With it Capitol Hill Station
With it Capitol Hill Station Charles Mudede

Go to the Capitol Hill Station or University of Washington Station at any time, and you will find urban minds that are really with it. But Westlake Station has nothing like the geist of these stations, save in the morning, when people are heading to work. By 11 a.m., a powerful denseness falls on the station like a thick fog on a forest. Couples display their flat and vapid feelings of love by holding hands, side-by-side, on the escalator; luggage is accorded the same status as a person or a lover; and there are just a bunch of individuals bouncing around and not making much progress.

And Westlake Station is the busiest station in a system that keeps breaking records. May was the first month to reach 2 million boardings in Link's history. And this year, there have been 9 million boardings already, up 40 percent from last year. Also, average weekday boardings in May were 73,208—another broken record. It is really sad to watch the slow progress of the expansion in the amazing light of these numbers. Seattle has turned out to be a subway city. But it will not see another station open until first year of the next decade. To use the words of Tanya Stephens: "It's a pity."