A fourth-grader named Gus at Ballard's Adams Elementary designed Salt and Straw's new "Pollick Pumpkin" flavor, a pumpkin ice cream complete with mini marshmallows, stewed caramel apples, and "extra milk." Salt and Straw via Instagram
As Seattle transitions into fall weather, local eateries have concocted flavors that conjure back-to-school nostalgia: Cupcake Royale and Lady Yum have whipped up PB&J macarons and cupcakes, while Salt and Straw has introduced a limited-time series of flavors dreamed up by the fourth-grade students of Adams Elementary in Ballard. Plus, find out where to get hot, cheesy pizza doughnuts and pineapple upside-down cake ice cream. For more ideas, check out our full food and drink calendar.

Central District Ice Cream
For September, the lineup at the Central District ice cream shop known for its bold flavors includes Blackberry Basi, a take on the fermented Illocano sugarcane alcoholic drink basi with the addition of blackberry; Smoked Nectarine Old Fashioned, a nectarine flavor with a drizzle of smoked whiskey syrup; Winter Squash Brûlée, a roasted winter squash flavor with crunchy shards of brûlée; Chocolate Zucchini Brownie, a chocolate ice cream with zucchini brownie chunks and sugared zucchini blossoms; Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, a pineapple base with chunks of pineapple cake and sweet pepper jam; Chuck Berry, a flavor made with local wild huckleberries, coconut, calamansi, and sumac; Def Mos Yellow Cake, a flavor with cardamom-spiced semolina cake and almonds; and Cashew Everything Around Me, a dairy-free flavor with cashew, coconut, mace-infused caramel, and urfa biber chocolate sauce.

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Cupcake Royale
Seattle's original cupcakery's four fall flavors (available through October 31) all contain special fillings. The roster includes Boston Cream, a vanilla cupcake filled with vanilla cream and topped with chocolate whipped cream cheese frosting and sprinkles; Banana Cream, a banana cupcake filled with dulce de leche filling and topped with whipped cream cheese frosting, banana runts, and Nilla Wafer streusel; Coconut Cream, a vanilla cupcake filled with coconut cream filling and topped with coconut whipped cream cheese frosting and shredded coconut; and Strawberry Shortcake, a vanilla cupcake filled with strawberry compote and topped with strawberry whipped cream cheese frosting, a strawberry gummy, and sprinkles. And just in time for back to school, their PB&J cupcake is here to summon lunchbox nostalgia until September 10.

Frankie & Jo's
The popular plant-based ice cream shop's fall flavors are Superbark, a caramelly, coconut-sugar-sweetened flavor with chunks of house-made "superbark," a dark chocolate bark made with toasted millet and pumpkin seeds; Miso Moon, a returning favorite with oat and coconut milk, chickpea miso caramel swirls, and chickpea miso oat cookie crumble chunks; and All the Trees, an autumnal bay leaf ice cream with a swirl of apple butter and pecan shortbread cookies.

Hot Cakes
The dessert emporium's current molten cake of the month is the Salty Almond Butter Cup Molten Cake, which features dark chocolate molten cake with house-made almond butter filling and a scoop of vanilla ice cream with almond toffee and Collins Family Orchards plum jam. Their vegan shake of the month is the Maple-Ginger Nectarine Vegan Shake, made with house-made nectarine compote, maple-ginger syrup, and Frankie & Jo's plant-based brown sugar vanilla ice cream.

Lady Yum
The macaron maven's September flavors are Chocolate Cookie Dough and PB&J.

Li'l Woody's
The local burger joint's burger of the week is the Gallons and Smoke Burger, available until Monday, September 15, with barbecue sauce, fried onion rings, Mama Lil's peppers, Tillamook smoked cheddar, Hills bacon, grass-fed beef, and chipotle mayo.

The downtown American eatery run by the laudable nonprofit FareStart has a monthly "Maslow's Meal" special created by a local chef in collaboration with their FareStart apprentices. For September, chef Bradley Layfield of Brave Horse Tavern created a pan-seared Pacific cod dish with creamy grits, sweet corn, and Creole sauce.

Mighty-O Donuts
The vegan donut shop's September flavor of the month is Apple Spice, an organic apple spiced cake donut with apple glaze and a dusting of nutmeg.

Molly Moon's Ice Cream
For September, the local ice cream parlor is scooping up Cornbread & Honey, a honey ice cream made with local Robbins Honey Farm honey and honey-butter drizzled chunks of cornbread; Peaches & Cream, a sweet cream ice cream with Collins Family Orchards peach marmalade; Salty Toffee, a brown sugar toffee ice cream with bits of Theo Chocolate-covered toffee; and Vegan Coconut Raspberry, a dairy-free coconut flavor with organic Viva Farms raspberries. Their sundae of the month is the Orchard Blondie Sundae, a take on their orchard blondie flavor of years past with peaches and cream ice cream, white chocolate chip brown sugar blondies, peach-nectarine jam, whipped cream, and a Chukar cherry.

Rachel's Ginger Beer
The spicy-sweet soda purveyor's latest seasonal is Blueberry x Mango—try it in one of their Moscow mules.

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Raised Doughnuts
Gear up for chilly weather with the Central District doughnut shop's September flavors—blueberry bacon blue cheese, apple cider, honey ginger, kinako mochi (mochi with soybean flour), and salted maple (Fridays only). Most strikingly, the shop will also be serving pizza doughnuts, a cheesy, melty new offering available only on Saturdays this month for the shop's Savory Saturdays series and served piping hot.

Salt and Straw
This month, for their Student Inventor Series, the Portland-based ice cream artisans enlisted the fourth graders of Ballard's Adams Elementary to imagine their dream flavors and chose five to churn into reality. The results? Pollick Pumpkin Ice Cream, a pumpkin ice cream with stewed caramel apples, mini marshmallows, and extra milk; PB & C, a peanut butter ice cream with banana hot fudge and chocolate chips; A Taste of Summer Camp, a chocolate ice cream with graham cracker crunch, marshmallow fluff, and caramel sauce; Nice Nutella, a chocolate hazelnut-banana flavor with roasted strawberry chunks; and Lemon Blackberry, a dairy-free Meyer lemon ice cream with tiny bits of candied lemon peel and swirls of blackberry jam. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Adams Elementary.