Panicking because you don‚Äôt know what to do this weekend and you're short on cash? Don't worry‚ÄĒbelow, find all of your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from Ballard Hullabaloo to a Queen-inspired dance party, and from Bellevue Square's Lunar New Year Celebration to the closing of Paul Rucker's Greg Kucera Gallery show, Forever. Plus, find out how to get exclusively discounted tickets on the Seattle Public Theater‚Äôs Admissions for just $5. For even more options, check out our complete EverOut Things To Do calendar and our list of cheap & easy things to do in Seattle all year long.

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  1. Africatown Presents: 'Digging For Weldon Irvine' West Coast Film Premiere
    As a part of a Black Health & Wellness Meetup, Africatown will screen Digging For Weldon Irvine, Victorious DeCosta's documentary about the unjustly obscure musician, bandleader, activist, and mentor. Irvine worked with such lights as Nina Simone (whose band he headed), Mos Def, Q-Tip, and Common. Tragically, he took his own life in 2002. This event will include networking and a panel with DeCosta and Vitamin D, Nichelle Alderson, Owuour Arunga, and Mafi D.
    (Columbia City, $10)

  2. Scarecrow Video and Lance Rhoades Present Oscar Preview Night
    Scarecrow Video and film historian Lance Rhoades will continue their tradition of pregaming the Academy Awards with an Oscar preview show, where Rhoades will resurrect highlights and controversies from previous Academy Awards ceremonies and share his predictions for this year's winners.
    (University District, free)


  3. Donation Nation: An Australian Wildfire Benefit
    Dance the night away with Late Night Munchies DJs and shell out some cash to support relief efforts for the communities and wildlife affected by Australia's devastating bushfires. 
    (Downtown, donation)

  4. E-Neptunes, Deadlifters
    Move around to "noise space pop, scary, mind-altering punk rock, and high energy Zappa dirge" from Seattle's E-Neptunes, who will be joined by the Deadlifters. 
    (Eastlake, $8/$10)

  5. Etchings, Proofs, Beast Lightning
    Tacoma garage alt-rockers Etchings will share a bill with Proofs and Beast Lightning. 
    (Pioneer Square, $7)

  6. HEAT.wav (A Night of Chiptune and Hardware Dance Music)
    Doing the robot has never been more appropriate than at this chiptune dance party with Seattle's Yufi, Eventual Infinity, kid_N0thing, and¬†Ohn DńĀka.¬†
    (Ballard, $8)

  7. Heck Yes, Birdcop, Cosgrove, Linger State
    Local pop-punk trio Heck Yes will play their latest tracks with support from Birdcop, Cosgrove, and Linger State. 
    (University District, $7)

  8. Hot Damn Scandal, The Debaucherauntes, Shpilkis
    Bellingham country-blues outfit Hot Damn Scandal promise to show off their "end of the world love songs," "whiskey bottle yodeler folk," and "aviator earball shades." They'll be joined by the Debaucherauntes and Shpilkis.
    (Columbia City, $10)

  9. Mallory, Atrocity Girl, No Baby
    Local punk trio Mallory will rip through Seattle Center for an all-ages show with fellow all-female thrashers Atrocity Girl and supergroup No Baby. 
    (Seattle Center, $10)

  10. Noche Bembe y Guaguanco with Elere and Omo Alagba
    Local Latin jazz band Eléré and Steven Cherena's Afro Latinx folklore group Omo Alagba will link up for a night of rumba, bembe, Palo, makuta, salsa, mambo, and other lively genres.
    (Columbia City, $10)

  11. Paragon Live Presents Spence Hood
    Join local singer-songwriter Spence Hood for a night of guitar- and piano-driven pop jams imbued with R&B flare.
    (Queen Anne, free)

  12. Past Curfew
    Local hard-rock cover band Past Curfew will keep you up late with songs by AC/DC, GnR, Led Zeppelin, and more.
    (Shoreline, $10)

