Whoops KH

A building on 10th Avenue and Union Street in Capitol Hill collapsed during demolition on Monday, damaging three cars and nearly hitting a person.

One of the vehicle owners told me he'd parked on 10th Avenue and was walking to his office up the street around lunchtime when he heard something. He looked back just in time to witness his car being smashed, and, he says, the wall missed a bystander by just a few feet. Another vehicle owner said the building's outer wall fell towards the streets instead of imploding as intended.

Mark Marcell, owner of the company demolishing the building, Construction Group International, did not immediately return a request for comment. According to the owners of the impacted vehicles, there was a no-parking sign posted near the parking spaces, but it didn't take effect until Tuesday. I saw the group about an hour after the building fell, and at that point, they were still waiting for Seattle PD to show up.

This story is still developing.