Panicking because you don’t know what to do this weekend and you're short on cash? Don't worry—below, find all of your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from the Great Wallingford Wurst Festival to Bellevue's Bellwether festival of arts and performance, and from the Grilled Cheese Grand Prix to Seattle Fiestas Patrias. For even more options, check out our complete Things To Do calendar and our list of cheap & easy things to do in Seattle all year long.

Heading to Portland or Tacoma? Check out EverOut to find things to do there and in Seattle, all in one place.

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  1. Children's Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
    Celebrate the full moon by eating as many mooncakes as you can and playing games for prizes at this family-oriented affair.
    (Belltown, free)


  2. The Best 'Friday the 13th'
    The Beacon is being coy and refusing to say which movie from the Friday the 13th horror franchise they'll be screening, except that it stars "Jason Voorhees" and "Doomed Teens." You'll be surprised! Drink $2 Rainiers at the specially priced screening at Seattle's newest indie cinema.
    (Columbia City, $10)

  3. Meaningful Movies: Paris to Pittsburgh
    This documentary reveals how cities around the world are grappling with the problem of climate change in the wake of Trump's decision to leave the Paris agreement.
    (Wedgwood, free)


  4. Ain't Superstitious Revue: Live At Tim's Tavern
    Boogie to the Seattle Houserockers, the John Stephan Band, and Trouble at Home at this R&B show with a spooky twist.
    (Greenwood, $8)

  5. The Blood Moon Orchestra, Champagne Honeybee, Heather Thomas Band
    All-female improv band the Blood Moon Orchestra will sync up their talent for a night of audience-inspired songs on the night of the full moon after opening sets from Champagne Honeybee and Heather Thomas Band. 
    (West Seattle, $10)

  6. Bootie Seattle: Britney vs. Taylor vs. Everyone
    Bootie DJ Adrian A and special guest Jack Roger will lay down mashups of pop perma-classics by Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and others from throughout the decades.
    (Downtown, $5/$10)

  7. The Disco Cowboys, The Shivering Denizens, Darci Carlson
    Dance to groovy jams with a country-Western twist from the Disco Cowboys, plus twangy opening sets from the Shivering Denizens and Darci Carlson.
    (Ballard, $8)

  8. Dream Lover
    Get down to queer club jams with DJs Essex and Ill Camino.
    (White Center, free)

  9. Fonzarelli, The Histamines, Lady C & the Lowdown
    Throw your dance moves all the way back to the late '60s and early '70s with local funk band Fonzarelli after groovy opening sets from the Histamines and Lady C & the Lowdown.
    (Eastlake, $10)

  10. Friday the 13th Late Night Snacks
    Howl at the moon with DJ Morgue Anne and special guest DJ Wolftron (a frequent DoNormaal collaborator), who will be spinning all the synth-wave and retro beats your heart desires.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  11. Friday the 13th!
    Four Seattle sludge-rock bands—Greenriver Thrillers, Detonator, KLAW, and Thee Deception—will shred under one roof on what we can only hope is a dark and stormy night.
    (Shoreline, $6)

  12. Friday the 13th: Wildcat Rose, Wild Wild Mexico, The Delstroyers
    Lurch into fall on Friday the 13th with cowboy surf and alt-country sounds from local bands the Delstroyers, Wild Wild Mexico, and Wildcat Rose. Something Weird Video will provide spooky visuals. 
    (Georgetown, $10)

  13. Haunted Horses, Floored Faces, Post/Boredom
    Local industrial-punk duo Haunted Horses will bring "an onslaught" of keys, guitars, and drums to Beacon Hill with additional support from Floored Faces and Post/Boredom.
    (Beacon Hill, $10)

  14. Ian Jones, Heels To The Hardwood, Thedrifterluke
    Seattle-based country singer-songwriter Ian Jones will share his LP with you at this release show with more from Heels to the Hardwood and Thedrifterluke. 
    (Ballard, $10)

  15. Love Gangsters: Fridich/Totusek
    See if local jazz mainstays Leif Totusek and Eric Fridich live up to their self-proclaimed title (the "Love Gangsters").
    (Greenwood, free)

  16. Moves Collective, Moose Almighty
    Billing themselves as an "Ameridelic jam band," Ocean Beach band Moves Collective will play a long set in Seattle after a warm-up set from Moose Almighty. 
    (University District, $10)