  13. Ramone, Grandmasters, Wanz, BVMMER
    Dance and hip-hop artists Ramone, Grandmasters, Wanz, and BVMMER will take over the Hill.
    (Capitol Hill, $8/$10)

  14. Roaring '20s Salsa & Bachata Social!
    Let the spirit of some 1920s-era party person take over your body at this salsa and bachata dance party with DJ Yambu. 
    (Atlantic, $10)

  15. School of Rock Seattle Performs: Roots Rock
    The tiny musical treasures of School of Rock‚ÄĒaka kiddos from around the region who learn to rock like pros and then play shows in front of a live audience‚ÄĒwill get twangy at this roots-rock show.¬†
    (Shoreline, $10)

  16. Skularoid Presents: Double or Muffin, Dogstrum, Velvet Jupiter
    Party punkishly with the curiously named band Double or Muffin, plus gentler sets by Dogstrum and Velvet Jupiter. 
    (Georgetown, $8)

  17. SLAY: Hip Hop Dance Party for LGBTQ & POC
    This dance party is geared toward LGBTQ+ people of color, featuring two live DJs, a photo booth, and more.
    (Capitol Hill, $5)

  18. Spread Presents: Samara Lennoxx
    Local sultry-voiced singer-songwriter Samara Lennoxx will headline just days before the release of her new single and music video, In the Dark Times. She'll be joined by Manica, Da Qween of Everything, Britt Brutaly, and DJ Archie.
    (Belltown, $10)

  19. The Strayaways, Wrong Way at the Roundabout, Midnight Radio Revival
    San Diego's the Strayaways will rock out with support from blues-rock group Wrong Way at the Roundabout and riff-rockers Midnight Radio Revival. 
    (Greenwood, $7)

  20. Winter Beach Party! Beautiful Freaks, Jackie, Mr. Dinkles
    Use the power of your mind to transport yourself to another time (summer) and place (a beach) with help from local funky rock bands Beautiful Freaks and Jackie.
    (University District, $5-$10)


  21. Puerto Rico Benefit Fundraiser
    Dance to live sets from "tequila funk" band Reposado and DJ Scorpiotail, check out art by Amanda Villasenor, and enjoy a live dance performance over cocktails at this benefit for Puerto Rico, whose communities are still recovering from devastating natural disasters. 
    (University District, no cover)


  22. Bearback Friday
    Bears, otters, cubs, "and those who live for furr" can get down and dirty to beats from Freddy, King of Pants. 
    (Capitol Hill, no cover)


  23. Andre Perry: Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now
    Andre Perry travels from Washington DC to Iowa City to Hong Kong in search of personal identity in his debut collection of essays, which he'll read from tonight. 
    (Ravenna, free)

  24. Colin O'Brady: The Impossible First
    In the winter of 2018, explorer and endurance athlete Colin O'Brady became the first person to cross the landmass of Antarctica completely alone. He'll share stories of his challenge as detailed in his new book, The Impossible First.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  25. Peter Curtis: Pavel's War
    Local author Peter Curtis will read from his new book, Pavel's War, a novelized account of the author's family's escape to England from Nazi-infiltrated Prague during WWII.
    (Lake Forest Park, free)

  26. Spotlight Poetry: Sherwin Bitsui with Elee Kraljii Gardiner
    Join acclaimed Diné poet Sherwin Bitsui (Dissolve) and Canadian writer Elee Kraljii Gardiner (Trauma Head) for a joint reading.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  27. Youth Speaks Seattle Qualifying Slam Featuring Christopher Diaz
    The top three contestants of this slam for those aged 13 to 19 will compete at the Grand Slam in May, where they'll duke it out for the honor of representing the Youth Speaks Seattle team at the international youth poetry competition Brave New Voices.
    (First Hill, $10)


