Fuckin out of Franzia.
Fuckin' out of Franzia. Courtesy of John Colwell

The Stranger was tipped off by a thirsty shopper that the QFC on Broadway (in the Broadway Market, not the Harvard Market) has had its liquor license suspended due to "VIOLATIONS INVOLVING: SALE OR SERVICE OF ALCOHOL TO A MINOR/MINOR FRENQUENTING."

And look! It's a ghost town! A booze-less ghost town!

No tequila sunrises happening in this dry town.
No tequila sunrises happening in this ghost town. Courtesy of John Colwell

Frantic for booze, The Stranger called the QFC on Broadway for more information. We were informed that employees are "not allowed to speak with media" and that there was no manager on the floor. We also called the Washington State Liquor Control Board, who informed us they are out of the office today and through this weekend. Where are they? Who knows. Probably a gay bar.

Looks like they'll start selling again August 15.