  17. Planet Fly
    Swing your hips loosely with Planet Fly's unhurried, nostalgic funk, featuring the self-assured vocals of KJ Jones.
    (Downtown, free)

  18. Pop Secret: Aquaphina, Famous, Siracha
    Musically indecisive party people can dance to all manner of party genres with DJs Aquaphina, Famous, and Siracha.
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  19. Queen City Dance Party
    Seattle restaurant and nightlife maven Linda Derschang's cozy incarnation of Belltown's beloved Queen City Grill is a year old. Celebrate at a dance party with local choreographer Kate Wallich (the founder of Velocity Dance Center's Dance Church) and Thomas House (part of Wallich's dance company YC).
    (Belltown, free)

  20. SassyBlack's Album and Strain Debut
    Stoners of Seattle, rejoice: In conjunction with the release of her latest EP, Ancient Mahogany Gold, neo-soul/funk hero SassyBlack has collaborated with Heylo Cannabis on a unique oil cartridge. She'll hang out at the store to sign posters and cartridges. 
    (Fremont, free)

  21. Sleepover Club, Groans, The Wednesdays
    Sign up for a night out with queer punks Sleepover Club as they play a live set with LA's Groans and the Wednesdays.
    (University District, $7-$10)

  22. Stingshark, The Painkillers, Freedom James
    Stingshark will lay down their smooth soul jams alongside the Painkillers and Freedom James.
    (Tukwila, $7)


  23. Heat! Underwear Party
    DJs Bret Law and BenTraxx will lay down some sexy tracks for you to dance to in the company of hot go-go boys.
    (Downtown, $7)


  24. Soft Shock: Friday the 13th
    Love scary drag? Get your butt to this show hosted by Old Witch and starring D'Monica Leone, Nyx Moons, Issa Man, and Rowan Ruthless.
    (Downtown, $9)


  25. Billy Jensen: Chase Darkness with Me
    Billy Jensen will give insight into his journalistic investigations of murders and other foul deeds, including his quest to find the Halloween Mask Murderer, as well as recounting his friend Michelle McNamara's mission to find the identity of the Golden State Killer (Jensen finished McNamara's book on this subject, I'll Be Gone in the Dark, after her sudden death). Crime writer and journalist Claudia Rowe will moderate the evening.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  26. Cascadia Magazine's Evening of Words & Ideas
    Local journalists, writers, and poets published in Cascadia Magazine will gather in the flesh. On the roster: sex columnist Karin Jones on polyamory in the Pacific Northwest, climate scientist Sarah Myhre on feminism and social justice in the sciences, and local poets Susan Rich, Martha Silano, and Shin Yu Pai reading new work.
    (Belltown, $10 suggested donation)

  27. Marilynne Robinson: What Are We Doing Here?
    Whether she's writing fragmented fiction (read Gilead!) or incisive essays, Marilynne Robinson's sentences hit with the weight of a proverb. Plain descriptions of everyday objects read as visions from an oracle. And even though I'm so bored with writers who continue to "search for mystery" in traditional religious texts, I can never get bored of Robinson's writing. In her new book of essays, she looks at our current political moment through Ralph Waldo Emerson's transcendentalist lens and Alexis de Tocqueville's critiques of democracy, and offers a prescription for many of our social ills. RICH SMITH
    (First Hill, $5)


  28. Witches' Night Out Market
    There's nothing more witchy than a Friday the 13th that coincides with a full moon. Embrace your spooky side by shopping from local artisans and mystical merchants, getting psychic readings, and more.
    (Ballard, free)


  29. Seattle University Redhawks vs. USC Trojans
    The Seattle University Redhawks women's soccer team will play the University of Southern California Trojans.
    (Capitol Hill, $10)


  30. Art Up PhinneyWood
    Walk around charming Greenwood/Phinney (just north of the zoo) and take in art from dozens of venues, from galleries to restaurants to bookshops, including Couth Buzzard Books, Greenwood Space Travel Company, and the Phinney Center Gallery.
    (Phinney, free)

  31. Belltown Art Walk
    On second Fridays, wander around Belltown and check out the local art scene amidst the waves of drinkers and clubbers. This weekend, check out evocative figurative paintings by Carrie Dinah-Rivah at Stylus.
    (Belltown, free)



