Our arts critics have already recommended 37 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 33 best music shows, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from the First Annual Beer Hall Beard & Mustache Competition to Another World is Possible! WTO+20 and the Justice Movements of Today, and from Diving Santa at the Seattle Aquarium to Thankful Dead with Andy Coe Band. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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  1. Mr. Toilet: The World's No. 2 Man
    The delightful Singaporean activist Jack Sim is the founder of the World Toilet Organization and World Toilet Day, and this documentary shows his valiant efforts to provide sanitation infrastructure to people in India and turn "poop culture to pop culture."


  2. So You Think You Can Dance Live!
    Watch So You Think You Can Dance's Top 10 finalists when they swing through Seattle tonight on their national tour.


  3. Dangerous Products: In the Home and in our Stomachs
    Humans have been consuming stuff that's bad for them since the dawn of advertising. On the other side of the coin, certain products that have been marketed as dangerous—artificial sweeteners, fluoridated water—have turned out to be just fine. Join scientists Virginia Ng and David Frank as they explore a brief history of these products. 

  4. Intuitive Writing Workshop (New Moon)
    August Tarantino will teach you to write using all your senses in this workshop geared toward people struggling with writer's block. Dark chocolate will be served to provide even more inspiration (and antioxidants!).

  5. It's Lit!
    Share your five-minutes-or-under poetry, essays, or fiction at this 21+ open mic. First-time readers get a 15% discount. 



    Note: Galleries may be closed on Thurs Nov 28 for Thanksgiving.

  6. Altered States
    This group exhibition invites you on a visual trip to the Earth's stranger landscapes, in the course of transformation by human activity.
    Closing Saturday

  7. Can Do Attitude
    Statix continues its run of encouraging the use of unusual forms and surfaces with this exhibition of painted spraypaint cans by Casey Weldon, Ten Hundred, Leo Shallat, Husk, and other artists.
    Closing Saturday

  8. Carol Young Bagshaw: Reflection
    See work by the late Northwest Coast Haida carver Carol Young Bagshaw in this posthumous show.
    Closing Saturday

  9. Charles Emerson: Everything Changes, Every Thing Dreams
    If you look hard enough at Charles Emerson's colorful, abstract paintings, you might see part of a landscape—a few trees, the top of a mountain range. But mostly, they make the viewer feel unrooted and upside-down, not surprising for an artist concerned with "life force" that makes "everything in change and flux."
    Closing Saturday

  10. Jeffry Mitchell In Residence
    PDX Contemporary Art teams up with Oxbow to bring you Mitchell's ceramics, furniture, and metalwork made in residencies in the U.S. and China.
    Closing Saturday

  11. June Sekiguchi: The Pulse of Water
    Sekiguchi's elaborate scroll-cut wood sculptures, inspired by Laos and the Mekong River, filter the light into beautiful patterns. Says the artist: "We humans are a product of our stories that are unseen, but make us who we are. You may detect a hint on the surface, but underneath is where our stories are submerged."
    Closing Saturday

  12. Lauren Iida: 100 Aspects of the Moon
    Lauren Iida's paper collage exhibition features 100 hand-cut works inspired by Japanese woodblock artist Yoshitoshi's 1890s series of the same name. The pieces are also inspired by the artist's home in Cambodia and her Japanese American family's vintage photo archive.
    Closing Saturday

  13. R. Thies: Trippy DOOD
    R. Thies's acrylic paintings and canvas and wood explore "no-nonsense subject matter that ranges from fingers to wieners."
    Closing Saturday

  14. Rolph Scarlett: A Survey of Original Paintings and Work on Paper, 1930-1960
    The late Canadian American painter Rolph Scarlett was at one time "the third most highly collected artist" of the Guggenheim collection; he was one of the founders of Solomon R. Guggenheim's first museum (called Museum of Non-Objective Painting), according to gallery materials. But when Guggenheim died in 1949, his family put most of Scarlett's work into storage. Now you have a chance to see 35 of his pieces from the 1930s to the 1960s.
    Closing Saturday

  15. Thomas Stream: In Winter
    Geometrically patterned winter birds wearing Aleutian hunting hats stand proud in Alaskan Aleut painter Stream's new series.
    Closing Saturday



    Note: Galleries may be closed on Thurs Nov 28 for Thanksgiving.

  16. A New Moon Rises
    This exhibition includes 51 huge prints of images captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera. See the moon in a whole new light.
    Closing Sunday

  17. Washington Love and Rockets
    Cleopatra Cutler shows paintings of some of her favorite rocket launches and landings in Outer Planet's inaugural art show. 
    Closing Sunday



  18. Seattle's Best Comedy Thanksgiving Show
    Local comics Bo Johnson, Devin Field, and Mary Lou Gamba will return home for Thanksgiving to relieve some of your pre-Turkey Day jitters. 