  28. Golden Lady: A Retrospective into the Life & Loves of Catherine Harris-White to Date
    Known best under her music-making moniker SassyBlack, Catherine Harris-White has many identities across disciplines. In conjunction with the release of her latest album,¬†Ancient Mahogany Gold, the artist will present a multimedia exhibition that explores her complexities‚ÄĒand the complexities of humans in general‚ÄĒwriting, "Now it is time for me to let you in a step closer to my being and to reveal another layer."
    (University District, free)
    Opening Friday

  29. Winter Residency: Kimberly Deriana
    Architect and artist Kimberly Deriana shows cattail mats made in collaboration with local weavers. Get a deeper look into the artist's creative practice at the first of two evening programs.
    (Belltown, free)



  30. Ballard Hullabaloo 2020
    Ballard shops like Standard Goods, Prism, Market Street Shoes, re-souL, Annie's Art & Frame, Clover Toys, Classic Consignment, and many more will sell their goods under one roof. While you shop on Friday, sip beer on tap from Obec Brewing.
    (Ballard, no cover)


  31. Antiquated Boundaries: Five Centuries of Maps
    Revisit lost worlds with these exhibitions of antique maps that highlight the impermanence and instability of borders.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  32. Artemio Rodriguez: Full Scale
    See Mexican artist Artemio Rodriguez's pastoral, mystical, and politically-charged large-scale linocut The Garden, an adaptation of Hieronymus Bosch's trippy triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  33. Incoming
    Check out creations by three new Gallery 110 artists: Geralyn Inokuchi, Nabil Mousa, and Sherry Ruden.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  34. Josiah Bell: Kalos Eidos
    This artist's first-ever solo show in Seattle displays his frenetic abstract monotypes in 2D with wide, visible brushstrokes, as well as three-dimensional monotype sculptures. Think of ancient seashells, chaotic trajectories, and exploded flowers.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  35. Klara Glosova, Mya Kerner
    This show brings us work by two Seattle-based artists. Klara Glosova is a Czech-born multidisciplinary artist who creates primarily through drawing and painting. Drawing inspiration from her history growing up in Eastern Europe, as well as her experiences as an artist and mother, Glosova‚Äôs work is bright, its figures draped in bold swatches of color. Mya Kerner‚ÄĒa multidisciplinary artist with a background in permaculture‚ÄĒworks in mediums like paint and wire to create tranquil mountainscapes that seemingly exist outside of space and time. Her approach to her work is influenced by her Eastern European forester lineage, which aids in her exploration of place and memory. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  36. Miha Sarani: Everywhere at Once
    Sarani made the news in 2016 when his large-scale thesis painting of musician Sananda Maitreya was slashed in what some thought was a racially motivated act of defacement. In this exhibition, Slovenia-born Sarani delves into representation, authorship, the role of medium, and the painting process.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  37. Paul Rucker: Forever
    In¬†Forever, Rucker constructed 15 commemorative stamp prints out of aluminum. Eschewing "traditional" subjects like presidents, state flowers, and American flags, Rucker opted instead to place the faces of civil rights‚Äďera activists, schoolchildren, and falsely accused teens who were murdered or framed by white supremacists. While some of the people depicted might be familiar to viewers‚ÄĒlike Emmett Till or the four little girls who were murdered in the 1963 Birmingham church bombing by members of the Ku Klux Klan‚ÄĒothers may prove unfamiliar. By centering these martyrs, Rucker investigates how we as a country remember our violent history and who gets remembered as being fundamental in the telling of the story. While some may point to nonviolent activists like Rosa Parks as the beginning of their civil rights knowledge, it was really the 1955 violent murder of Emmett Till (who was falsely accused by a white woman of harassment) that spurred Black Americans to fight for recognition of their civil rights. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  38. Ross Palmer Beecher: Quilts and Assemblages
    This Seattle-based mixed-media artist subverts iconography by creating assemblages that form flags, portraits, and quilts.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  39. Susan Gans: Status Report
    Susan Gans shows black and white photographs of Seattle's ever-changing urban landscapes, taken over the last decade.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  40. Theatrics: Behavior that is intended to get attention
    David Traylor, Barbara Shaiman, James Gill, and Karen Klee-Atlin hold your attention with ceramics, photography, and prints.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday



  41. Admissions
    Playwright Joshua Harmon (Bad Jews)'s new, award-winning play tackles affluent, "liberal white America" through the story of a prep school admissions chief named Sherri. In her professional life, she's successfully helped diversify the student body, but her ideals are challenged when her son reveals his determination to attend an Ivy League university.
    (Green Lake, $5)


  42. New Art New Artists 2020
    SAM welcomes new artists like Phyllis Emmert, Annie Lewis, Anne Nequette, and Joey Robinson.
    (Downtown, free)
    Closing Sunday

  43. Perri Howard
    See mixed-media canvases, focusing on imagery evoking mapping and navigation, by Twisp artist Perri Howard.
    (Downtown, free)
    Closing Sunday



  44. Beyond The Tippe: 2-Year Anniversary Edition!
    Local favorite Deborah Tahara will head up this special second birthday edition of the stand-up series Beyond the Tippe.
    (Beacon Hill, free)

  45. Matt Parker: Humble Pi
    If advanced math strikes you as useless to laypeople in the real world, "stand-up mathematician" Matt Parker is determined to change your mind. The star of the YouTube series Standupmaths and Numberphiles will come to Seattle for some funny nerdy stuff.
    (First Hill, $5)


  46. 53rd Annual Lunar New Year Gala
    UW's Chinese Student Association annual Lunar New Year Gala, open to the public, promises live traditional performances, activities, and delicious food. 
    (University District, free)

  47. Lunar New Year Celebration
    See martial arts, music, and dance performances, and taste food from Din Tai Fung and Baron's Xi'an Kitchen and Bar at this Lunar New Year celebration.
    (Bellevue, free)

  48. Snohomish GroundFrog Day Celebration 2020
    Trusting just one groundhog to deliver a very important weather forecast is risky. Snohomish has the right idea by adding a clairvoyant frog into the mix. Stand by as Slew the frog declares either an early spring or a prolonged winter in his "frognostication."
    (Snohomish, free)

  49. South Seattle Home Fair
    Ask an expert about your planned remodel and the city's permitting process and code requirements, get information about rental housing rules, homeowner assistance, and landslide awareness, and more.
    (Beacon Hill, free)


  50. Meet Me at the Movies: Travel
    Indulge your wanderlust fantasies at this travel-themed film compilation featuring clips from classic and contemporary movies.  
    (First Hill, free)


  51. National Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day
    Break out your comfiest sleepwear to observe the grand tradition of Ice Cream for Breakfast Day at Full Tilt's Ballard and White Center locations. They'll be scooping up wacky limited breakfast-themed flavors and serving free waffles with purchase for the occasion, while supplies last.
    (White Center, no cover)


  52. Kick Off The Cons
    This "convention about conventions" invites local cons, fairs, and shows to gather under one roof for a big geeky party full of artists and vendors, demos, tabletop games, and cosplay contests, rounded out with the Gala Geek Awards.
    (Renton, $10)


  53. Bloom ft. Sharlese
    Turn your Saturday night into a "cerebral sonic experience" with DJs Sharlese and Bloom resident Gag Reflex. 
    (Downtown, $8)

  54. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Inspired Dance Party
    Well-worn crop tops and glittery eyeshadow are most welcome at this throwback DJ dance party featuring the likes of Queen, David Bowie, Prince, New Order, Fleetwood Mac, and other artists from the '70s and '80s. 
    (Capitol Hill, $5)

  55. Chlorine, Fever Boys, Shadow of the Season
    Give drone-y noise-rock outfit Chlorine a proper send-off at their last show ever. They'll take the stage after sets from gloomy babies Shadow of the Season and indie punks the Fever Boys. 
    (University District, $5)

  56. Chris LeVaughn
    Join singer-songwriter Chris LeVaughn and his sultry voice in Beacon Hill.
    (Beacon Hill, free)