  32. The 2019 Great Wallingford Wurst Festival
    This family-focused Oktoberfest-style festival, back for the 36th year, will be host to bouncy castles and biergartens alike, with food, games, a sweet shop, and live music to boot.
    (Wallingford, free)


  33. Kathy Acker in Seattle Symposium
    This symposium will be dedicated to the important experimental and feminist author and proto-Riot Grrrl Kathy Acker, who came to Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art for residencies in 1980 and 1989. She worked on two important novels while in Seattle, Blood and Guts in High School and Great Expectations. The gathering is co-organized by University of Cologne's Daniel Schulz and Fantagraphics's Larry Reid, who'll be revealing a previously unpublished manuscript by Acker from 1980.
    (Capitol Hill, Georgetown, free)


  34. Carol Rashawna Williams: For the record,
    Seattle-based interdisciplinary artist Carol Rashawna Williams uses (mostly) recycled materials in two monoprint, painting, and sculpture installations that advocate for the sharing of resources as a means of combatting race inequality and climate change.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
    Closing Saturday

  35. Corey Chandler and Kelly DeFayette: Flow
    Bay Area colorist Kelly DeFayette shows work on wood panels in shapes that range from circles to irregular and tessellating polygons. Alongside her, Clayton Chandler shows graffiti-inspired portraits and nature studies in ink.
    (Downtown, free)
    Closing Saturday

  36. The Eyes Have It
    This group show curated by Tim Kerr of Monkeywrench fame features the work of an “international group of friends,” which I’m pretty sure is cooler than your international group of friends. Or whatever. It will consist of prints, paintings, sculptures, and assemblages alike from artists Jordin Isip, Karoline Collins, Nathaniel Russell, and many others. Keep your eye out specifically for Hi-Dutch’s wool, wood, and resin sculptures that look like cosmic thumbprints. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Georgetown, free)
    Closing Saturday



  37. Bellwether 2019: Taking Root
    This year's festival of arts and performance spreads from the Bellevue Arts Museum to various downtown Bellevue venues, including the Meydenbauer Center and City Hall. There'll be an opening bash, pop-up art markets, and other special events, as well as the work of more than 40 artists on display. A big team of darlings of the arts and music scenes (SassyBlack, Anthony White, Michelle de la Vega, Ellen Ito, Janet Galore, Elisheba Johnson, Angelina Villalobos, and Jonathan Zwickel) have acted as curators, with the trio SuttonBeresCuller handling the general direction of the festival. See the full schedule here.
    (Bellevue, free)


  38. Party Mix
    This new-works festival boasts plays by promising playwrights of color, including Teague Parker, José Amador, and Kendall Uyeji. The subjects include two African American teachers confronting race issues in their Montessori school, a mayor trying to get a Latinx person to be Chumpville's police spokesperson, and an Asian American woman who keeps picking up hitchhikers.
    (Ballard, $10)


  39. Cecilia Vicuña: About to Happen
    Cecilia Vicuña's pieces gently demand a certain attention to detail, a certain kind of intentional observation and consideration. Her art is largely composed of material that's been discarded and overlooked; it contemplates displacement and climate change, embodied across several mediums. While many of her practices are deeply rooted in conceptual, land, and feminist art and the culture of the Andes, her global concern with the environment and displacement cracks open meaning to the close looker. Take Burnt Quipu (2018). Tethered to the high vaulted ceiling of the lower gallery, dozens of lengths of knotted unspun wool are arranged in a forest-like fashion. Vicuña has been making these quipus for decades, in reference to an ancient method of remembering (or record keeping) involving knotted cords, used by the Incas and other Andean cultures. Being among the wool quipus is a sort of "reading." Walking through these unstructured wool beams is a feeling unlike any other—it's just to the left of traipsing through the forest and just to the right of being lightly wrapped in a blanket.  JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (University District, $10)
    Closing Sunday

  40. Madison Park Art Walk
    Madison Park businesses will play host to over 50 installations by local artists. 
    (Madison Park, free)
    Opening reception Friday



  41. Miscast: Back To School
    Funny and spontaneous performers will be paired with actors following a script to reshape scenes from real movies that the improvisers aren't familiar with in this series directed by John Carroll. This edition is themed "Back To School," featuring scenes from movies taking place within our academic system.
    (Belltown, $10)