  19. Fika :: Kafferep
    Partake in the Swedish custom of fika by bringing a baked treat to share and enjoying the communal bounty with a cup of coffee. (If your baking skills leave something to be desired, you can also just bring a cash donation and still participate.)


  20. Latino PRE-Thanksgiving Boat Party
    Since Thanksgiving is a fine holiday on which to be a little hungover—food, hair of the dog, and chairs abound—you can party guilt-free the night before with DJs Precision and Mauro, who will be spinning Latin jams into the wee hours. 


  21. 3rd Annual Trampsgiving
    Sleaze up your holiday with a night of music and dancing with Ron and Caela Bailey, Cathy Sutherland, and other locals. 

  22. Oddi-Tease: An Evening of Bizarre Delights
    Enjoy a night of weird, wild, and wonderful burlesque from the tantalizing talents of the VAMPs BQ. 


  23. Jeff Smoot
    Smoot will read from his memoir about challenging the "rules" and traditions of rock-climbing. 



  24. The Bishop's Wife: A Live Radio Play
    This live radio broadcast is an adaptation of the classic 1947 film about an angel sent to help answer a bishop's prayer, but who, in his human form, is just too dang handsome to avoid provoking the bishop's jealousy. (Cary Grant played the angel in the original.)



  25. Thankful Dead with Andy Coe Band
    Psychedelic jammers Andy Coe Band will bring you a hefty dose of Grateful Dead-inspired guitar solos both before and after Thanksgiving. 



  26. Corduroy
    A cute little bear, a night watchman, and a loving little girl will no doubt bring adorability and cheer to you and your children in this adaptation of Don Freeman's classic picture books.



  27. Magnuson Turkey Trot
    Make room for the Thanksgiving feast by running or waddling in a 5k, 10k, or 15k Turkey Trot (or a 400-meter kids dash) to support Teen Feed. The University Food Bank will also be collecting canned food donations.

  28. Seattle Turkey Trot
    Before you feast on turkey and stuffing, help feed the hungry through Ballard Food Bank by running in Seattle's annual turkey trot.



    Note: Galleries may be closed on Thurs Nov 28 for Thanksgiving.

  29. Katherine Loveland: Down the Rabbit Hole
    Loveland employs "macrophotographic collage" to piece together her own Rorschach tests.
    Closing Saturday



  30. Suitman Productions Presents: Holiday Momedy
    Thanksgiving will get rebranded as a celebration of moms, all thanks to local female comics like Stephanie Flynn, Jaci Terjeson, Tara Christian, and Kiesha G. 


  31. Black Lives on the Frontline
    Youth-led groups Fridays for Future Seattle and Garfield High School’s Black Student Union will lead conversations with (adult) experts on issues related to climate justice.


  32. Think Thank Winter Social
    Be among the first to watch the snowboarding documentary Suzy Greenberg 270 in the company of pro boarders Scott Stevens, Brandon Reis, Jesse Wright Burtner, and Chris Beresford. You might even come away with raffle prizes like a new pro-model snowboard or a season pass to Snoqualmie Pass. 


  33. 6th Annual Sierra Nevada Celebration Firkin Tapping
    Want to keep the holiday merriment going after Thanksgiving? Watershed will tap a fresh firkin of Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop IPA.

  34. AFTER DARK Vol. 7
    Snack on small bites from chef Tarik Abdullah and drinks from Damon Bomar of Brown Liquor Cocktail Co., and whirl on the dance floor to DJ tunes.

  35. Coffee Beer Fest!
    What could be more quintessentially Seattle than a drink that combines craft beer and coffee? The Beer Junction will have at least 20 such brews on tap, with offerings from Fremont Brewing, Founders, Nectar Ales, Baerlic Brewing, Burial, and more.

  36. First Annual Beer Hall Beard & Mustache Competition
    Flaunt your facial hair (or admire the many beards and 'staches on display if you have none of your own) at this competition. Winners will receive a $100 gift card to Skål Beer Hall and be immortalized forever in Skål's Valhalla hall of fame.

  37. Fremont's B-Bomb Friday
    It's an annual tradition for Fremont Brewing to release their extremely sought-after "B-Bomb" (a bourbon barrel-aged imperial winter ale) on Black Friday each year. Grab it in bottles at their taproom and compare versions from 2016-2019 and three infused varieties on tap.


  38. Record Store Day Black Friday
    Time once again for Black Friday Record Store Day, that necessary boost in the bottom line for music retailers (and asshole record-flippers) and chronic pain for small labels looking to get their vinyl pressed in a timely manner. Despite the flaws of this manufactured holiday, it always yields sonic treasures. DAVE SEGAL

  39. Rough Draft: Leftovers 2
    Local dance music and arts collective Loosely Based will put on a post-Thanksgiving dance party with DJs dasu, Hyasynth, and Alfonso Tan. 


