Sitcom star, former gossip mocker, and X-Files guest star Joel McHale will be at the Paramount next month. Helga Esteb / Shutterstock

February is a short month, but there's no shortage of awesome events happening in Seattle. Here's a list of 40 big events happening next month that you'll want to buy your tickets for now before they sell out, from a talk featuring The Daily Show's Jessica Williams to a screening of a Pussy Riot documentary with a band member in attendance to Seattle Immersive Theatre's new show. For even more events, see our complete Things To Do calendar.

"AC/DC are not only electric blues taken to its minimalist and populist extreme, but also the precise crossroads of punk, rock, heavy metal, and pop music. Also, 'Hello’s Bells' is still one of the finest introductions to a record ever put to tape." -Joseph Schafer

David Cross
The Mr. Show co-creator and Arrested Development co-star, most recently seen in the Netflix series With Bob and David, returns to the stand-up stage for two shows.

The Seattle Whiskey and Chowder Festival
Summer festivals promise a celebration of seasonal food and drink, with watermelon and hot dogs and ice cold beer galore. However, winter foods don't get nearly enough communal love. Come socialize and enjoy whiskey and chowder, hearty winter warmers, and break out of your February rut.

FEB 4-7
Erin Pike will get on stage and perform female dialogue from the most-produced plays in America. Representation matters, and Pike will show the audience the ways in which women are depicted, when they aren't absent—"her behaviors gain both chaos and clarity, resulting in a concentrated dose of the modern theater's intended role for women."

Eli Sanders and Jennifer Hopper with Marcie Sillman: While the City Slept
"In 2012, The Stranger’s Eli Sanders won a Pulitzer Prize for 'The Bravest Woman in Seattle,' a story about a horrific crime and the courage of the survivor. Now Sanders expands on that crime, its roots, and its lessons in his first book, While the City Slept. Beautifully weaving together the stories of the three individuals involved, Sanders also cogently lays out the failures of our mental-health and criminal-justice systems to prevent the crime from happening. Sanders and Jennifer Hopper—the 'bravest woman'—will be at Town Hall to discuss the book, in a conversation moderated by KUOW’s Marcie Sillman." -Kathleen Richards

Built to Spill
"For 22 years now, the Boise-bred band led by Doug Martsch has defined the moral and musical center—as well as many of the peaks—of NW rock. Their shows are master classes and, depending on what they play, emotional journeys back to the origin of your connection to this kind of music." -Sean Nelson

"Seattle Symphony's late-night concerts in the lobby of Benaroya Hall are wrapped in windows, so the sparkling night city is their backdrop. This time, the music relates to the urban avant-garde of New York in the middle of the 20th century, when Christian Wolff, the composer, was hanging out with Merce Cunningham, John Cage, and the artist Robert Rauschenberg." -Jen Graves

FEB 5-14
Roméo et Juliette
The ballet’s contemporary design and Jean-Christophe Maillot's choreography is a great companion to PNB Orchestra's performance of Sergei Prokofiev’s powerfully haunting score.

Black Sabbath
After 19 studio albums, Black Sabbath comes to Seattle on their farewell tour, appropriately titled "The End."

Seattle Rock Orchestra Performs Motown
The very talented Seattle Rock Orchestra takes on the legacy of Motown (including songs by Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, and The Temptations). Stax Records will also be celebrated with the help of a crew of guest singers (like Grace Love, Ernest Pumphrey of Hit Explosion, Miranda Zickler of Rabbit Wilde, and Annie Jantzer).

Dress {Up}: The 2016 Henry Gala
This gala features cocktails and dinner by Lark's Jonathan Sundstrom, a raucous dance party, and lots of fancy attire. (Black tie! In Seattle!)

Pussy Riot: Feminist Punk and the Police State
Pussy Riot garnered massive attention for their jailing following a punk performance inside a Russian Orthodox church. The international outcry over the abuse of their civil liberties and subsequent pardon before the Sochi Olympics form the basis of "Pussy vs. Putin," a documentary which will be screened tonight, followed by Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina talking with local Russian expert Mariana Markova.

Adam Sandler, David Spade, Norm MacDonald, and Rob Schneider
Netflix presents four hallowed former SNL members at the Paramount.

FEB 10
Amber Tamblyn
The actress (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and poet appears with her mother, Bonnie Tamblyn to present a night of storytelling through music, poetry, and singing. Amber has reached some critical acclaim, with writer and professor Roxane Gay blurbing her new poetry collection, Dark Sparkler.

Map Theatre: Buffy Trivia Night
Test your knowledge of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at Map Theatre's trivia night at Central Cinema. 50 brand new questions about Buffy, Angel, Willow, and the gang. Lot of prizes available for winners and losers alike.

FEB 11-21
2155: An Exploration of Afrofuturism in Perfomance Art
"Seattle's contribution to the funkadelic aesthetic of the diaspora extends beyond Octavia Butler and her amazing sci-fi, as this performance aims to show. Lowa de Boom Boom and Sin de la Rosa bring the burlesque; Garfield Hillson, Monique Franklin, and Shelli Kountz bring the words; and Natasha Marin brings the interdisciplinary visual and physical poetry." -Rich Smith

FEB 12
Hugo Literary Series: D. A. Powell, Heidi Julavits, Sierra Nelson, and OCnotes
Award-winning poet D. A. Powell (Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys and Repast: Tea, Lunch & Cocktails) joins Heidi Julavits of The Believer and poet/performer Sierra Nelson for this iteration of Hugo House's literary series, on the topic of "What Goes Around Comes Around."

