammals like seals, whales, and polar bears for subsistence. But with climate change posing a threat to marine life, food sources in these icy regions are dwindling. Hear more about it at this talk. 

81. NerdFaire Con!
If you consider yourself a nerd or a geek, you're bound to find something to hold your interest at this family-friendly catch-all mini-con featuring local shops and creators, including cosplayers at a "Princesses and Heroes" meet and greet.


82. Agaricus (Lori Goldston and Jordan O'Jordan) House Concert
Enjoy "synesthetic versions" of traditional British and Appalachian ballads. 

83. Laser Bowie Premiere
Laser beams will reflect off of your tears as you bliss out to your favorite songs by the dearly departed Starman. 


84. I Can Fly Twice as High: From Reading to Dancing in a Beat
If being in a bookstore makes you want to dance, you'll find your happy medium at this "book club for dancers" led by Neve Mazique-Bianco. You'll learn contemporary moves that engage with different works of fiction. 

85. In the Heart of America
Naomi Wallace's Obie-winning play about love and war involves a Palestinian woman, her Marine brother, his American lover, and the ghost of a Vietnamese mother whose infant daughter was killed at My Lai. This production serves as the master's theses of director Amanda Friou and scenic designer Shin-yi Lin.


86. Botnik Live!
Botnik Studios writers and engineers—who have created a predictive text Harry Potter chapter and a computer-generated Coachella poster, among other things—will host a night of readings, sketches, songs, and interactive experiments.

87. Sister Spit 2019
The gender-inclusive touring open mic Sister Spit—which began in San Francisco in the '90s as "the first all-girl poetry roadshow" but has since shifted its focus to the voices of queer and trans people of color— will come to Seattle on its 22nd anniversary tour. Featured artists include Columbian writer Juliana Delgado Lopera, Lambda Literary Poetry Fellow Baruch Porras Hernandez, Brooklyn-based writer and designer Austin Hernandez, cartoonist Katie Fricas, interdisciplinary artist Katherine Agard, Cuban American writer and artist Cristy C. Road, and Oakland-based Nigerian writer and musician Itoro Udofia. 


88. Fleetfoot & Foulweather Pop-Up Plant Sale
Add some summery cuteness to your winter reality by scooping up rare, easy-care cacti and succulents. 

89. Spring Plant Sale
Celebrate spring early by shopping for trees, shrubs, perennials, and more.


90. Axe Throwing at Ounces!
Indulge in some Medieval fun by throwing axes at a wooden target with the PNW AXE Throwing Company. 

91. Sounders FC vs FC Cincinnati
The Seattle Sounders will take on Cincinnati FC for their first home game of the official MLS season.



92. 70th Anniversary Throwback Cruise
Party through the decades at Argosy's anniversary cruise, complete with '50s-inspired cocktails and "throwback narration" as you take in the sights along Elliott Bay.


93. Seattle Miniature Show
If you want to feel like a friendly giant traipsing about a village of beautiful houses (or if you're searching for some new additions for your dollhouse), the Seattle Miniature Show is the place to be.


94. Cat Video Fest 2019
Former Stranger writer Sean Nelson described it best: "A two-day celebration of the internet's greatest (and arguably only) contribution to the cultural life of this planet: short clips of humankind's second-cutest pets being cute as hail. Meee-ow." On Saturday, meet "celeb-kitty Klaus"; on both days, pick up kitty swag from All the Best, PAWS, and Neko Cat Café. The fest benefits PAWS and its programs for homeless pussycats.


95. Ailey II
Watch the young dancers of Ailey II (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's youth corps) perform daring and varied works.

96. Pleasant Place
The result of a three-year collaboration between choreographer Petra Zanki, composer Benoît Pioulard, and five dancers, this is the second piece in an ongoing dance trilogy that began with 365 in 2016. 

97. Project Oratorio: Sex Workers' Voices on Anti-Trafficking Laws
See two new dance works inspired by the socio-political state of sex work in the United States. 



98. ReFashion Ts
Turn your extraneous T-shirts into something more glamorous, creative, or useful, like a "fancy bows shirt."


99. Fastelavn: A Danish Carnival in Seattle
The Danish kids' carnival Fastelavn invites little ones to "beat the cat out of the barrel" to chase away the winter spirit, swing at a piñata, eat candy, make crafts (like a fastelavnsris, which kids use to flog their lazy parents to wake them up Fastelavns Sunday), and more.

100. Ginger's Pet Rescue Dogs to the Rescue Fundraiser
Help raise money for Ginger's Pet Rescue, who claim to have rescued 17,000 dogs since 2006, with live and silent auctions, raffles, games, and dinner.

101. Petit Troll
Stop by the Fremont Sunday Market to join the Neon Brass Party for a flashy mini parade a couple days before Fat Tuesday. They'll be decked out in glittery costumes as they galavant down the street with mini floats in tow.

102. Radical Walking Tour: Filipinx History of Seattle
Learn about Filipinx history in Seattle from the turn of the 19th century to the present on a walking tour with "Leftist scholar" Joaquin Uy. 


103. MoPOP Matinee: A League of Their Own
Spend the afternoon with Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, and Madonna at this screening of the baseball classic A League of Their Own.

104. Wonder: Women of Fantasy and Sci-Fi—'Serenity'
From some of the people who brought you Shriek!, the women in horror class, comes Wonder, a recurring class on women in sci-fi and fantasy. Watch Serenity and stay afterward for a discussion on gender equality in fictional universes. 


105. An Evening With Laphroaig
Wish a belated birthday to Scottish national poet Robbie Burns with light bites, live music, Scotch cocktails, and Laphroaig 10 Year Old Cask Strength Whisky.


106. Kalevala Festival
Finland's Kalevala Day celebrates the publishing of Elias Lönnrot's epic Kalevala in 1835, which played an important role in shaping Finland's national identity. This festival commemorates the occasion with a program of Finnish music from the early 1900s. 

107. Seattle Lilla Spelmanslag - Special Nordic Youth Concert
Talented youth musicians of this prestigious Northwest group will keep the tradition of Nordic folk music alive. 


108. The Fungus Among Us: Houseplant Fungi Workshop
Learn how to protect your house plants from harmful fungi without using toxic pesticides. 

109. Peg Edera
Portland poet Peg Edera will visit Seattle with a new book of poems, Love Is Deeper Than Distance: Poems of love, death, a little sex, ALS, dementia and the widow’s life thereafter.


110. Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k
Starting and finishing at Seattle Center, this annual race rewards runners with all manner of chocolate delights, including hot chocolate, marshmallows with a hot fudge dipping sauce, and more.