  40. Mx. 'Black Friday Edition' Starring Ongina!
    A contestant in the very first season of RuPaul's Drag Race, Ongina will grace the Emerald City for a special Black Friday edition of Mx. DJ Nitty Gritty will spin, per usual. 

  41. NOIR: Black Friday
    QTPOC performers will show off their talents. Give it up for birthday girl Londyn Bradshaw, Issa Man, LĂĽChi, Skarlet Dior Black, and others.

  42. Parlor House: Panic of 1893
    Enter an old-timey brothel in WhatNot Theatrics' immersive theater show that recreates the economic Panic of 1893 in the setting of Madam Lou Graham's Parlor House.



  43. Andrew Sleighter
    Andrew Sleighter's many credits include co-writing for the Sports Show with Norm Macdonald and playing pranks on MTV's Money From Strangers, as well as appearances at Bumbershoot, on Conan, and on Last Comic Standing. The Seattle native riffs on underemployment, money, and more with accessible, decent-natured humor.

  44. Laughsgiving
    Local and visiting comics will keep the stage occupied all night long with back-to-back sets. 

  45. Rick Kunkler
    A finalist in the Seattle International and Rocky Mountain comedy competitions, Kunkler has been seen on NBC's Fantasy Island, Last Comic Standing, Playboy Network's The Search for the Perfect Girlfriend, and more.


  46. Cynthia Hibbard: Remainders
    Hibbard starts these paintings, etchings, and monotypes with "some residue of ideas, images or materials from the past," then expands upon these old themes.
    Closing Saturday

  47. Jueqian Fang and Hongzhe Liang: Vanity Show: Perhaps...
    Jueqian Fang and Hongzhe Liang examine the social, personal, and cultural ramifications of the "dreaded experience of luxury handbag shopping for family and friends in China who crave for status items," focusing on the role of newly rich Chinese women, their effect on consumerism, and their lack of immunity from colonial and communist history.
    Opening Saturday

  48. Paula Stokes: 1845: Memento Mori
    Stokes memorializes the millions of people dead and displaced during the Irish potato famine with 1,845 glass potatoes arranged in a cairn formation.
    Closing Saturday



  49. The Paperboys 13th Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Meltdown
    Spend three nights (or just one if you don't want to go whole hog) with Vancouverite folk-rockers the Paperboys as they celebrate Thanksgiving the only way they know how, with a weekend-long superset at the Triple Door for the 13th year running.


  50. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
    Rambunctious siblings crash a church Christmas play in this playhouse adaptation of the young adult novel.

  51. Christmastown
    If your holiday season lacks slinky dames, growling gumshoes, and hard-boiled bosses, try Seattle playwright Wayne Rawley's Christmas noir, back onstage once again.


  52. Diving Santa
    Santa can squeeze down narrow chimney shafts and make it to every home on Earth in the span of a few hours, so it should come as no surprise that he's also an accomplished diver. See the jolly man glide through the 120,000-gallon Window on Washington Waters exhibit and snap photos with him.



  53. Fancy Cafeteria
    Fond of both the "glamour of a Broadway production" and "the dishevelment of improv"? This improvised musical, based on audience suggestions, will be just for you.

  54. NW Peaks Stand-Up Comedy Night
    Enjoy "comedy club-level comedy" by headliner Todd Kirkwood, featured comic Dewa Dorje, and special guests Courtney Byrd and Ashley Gutermuth.

  55. Sex with Jenna
    New England comic Jenna Emerson will combine her passions for sex education, social justice, and witticism into a night of improv, stand-up, musical parodies, and a live interview with a local sex educator.


  56. Make Your Own Ugly Sweater Party!
    Bring a plain-old sweater in need of some aggressive bedazzling to this DIY ugly sweater party. They'll provide all the craft supplies you need, but not the sweater itself. 


  57. Greet the Season
    Enjoy a special display of miniature trains, plus family-friendly activities at MOHAI, the Center for Wooden Boats, and the Historic Ships Wharf.


  58. Autumn Sadness - A Goth Dance Party!
    Why be a sad goth in your own home when you can dance to darkwave with like-minded ghouls? DJ Hana Solo will spin the good stuff to exacerbate the autumnal gloom on which you thrive.

  59. The Best You've Ever Seen: Beyond The Black Rainbow
    This mash-up event brings together one band and one DJ to collaboratively reimagine a score for whatever movie they've chosen to screen that night. This time, DJ Lite Privilege and Purr Gato will create a mix for Panos Cosmatos's 2010 sci-fi Beyond the Black Rainbow, about a heavily sedated woman who tries to escape a commune where she's being held against her will (yikes). The film is visually remixed by blazinspace with liquid light art from the Liquid Light Wizard.