  42. Day in the Park Festival
    This family-centered festival promises field games, live music, bouncy houses, a parade composed of kiddos, carnival games, and more.
    (Mount Baker, free)

  43. Green Lake Family Fun and Wellness Fair
    Families can spend the day in Green Lake doing yoga, making arts and crafts, learning about nutrition, enrolling in health insurance, and donating canned food and other goods to those in need. There will also be a blood drive sponsored by Blood Works.
    (Green Lake, free)

  44. When Texas was Mexico: Who’s invading Whom?
    Join Chicano labor activist Gil Veyna for a discussion of the humanitarian crisis at the border, the dishonored Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and certain corporations' paradoxical desire for free trade and closed borders. There will be a taco bar.
    (Columbia City, free)


  45. Renton Multicultural Festival
    Discover the cultural diversity of Renton residents with educational booths, food trucks, performance, and all-ages activities. 
    (Renton, free)


  46. 5th Annual East Ballard Oktoberfest
    A traditional Oompah band will lead you to various Ballard bars offering Oktoberfest food and drink specials and activities.
    (Ballard, free)

  47. Chinatown-ID Night Market
    Traditionally, night markets are a place to stroll, shop, and nosh on tasty street-food snacks. This annual festival, which draws upwards of 25,000 people each year, takes place beneath the historic Chinatown gate in the International District, and features a slew of Asian street food alongside handmade local goods, fresh cut flowers, and more, plus entertainment that includes live bands and breakdancing groups.
    (Chinatown-International District, free)

  48. Georgetown Beer Festival 2019
    Georgetown, one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, has built-in beer history: It’s where Rainier Beer first got its start in 1884 and was once the sixth largest brewery in the world. The inaugural edition of this new festival hosted in the historic district will celebrate the remarkably high volume of brewers in the South End, including Counterbalance Brewing, Elysian Brewing, Flying Lion Brewing, Future Primitive Brewing, Georgetown Brewing, Ghostfish Brewing, Jellyfish Brewing, Lowercase Brewing, Machine House Brewery, Perihelion Brewery, Seapine Brewing, and Tin Dog Brewing. JULIANNE BELL
    (Georgetown, free)

  49. Grilled Cheese Grand Prix 2019
    I don’t care if you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or lactose-intolerant: Put down your diet, grab your Lactaid, and get thyself to the Grilled Cheese Grand Prix, which may be the only event this year worth the trip to South Lake Union. There you can try the Bourbon Street Bob Melt, an andouille sausage and Granny Smith combo melted between slabs of sourdough and smothered with Beecher’s and Darigold queso. Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little more Canadian. In that case, go for the Poutine Grilled Cheese, which is layered with garlic butter, slow-cooked roast beef, melted cheddar, manchego, and cheese curds, and—the coup de grace—stuffed with french fries and served with a cup of house gravy. Don’t think about tomorrow; just eat. KATIE HERZOG
    (South Lake Union, free)


  50. 1Uppers, The Swearengens, The Wayside
    There will be plenty of lovelorn lyrics, vocal harmonies, guitar solos, and matching suits to go around at this night of country music with local bands 1Uppers, the Swearengens, and the Wayside. 
    (Ballard, $10)

  51. 3rd Annual Virgo Linkup (Caribbean Night)
    Assemble a crew of the most fun Virgos in your life for a Caribbean dance party with DJs Y2K Sound, XTEN, and Veteran. 
    (First Hill, $10)

  52. Aurora Borealis Presents: Big Dog Revue
    Big Dog Revue, a "horn-oriented" party band, will rev things up in Shoreline.
    (Shoreline, $10)

  53. Bad Year, The Drolls, The Subjunctives, Powerful Earthquake
    Taking their name from a song by Seattle '90s rockers Sicko, Bad Year describe themselves as "your friendly neighborhood pop-punk band." They'll headline in Eastlake with opening support from the Drolls, the Subjunctives, and Powerful Earthquake. 
    (Eastlake, $8)

  54. Country Dave & The Bluegrass Pickin' Crew, Bryan Daisley
    Tap your boots to live honky tonk by Country Dave Harmonson and his Pickin' Crew, including John Olufs, Jesse Harmonson, and Aaron Harmonson. Opening support will be from Bryan Daisley.
    (Greenwood, $7)