  57. Coyote Bred, The Subjunctives, Skates, Sweet Piece
    Seattle alternative pop-punk outfit Coyote Bred will gather with fellow locals the Subjunctives, Skates, and Sweet Piece for a night out in the U-District. 
    (University District, $7)

  58. DJ Cuddlingus
    DJ Cuddlingus will take over the Central District with rock, metal, punk, disco, and pop vinyl in hand. 
    (Central District, free)

  59. ECA Presents: Kidstock 2020
    This annual arts celebration geared toward kids and families features musical performances, theater productions, and arts workshops. This year's highlights include Main Stage sets from Recess Monkey, Northwest Tap Connection, Bailadores de Bronce, and the Not-Its!
    (Edmonds, free)

  60. Ellinor Quartet Presents Shostakovich String Quartet No. 4 and Borodin String Quartet No. 2
    As a part of their winter program of Russian masterpieces, the Ellinor Quartet will perform Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 4 in D Major, Op. 83 and Borodin's String Quartet No. 2 in D Major.
    (Wallingford, free)

  61. Festival of Friends Events / Presents : Discography - Volume 2
    Festival of Friends presents this night of classic covers of songs by the Cult, Temple of the Dog, the Rolling Stones, and Hole. 
    (West Seattle, $8/$10)

  62. FRETLAND, Chris King and the Gutterballs, Hotel Vignette
    Get your twang fix from Americana bands FRETLAND, Chris King and the Gutterballs, and Hotel Vignette.
    (Ballard, $10)

  63. Gala Concert: Ignacio Barroa with the BC Jazz Band
    Bellevue College's 24th annual Jazz Band Festival will feature Cuban American drummer Ignacio Berroa.  
    (Bellevue, $10)

  64. The Harper Conspiracy, Blue Glass, The Civilians
    Dance to the harmonies of Seattle rock/soul band the Harper Conspiracy, who will be joined by Blue Glass and the Civilians
    (Greenwood, $10)

  65. Haute Sauce: Swervewon, Lourawk, Famous, JCU3
    Swervewon, Lourawk, Famous, and JCU3 will be your DJs at this edition of "Seattle's home for hip-hop and dance music." 
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  66. Laser Opera
    In anticipation Yardbird, Daniel Schnyder's jazzy opera about legendary bebop artist Charlie Parker, enjoy a sneak peek of the music paired with laser choreography.
    (Queen Anne, $10)

  67. Moose Almighty, Whalien & The Arnolds
    If you're craving more live music after seeing Mike Gordon, join improvisational psychedelic groove-rock quartet Moose Almighty for an after-party with Whalien and the Arnolds. 
    (Pioneer Square, $8)

  68. Motus, Soul Vibrator, The Whags
    Motus will get loud, soulful, and jazzy all at the same time after opening sets from Soul Vibrator and the Whags. 
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  69. Off Off On, Worse In Person, Giant Pacific Apparition
    Thrash around with local punk bands Off Off On, Worse In Person, and Giant Pacific Apparition. 
    (Tukwila, $7)

  70. Platinum Spandex and Atomic Pop Birthday Extravaganza
    Get in on an '80s pop explosion at this birthday party for Tommy Platinum of Platinum Spandex with support from Atomic Pop. 
    (Downtown, $10)

  71. PRҙFunk: The Silk Road, Miss Min.D, Cereus
    DJs the Silk Road, Miss Min.D, and Cereus will head up this lounge-y downtempo, lo-fi, deep-house, dance party. 
    (Central District, free)

  72. Reflect Presents: Everett Leftside
    This house and techno dance party will bring Everett Leftside to the decks with resident support from DYR, Citrus Age, and Sloth. 
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  73. Tincho, Yauns, Reptile Brain, J.S. Sebastian
    Local "glo-fi" band Tincho will return to Seattle after a year-and-a-half-long hiatus with support from Yauns, Reptile Brain, and J.S. Sebastian. 
    (University District, free)