  60. Jimi Hendrix Tribute Benefit Show
    Bliss out to classic face-melters by Seattle's own guitar legend, knowing that proceeds will benefit the underserved youth of the Hendrix Music Academy.

  61. NSYNC vs Backstreet Boys Dance Party
    Frost your tips and swivel your hips to hits by the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, brought to this dancefloor by DJ Handz and local boy band tribute #All4doras.

  62. Paul Simon Tribute - One Trick Pony
    Wear your favorite autumnal scarf and sing along to your favorite Simon & Garfunkel and Paul Simon solo songs with local tribute band One Trick Pony. 


  63. Dr. Owl's Medicine Show
    Watch in awe as performers contort their bodies, sing songs, conduct magic tricks, and more.

  64. Naughty or Nice Burlesque
    Celebrate the good and naughty aspects of the season in a video-mapped "virtual winter wonderland."

  65. Saga of Star Wars
    Dancers, flow artists, burlesque performers, and drag artists from a galaxy far, far away will get you all hot and bothered over the final Star Wars movie (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) in this variety show. 


  66. Rainbow Bingo South Park (Aunt Betty Malone)
    Win cash and other prizes at this bingo night with local queen Aunt Betty Malone.


  67. Poetry for Lost Species
    Poets Melinda Mueller, Knox Gardner, Laura Da', Emily Johnston, April DeNonno, and others will share work that honors the myriad lost and endangered species in the Northwest and beyond (shoutout to Puget Sound Resident Orcas). 


  68. Another World is Possible! WTO+20 and the Justice Movements of Today
    Twenty years after the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle, local social justice leaders ("from Washington farmworkers to global alliances") will reflect on what the event has taught us about community organizing. 


  69. Art Under $100
    Find affordable gifts from over 100 "crackerjack artists" offering paintings, glass, fabric art, ceramics, jewelry, and more priced under one Benjamin. If you want, you can pay $25 to get in an hour early and receive a swag bag and champagne.


  70. Pyramid Brewing Keg Tree Lighting and Donation Celebration
    At this second annual family-friendly event, watch Pyramid illuminate their towering, 20-foot-tall keg tree made with 236 kegs—the tallest keg tree on the West Coast—and be the first to try their Snow Cap and Gingerbread Ale beers on draft. Hot cocoa and apple cider will be available for kids.



  71. GeekCraft Expo
    If Etsy and Comic Con are two of your favorite things, you won't want to miss this annual geeky craft market, which just so happens to align with holiday shopping season. Find unique gifts from local artists, or make your own crafts.


  72. Seattle Men's Chorus: 'Tis The Season
    In a landmark holiday event, the Seattle Men's Chorus will perform dazzling tracks of the season, like their own revamped takes on "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," "Festival Gloria," "Here We Come A-Caroling," and many more.



  73. Day With (Out) Art World Aids Day Film & Discussion Panel
    This World AIDS Day event reminds us that the fight against AIDS and its social ramifications isn't over. See videos by seven artists, namely Shanti Avirgan, Nguyen Tan Hoang, Carl George, Viva Ruiz, Iman Shervington, Jack Waters/Victor F.M. Torres, and Derrick Woods-Morrow, that range in subject matter from "anti-stigma work in New Orleans to public sex culture in Chicago."

  74. Still Beginning
    Filmmakers Shanti Avirgan, Nguyen Tan Hoang, Carl George, Viva Ruiz, Iman Shervington, Jack Waters/Victor F.M. Torres, and Derrick Woods-Morrow will show recent work in response to the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis.


  75. The Lonely Hearts Club Band
    Seattle tribute band the Lonely Hearts Club will bring back early hits, deep cuts, and fan favorites by legendary bowl-cut boys the Beatles. 


  76. Ramesh Srinivasan: Beyond the Valley
    UCLA professor Ramesh Srinivasan examines the good and the bad of web-based behemoths like Google and Amazon, as well as "how we might repair the disconnect between designers and users, producers and consumers, and tech elites and the rest of us," in his new book Beyond the Valley.


  77. Dildos to Dicks: A User's Guide from a Queer Woman's Perspective
    This workshop geared toward queer womxn will divulge how to get the utmost pleasure out of phallic objects and body parts. 


  78. Scandinavian Sweater Snag
    Eat some Swedish pancakes and purchase a new-to-you Scandinavian sweater for the ultimate hygge winter activity.  


  79. Wizards 5k
    Dress in your wizardly garb for a non-competitive 5K and costume contest in Green Lake Park.


  80. RESIST
    As Latinx Heritage Month draws to a close and International Human Rights Month kicks off, this art walk, auction, and live performance event will draw attention to the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the border. All proceeds will benefit the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.