  55. ETG Sound Lounge: Shadowthumbs and Sangwoo
    Seattle-based DJs Shadowthumbs and Sangwoo will run this all-ages party.
    (Central District, free)

  56. Fast Nasties, Herb & The Jellyfish, One Step From Everywhere
    Progressive blues band Fast Nasties will headline with additional blues-rock support from Herb & the Jellyfish and One Step From Everywhere. 
    (Ballard, $8)

  57. The Gods Themselves, Breaks and Swells, Select Level
    Described aptly by Mike Nipper as "glam and glittery get-down crisco disco," the Gods Themselves will headline in Belltown with locals Breaks and Swells and Select Level.
    (Belltown, $10)

  58. Haute Sauce: Swervewon, DJ Flo, Semaj, Gradeay
    DJs Swervewon, DJ Flo, Semaj, and Gradeay will be your DJs at this edition of "Seattle's home for hip-hop and dance music." 
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  59. Jupiter Turns 2
    The artsy Jupiter Bar will celebrate two years of life in Belltown with a night of shimmery rock with Spesh, Beverly Crusher, and a secret headliner. Plus, check out new paintings by local artists.
    (Belltown, free)

  60. Levi Fuller Presents Ball of Wax #57
    Celebrate the latest issue of the audio quarterly Ball of Wax (which releases a new compilation of new and unusual music every three months).
    (University District, $8)

  61. Mastering The Hustle: Music Synchronization 101
    Rosin & Bow's Music Supervisor Rossanna Wright, musician Jeff McIIwain (aka Lusine), and VICE Media's Vice President of Music Services and Licensing Ricki Askin will pitch in advice for music-makers looking to get their work out there.
    (Seattle Center, free)

  62. Mirror Ferrari, Malcolm Rebel
    Mirror Ferrari aim for lofted spaces, with dark, drug-laced, dreamgaze-y power pop, that wouldn't be completely out of place in a Nicholas Winding Refn film. They'll be joined by Seattle rapper Malcolm Rebel.
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  63. Music Showcase—Youth Rising in the Town
    Town Hall will launch their free youth tickets program by providing young artists with the chance to learn about opportunities in Seattle, unveiling their community art installation curated by Creative Justice, and hosting a mixer and jam for young musicians. Plus, attendees can get their photos taken for Blue Cone Studios' 2019 Yearbook and see performances by local artists Kid Roman, Kay C, Laureli, and Lexi Laluni. 
    (First Hill, free)

  64. Red Shahan, Denver
    Rolling Stone describes Red Shahan's sound as "Hardscrabble Texas country informed by the state’s deep musical roots and even deeper cultural mythology." Join him here in town with bill support from "ramshackle Portland country band" Denver. 
    (Ballard, $10)

  65. Retrospecter, Tourist Activities, Proofs, Mike Sampson (Dusty)
    Join Tacoma psychedelic punks Retrospecter (who will be celebrating the release of their new album), Tourist Activities, Seattle fuzz-pop band Tourist Activities, local math-rockers Proofs, and singer-songwriter Mike Sampson for a night out in U-District. 
    (University District, $7)

  66. School of Rock West Seattle Performs: Woodstock
    The talented babies of School of Rock West Seattle will resurrect all your favorite rock songs from 1969 at this Woodstock night.
    (Belltown, $5-$10)

  67. Strangers DUET
    Sing a love song with a stranger for the chance to win prizes at this end-of-summer full moon party hosted, as always, by local drag queen Catty Wompus.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  68. The Thankless Dogs, The Paper Dolls
    Nineties-formed Seattle punks Thankless Dogs and local garage-pop outfit the Paper Dolls will join forces for an early-evening show. 
    (Tukwila, $5)

  69. Willie & the Whips, Silverhill, The Spin-Offs
    Enjoy a night of blues with local bands Willie & the Whips, Silverhill, and the Spin-Offs. 
    (Tukwila, $7)