  74. Dolly & The DJ: Hawaiian Heat!
    Duck away from the rain for this Hawaii-themed edition of Dolly Madison's drag show set to songs spun by a live DJ. 
    (White Center, no cover)

  75. Salvage Rituals
    This work-in-progress featuring local performers like Alyza DelPan-Monley, Sophie Franco, and Alice Gosti is best described by the organizers: "A rigorous movement score takes place on a hexagonal platform constructed of piezoelectric tiles, which transforms the mechanical stress from the performers' bodies into electrical current, actively powering the stage lights." A dance party with DJ Alice will ensue after the show.
    (Queen Anne, $10)


  76. Anna Wiener with Kristi Coulter: Uncanny Valley
    People Who Matter In East Coast Media and my social-media feed have made it very clear that we all must set aside a couple days to read Anna Wiener's Uncanny Valley, a memoir about a young woman who flees the burning ship of the New York publishing industry for the million lifting boats of San Francisco's start-up world. In this case, the People Who Matter are not wrong. Wiener takes an anthropological approach to her three-year stint in tech, cataloging with scientific detail the habits and fashions of the twentysomething gold-rushers and the thirtysomething corporate warriors who descended on the Bay Area to optimize the living fuck out of their lives. Wiener's perspective as an outsider's insider makes her sellout narrative feel fresh. Suffice it to say that after 50 pages, you'll want to throw your computer and your phone and your Amazonian spyware out the window. RICH SMITH
    (First Hill, $5)

  77. Bonnie Yochelson: Beyond 'How the Other Half Lives'
    Art historian Bonnie Yochelson cataloged social justice warrior Jacob A. Riis's complete collection of photographs (owned by the Museum of the City of New York) and used her findings to curate a major, now-traveling exhibit for the museum back in 2015. Join Yochelson for a talk that delves into Riis's photojournalism publication Other Half Lives: Studies among the Tenements of New York (1890) and beyond.
    (Ballard, free)

  78. Geeky Open Mic
    Comedians, storytellers, singers, and poets with a yen for geekdom can try out original material in a supportive space.
    (Roosevelt, free)

  79. Making Time: Everything You Wanted to Know About Applying for a Residency
    Beleaguered, distracted writers: Learn how to benefit from "the magic of uninterrupted time" at this discussion about Northwest creative residencies.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  80. Mitzi Szereto: The Best New True Crime Stories
    Meet Mitzi Szereto, the editor of The Best New True Crime Stories: Serial Killers, and ask her questions about the cult genre in a Q&A. Bring a buddy.
    (Capitol Hill, free)



  81. Heartbreak Science Fair
    Valentine's Day got you down? See how your fellow melancholy Seattle residents are dealing with their feelings. Artists, performers, and sciency folks show art and experiments relating to heartbreak in this exhibition. At the opening fair, enjoy live music and other performances.
    (Seattle Center, free)
    Opening Saturday



  82. Grand 'We Moved a Little Bit' Party
    To celebrate the grand opening of their new Market Street location, Monster: Art, Clothing & Gifts will show art by local public mural celeb Ryan "Henry" Ward, plus Cathy Wu, Dave Bloomfield, Andrew Saeger, Eli Wolff, and El Sage. Pick up a handmade button and enjoy live painting demos. That's if everything "goes as planned." If the opening is postponed, you can still join the shop on the sidewalk outside the store for live painting and free gifts for the first 300 people.
    (Ballard, free)


  83. Sunday Night Jazz
    Every Sunday starting tonight, round out your weekend with a couple hours of live music with the Triangular Jazztet. 
    (West Seattle, free)


  84. ArtVenture: Welcome Signals with Juliana Kang Robinson
    Artist Juliana Kang Robinson will lead a talk on how art can be used to foster inclusive, welcoming communities in Seattle and beyond.
    (University District, free)


  85. Super Bowl LIV Watch Parties
    The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will compete in the 54th annual Super Bowl in Miami, Florida. See a full list of watch parties (most of which are cover-free) on our Super Bowl calendar.
    (Various locations)