Are these NIMBYs ready for touring RuPauls Drag Race queens?
Are these NIMBYs ready for touring RuPaul's Drag Race queens? Dmitri Kotchetov / Getty

The queer bastion of... Montlake?

Seattle Gay Scene broke the news:

After nearly a 12 year run on Capitol Hill’s 11th Avenue between Pike and Pine Streets, Purr Cocktail Lounge will be packing up the video screens and vodka bottles for a new location in…Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood.

That was the surprise announcement at Wednesday night’s “Purr Going Away Party” where owner Barbie Roberts thanked her regulars and staff for a great run at the 11th Avenue location but then made the announcement that everyone had been waiting to hear…where was Purr moving to? While most expected that the new location would be either on Capitol Hill, Seattle’s primary LGBTQ neighborhood or at least adjacent to the ‘hood, no one expected to hear “Montlake” as the new location.

Christopher Frizzelle reported that Purr was being priced out of their Capitol Hill location at the beginning of June. The bar has been at their 11th Avenue spot (only a stone's throw away from our office) for nearly 12 years.

The new Purr will be on 24th Avenue East in the peaceful, serene, (and boring) Montlake neighborhood.

I recently recommended that everyone start their 2017 Pride by seeing Katya (Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova) at Purr, but it came to my attention that Purr was a goddamn zoo that night and that it was a generally unpleasant evening.

I'm sorry.

But I do hope Purr keeps booking queens like Katya. Mostly because I can't imagine how Montlake residents will react to this: