"Deep" Religious Questions

These are certainly some questions
These are certainly some questions. JK
This puppy is posted right outside Scarecrow Video in the U District. These are some big questions. What do you think? (Don't actually answer that.) I feel like this is a series of questions I'd ask myself after hitting the bong too hard. But to be honest, I don't really get high and think about God or the sacred (but maybe the profane)—mostly I end up thinking about my body. But, what's God anyway, amirite?

"Queer Stoner Cult"

Ummmmmmm, can I join?
Ummmmmmm, I want in. JK
I found this one at Little Maria's register before Cucci's Critter Barn last Saturday. I asked the cashier what it meant and they told me that the sticker had been there since before they started working at the pizza joint. I have always maintained that I feel particularly at risk for joining a cult (throughout the entirety of Wild Wild Country I was very inspired by the beautiful beet color of all the Rajneeshees clothing), so this one stuck out to me. How can I join?

Storming Concentration Camps on August 30th

Found on the new WeWork building on 11th.
Found on the new WeWork building on 11th JK

It's small but mighty. This is your notice, I suppose.

"Stay off drugs"

This sticker is a big mood as the kids say
This sticker is a "big mood" as the kids say. JK
I see this sticker everyday on my walk to work. For weeks, I've been wondering what this creature is—a turtle without its shell? A snake? A monster? Some sort of rodent? What's in its cup? What drugs is this referring to? Is there another panel? I need ANSWERS!

If any of these stickers belong to you, email me at jkeimig@thestranger.com. I want to know you.