Spend a night in the (science!) museum while imbibing. Explore exhibits, take unlimited samples of a vast assortment of beers, and snack on "light bites."

FEB 12-14
Bushwick Book Club Presents: Original Music Inspired by Anais Nin's Delta of Venus
The Bushwick Book Club Seattle, a group that mixes books and music to create songs inspired by literature, presents this evening exploration of Anais Nin's Delta of Venus. Comes with a three-course dinner!

FEB 14
A Date with John Waters
Legendary cult director/noted Baltimore resident/moustache-haver John Waters regales the Neptune with who knows what.

FEB 16
For More We Turn to Jessica Williams
Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams comes to HUB Ballroom for an evening to deliver her signature dose of comedy borne from sad realism. Williams is extremely intelligent and opinionated about contemporary issues, and on top of that she's a stellar performer.

Garrison Keillor
Prairie Home Companion host, stentorian vocal presence in the lives of NPR-fed yuppies of all ages, and all-around literate, gregarious presence in the living rooms of white people, Garrison Keillor graces the Benaroya Hall with his presence.

R&B genius The-Dream (who's also co-written hits like "Umbrella" and "Single Ladies") comes to Neumos as part of his "Genesis Tour."

FEB 18
Trevor Noah
"The most successful comedian in Africa," and new Daily Show host, Trevor Noah headlines two shows at the Paramount.

Mozart & Fauré
"It’s terrific when celebrity musicians or rising solo stars drop into town to perform with Seattle Symphony. But if you want to see and hear the principal musicians who live among you year-round, this is your chance." -Jen Graves

Gary Gulman
Gregarious comedian and Last Comic Standing finalist Gary Gulman, about whom The New York Times wrote, “Gary is finally being recognized as one of the country’s strongest comedians,” comes to Mercer Island.

FEB 18-20
"This thing is gonna be ridiculous and corporate, but everyone who is anyone will be there trading business cards, gladhanding, and plotting weed world domination. If that's your thing, this is the thing for you." -Tobias Coughlin-Bogue

Romeo and Juliet
"Seattle Immersive Theatre (Listening Glass and Dump Site) presents Romeo and Juliet, directed by Emily Penick. Guests are invited to a masquerade party, where "free-flowing champagne," hors d'oeuvres, and a contemporary take on Shakespeare's tale of woe are all on offer." -Rich Smith

FEB 19
Joel McHale
Local boy made good, AKA sitcom star (long live Community), former gossip mocker (fare thee well The Soup), and astonishingly physically fit Joel McHale, does a bit of stand-up comedy.

FEB 19-28
Marvel Universe LIVE!
A live-action "arena experience" featuring Marvel superheroes (The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Wolverine), an original story (involving the Cosmic Cube), and special effects (including pyrotechnics and motorcycles).

FEB 20
Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe talks dirty jobs, from a life of "grime, slime, and overtime."

Seattle Wine and Food Experience
The Seattle Wine and Food Experience (SWFE) weekend is back and will feature the Pop! Bubbles & Seafood event at McCaw Hall and the Grand Tasting, a showcase of Northwest wine, beverage, and food.

FEB 23
Diane Rehm with Katy Sewall: On My Own
Diane Rehm, beloved NPR host set to retire after more than 30 years on air, will come to Town Hall to speak with Katy Sewall. Rehm will address her husband's slow struggle with Parkinsons, the Death with Dignity Act and her experience with end of life care, and how she has spent her creative and political efforts after her partner's deliberate passing.

FEB 24
Jon Krakauer with Ross Reynolds
Jon Krakauer, known for his books about mountaineering and the wilderness (most famously, Into the Wild) will come to Town Hall to speak with KUOW's Ross Reynolds about the pervasive and terrifying experiences of rape and sexual assault that women face at college.

FEB 25
'we do it to one another'
"Tracy K. Smith is the knockout poet who wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning collection of poetry Life on Mars in 2011. ... Cellist Joshua Roman is the knockout cellist who was commissioned to turn the book into a song cycle; he called it we do it to one another. Soprano Jessica Rivera (conducted by Roman himself) will perform, then Smith and Roman will sit and talk to each other about the creative process, music, and poetry." -Jen Graves

FEB 27
Lewis Black
The acclaimed and acerbic comedian Lew Black brings his "Emperor's New Clothes: Naked Truth Tour" to the Paramount.

Artist Trust 2016 Benefit Art Auction
This silent auction event promises champagne, small bites, performances, and the opportunity to purchase some stellar pieces of art, including lots of work from locals.

Mary Stuart
"You don't see this opera much, but it tells the fantastically juicy story of the real-life 16th-century battle to the death between Mary Queen of Scots, the Catholic, and Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin icon. It's not too dramatic to say that this battle was crucial in shaping the course of Western modern history." -Jen Graves

FEB 27-MAY 8
This Sondheim musical, co-produced by the 5th Avenue Theatre, tells the story of American history's most famous presidential assassins including John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, and John Hinckley. Stephen Sondheim delivers his usual quick pace and complicated melodies, and the plot will make you feel an unexpected sympathy with the murderous stars.

FEB 29
Itzhak Perlman
Grammy- and Emmy-winning violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman, who's played a concert at the White House to honor Queen Elizabeth II and who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, performs a headlining concert at Benaroya Hall.