  70. Children of Grass: B.A. Van Sise’s Portrait of American Poetry
    Buy a copy of Children of Grass, B.A. Van Sise's collection of portraits of poets, and hear work by notable locals Rae Armantrout and Joshua Marie Wilkinson.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  71. Ibram X. Kendi: How to Be an Antiracist
    Historian and American University professor Ibram X. Kendi, who wrote the National Book Award–winning history Stamped from the Beginning, is out with a new (and slightly shorter) work that helpfully draws the distinction between being "not racist" and "anti-racist." Since the phrase has been co-opted by many groups to serve many different ends, merely claiming you're "not racist" has become meaningless. Saying you're anti-racist means you're actively trying to repair the wounds of racist policy and prevent any more damage from being done. Kendi will elaborate more on this distinction in his talk, drawing on newly unearthed moments in American history to illustrate the point. Local writer Ijeoma Oluo, author of So You Want to Talk About Race, will moderate. RICH SMITH
    (First Hill, $5)

  72. Raymond Caballero: McCarthyism vs. Clinton Jencks
    A labor activist who worked with striking Mexican American miners, Clinton Jencks was arrested for "falsely denying" that he was a Communist and sentenced to five years in prison. This book by historian Raymond Caballero examines the Supreme Court case, Jencks v. United States (1957), that led to the overturning of his conviction.
    (Capitol Hill, free)


  73. Bothell's Vintage and Vines Street Fair
    Bothell’s burgeoning Junction area will fill with vintage finds and Woodinville wines for this street fair. 
    (Bothell, free)

  74. Harvest Festival and Plant Sale
    See harvest-related demonstrations and pick up some new plants. If you're bringing kids along, they can enjoy age-appropriate activities. 
    (Bellevue, free)


  75. Badminton, Pickleball & Volleyball
    Play some midday badminton, pickleball, and volleyball using provided equipment. 
    (Pioneer Square, free)


  76. Ballard Art Walk
    For more than 20 years, the Ballard Art Walk has encouraged community members to discover work of local makers in the area while enjoying food, music, and more. Venues include the Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop, Secret Garden Books, and other pleasant spots. This weekend, check out mixed-media works by Grace Rajendran.
    (Ballard, free)

  77. 8th Annual Leschi Art Walk and Festival
    Wander around Leschi and browse art, leather goods, glass, jewelry, and more during the seventh annual Art Walk in this neighborhood. There will also be a kids' dance and a movie in the park.
    (Leschi, free)

  78. Georgetown Art Attack
    Once a month, the art scene of the tiny airport hamlet of Georgetown ATTACKS all passersby. In more literal terms, it's the day of art openings and street wonderment. If the westerly locations are too far, there's a free Art Ride! Check out our critics' picks for this month (including Elaine Lin: I Still Love You Los Angeles, Volume 1) here.
    (Georgetown, free)

  79. Manuel Bernal Flores
    Discover the talents of nature-focused Mexican printmaker Manuel Bernal Flores at this artist talk and demo, in which he'll reveal his techniques of etching plates with rosin rocks and inking several colors on a single paint (a method called "à la poupée"). This is part of a Oaxaca-Seattle artistic exchange, sponsored by the Consulado de México.
    (Central District, free)

  80. She Wears Qipao
    See the evolution of Qipao, a Chinese dress with Manchu origins, throughout the decades at this fashion show and silent auction. There will also be Chinese appetizers and traditional tea. 
    (West Seattle, free)



  81. Seattle Fiestas Patrias
    From Mexico to Brazil, experience various traditions of Latin American countries represented in Washington State and learn how they gained independence from Spain. There will be lots of live performances, visual arts, food, and a market.
    (Seattle Center, free)


  82. Issaquah International Film Festival
    SIFF will take movies to Issaquah for a weekend. See films like a sweet, funny Swedish drama about fourth grade, Sune vs. Sune; the Indian road-trip drama KD; the culture-clash comedy Go Back to China; the devastating Mexican fantasy/horror Tigers Are Not Afraid; and more. Best of all, screenings are free!
    (Issaquah, free)



  83. Vonnegut Unexpected: Kurt Vonnegut Improvised
    The improvisers of Unexpected Productions will take some instinctual liberties (paired with audience suggestions) with Slaughterhouse-Five, Breakfast of Champions, and other works by the late writer Kurt Vonnegut.
    (Downtown, $10)


  84. Bothell Pet Parade
    Bring your leash-trained dog, cat, chinchilla, or lizard to this adorable procession of Bothell pets. Prizes will be awarded for best costume, best pet-owner duo, and most creative.
    (Bothell, free)


  85. BlackHotSunday Vol II
    Black Auntie Boo will host another night of soul, R&B, and hip-hop with DJ Silk Safari, plus live sets from Pearl Dragon, Holy Pistola, Bess and Amber, and others. Plus, be sure to pick up some cool merch from NomiHelene. 
    (West Seattle, $10)

  86. Kid Leather, Clockwork Orange Sunshine, Teen Cat
    Thrash around to Seattle power trio Kid Leather after post-punk sets from Clockwork Orange Sunshine and Teen Cat. 
    (Ballard, $10)

  87. KLYPH, Wall of Ears, Leash
    Join New Orleans guitarist Cliff Hines as he debuts his new solo electronic project KLYPH with local support from Wall of Ears and Leash.
    (Eastlake, $8)

  88. Neurodiversity Nights: Beats & Rhymes Edition
    Before a performance from local hip-hop artist Fantasy A, attendees of all ages can take a DJ workshop and get on stage for an open mic. 
    (Seattle Center, $5-$10)


  89. Hiawatha Art Party
    "Dress to perplex" at this art event featuring a durational (eight-hour!) performance by Alisa Popova, four sets of live music, a neighborhood art exchange (bring your own pieces to trade), food, and more.
    (Central District, free)

  90. Meow Mix
    At this drag-filled house music dance party, you'll be rewarded for looking your absolute worst. It's also theater chief Brendan Mack/Butch Alice's birthday, so rise to the occasion! Tonight's special cocktail is a "Gimme Kitty."
    (Ballard, $10)


  91. David W. Lynch: Before the Border
    Documentary photographer David W. Lynch (who is not the same person as the film director David Lynch) has traveled to Mexico three times since late 2018 to photograph the thousands of migrants who have traveled in caravans to seek asylum in the U.S. Hear a discussion on his work and get a copy of his book signed.
    (University District, free)

  92. DJ Butler, Christopher Husberg, Christopher Ruocchio
    Hear from three sci-fi/fantasy writers: DJ Butler with Witchy Kingdom, Christopher Husberg with Fear the Stars, and Christopher Ruocchio with Howling Dark.
    (University District, free)

  93. June Diane Raphael: The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World
    June Diane Raphael, activist, actor, comedian, and co-host of the podcast How Did This Get Made? will share advice and inspiration from her new book Represent: The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World. She'll appear along with Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.
    (First Hill, $5)

  94. Kim Bouchard: Positively Disney
    Disney fanatic Kim Bouchard will read from her book Positively Disney, a collection of stories from people like Carrie Fisher's brother Todd, Corey Dee Williams, and Daniel Logan on the role Star Wars played in their lives. 
    (Lake Forest Park, free)

  95. Phil Zuckerman: What It Means to Be Moral
    Zuckerman will argue that morality "does not come from God," and that a morality divorced from religion is best for tackling the worst threats to humanity like global warming and extreme inequality.
    (Ravenna, free)


  96. Captain Ballard's Mustache Run
    Mustachioed Seattleites and their friends can run or walk a 5K in silly costumes (and non-mustache-havers are encouraged to slap on some fake facial hair). After the race, 21+ participants can head back to the brew lab for $3 pints of Big Ballard IPA.
    (Capitol Hill, free)


  97. Amanda Barr and Kyle Krauskopf
    Alongside Krauskopf's scrumptious watercolor record of meals he's eaten around Seattle, see ceramic sculptures by former Pottery Northwest resident artist Barr.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  98. Bunka Gakuen Fashion Show
    The Bunka Gakuen University of Tokyo, Japan, whose alumni include Kenzo, Junya Watanabe (Comme des Garcons), Yohji Yamamoto, Nigo (Bathing Ape), Koshino Junko, and Tsumori Chisato, will present its 16th annual fashion show.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  99. Elaine Simons: The Combined Works
    See upcycled encaustic works, mixed media, and collage by this community-focused artist.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Sunday

  100. The Legacy Project: Building Mosaics of Home
    Local artist Tyreesha Jenkins will share her zine-making process with you. Pick up some of her work and get inspired to make your own. 
    (University District, free)

  101. Re-Figuring: New Clay Work by Lana Sundberg and Juliana Wisdom
    See contemporary ceramics work by these two artists.
    (Shoreline, free)
    Opening Sunday