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Thank You, Universe!

To my boyfriend, Mac: you’ve brought more joy, happiness, and care to my life than I ever thought possible. Excited to build our life together. -Scott


Permission to board, cap'n?

Cuddly Shark

I hope you know how much I enjoy our mornings together, walks in the neighborhood and dances in the kitchen.

Hey, comrade

You can seize my means of production any day <3

I miss the waffles.

I know this says no last names but I can’t say I miss him without it: Johnny Waffles, come back to Nashville for a snuggle or I’ll give you a noogie.

Probably Maybe

Mark, To me you are the most winsome sound, the most nuanced thought, and the most precious stone. I happily sit at your alter every day.

love, from the 90s

Happy 2/14 sweetie, through all the new buildings, neighborhoods, children, jobs, friends, etc since we met. Lucky to have you as my partner in time.

You set the standard

When we reconnect, you challenge me, share calm and laughter, and demonstrate what I want in love. Thank you, and I wish you and your partner joy.


You’re my favorite human ever to exist. I don’t ever to life without you. I will always buy your white bread. Thanks for letting me be bb&boss. Iluvu


Megan you lovable dork. I wish I had the guts to say it to your face, and that our rare visits would be more frequent.

Bun & Button <3

Being with you has been the greatest joy of my life. You’re an amazing parent to our monkey, and you make me SO wet. Love you the mostiest ghostiest!

Lil freak

For every pimple you let me pop, our love grows. Luv u D. E

Beloved boy cat

Lee, you have been the most wonderful cat to look after and love. Love your clever lil face. Here’s to many more years of petting you with both hands.

Dear Paco,

I like when we hold hands, and when we laugh about the dog, and when we talk about lunch, and when I lick the sweat off your tits. All the things.

To my BB Grinch

Happy valentines, boo. Thank you for taking me as I am and for not giving up hope early on. We’re doing this thing and ilysm. Now lets eat some snacks

Bus Love Forever!

I love you forever, Bus Boy. These past seven years have been the best and I can't wait to see where we go from here. Love you my sweet!

"I love this dress"

"Did we steal it?" And you still wanted me to spank you! On your ass, then at Scrabble. Being loved by you is a gift every day. xo, your handler

Be Mine Mr. Manguy

From drinks at Speckled and Drake to First Thursday Art Walks in Pioneer Square, I'd sit in traffic on Mercer Street if it meant a date with you <3

Mint Car

You drive circles around my heart. Your playlists are the cure for grey, rainy days. There’s nowhere I would rather be than in your passenger seat.

Squirrelly Jake

Admire your stash of nuts and ability to always send postcards. You are a great friend, terrible ventriloquist, and going to be a wonderful father.

Storybook Love

I didn’t think I could love you more, but each year somehow I do. I feel you breathing next to me in bed as I type and know how truly lucky I am. S+S

Let’s let go

Let’s let go of the past. We are a family, we have a beautiful boy. Let’s start over babydoll. I love you.

Hearts for eyes!

Thank you for sliding in my DMs, my guts, & my heart (in that order). I look forward to every day, night, and version of the future I spend with you.

We love "Daddy-Beau"

You are the HANDSOMEST man, BEST DAD, and dearest partner a gal could hope for. I'm lucky as fuck and I'm SMUG ABOUT IT. Here's to 10 more years!

Giddyup Lover

Thanks for being my love, partner, and amazing mother to our kid. I love you!

Sexy Sarge

In 10 years we will be free of children. #TeamUs I love you always and forever.

They were roommates

To Atlas - we were both thinking about leaving Seattle separately, but we ended up together instead. You're my favorite stink! -Andy

Puffins w/ Benefits

Roses are read, Violets are blue, I like being FWBs with you. You have a great dick, That much is true, But I appreciate so much more about you.

New Year's Eve

J- You made tiger salad, we never even turned on the TV, and you kissed me at midnight. miss you. -K

2 hot 4 fiction

Brave of you to reveal your kinks in your excellent short stories. I wish I could be your cruel sphinx.

Ur the Best, P

Cant imagine trudging thru this dumpster fire of a world w/o u by my side. I love u so much! Here’s 2 more adventures and fewer visits to the ER ❤️A

Adubs, My Valentine

My shining beacon, Bringer of warmth and kindness, Like fire at night

Pand & Mongoose

Happy 15 years cute Pand, I've never met anyone like you. Thrilled to share a home with you, Chrom, Large Baby, & Rainier Veterinary Hos. I love you.

k@# and 3ric 4ever!

Ever, ever!?! 20 years later & we're still us! Can you believe it? Love us. For ever, ever!!!

3ric <3 katt

Yr half a world away now. 20 yrs and you've always kept it interesting, 2 decades and yr finger never left the pulse. I love u, my rock-n-roll queen!

Booty Butt, I<3 You

I am so lucky to have you in my life. <3, your little xio long bao.


You're the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman I've ever known. You make me a better man and dad - I'm in love with you more than ever! - Billy

Danced into my heart

Met in the shadows of lands to the west A love sparked through dance and sensory piquancy Discoveries found in ever new adventure May it be perennial

My Gill

You are the only person for whom I would willingly sign up for an adjustment disorder. In the good and the new, I love you.

To My Breen Queen

You are my Fateful Finding and we make a beautiful Twisted Pair. Thanks 4 taking us to Cain, I will always treasure the memory, sweet dreams princess.

To Madd

Though what meadows one might scour, or tulip fields with windmill towers, the beauty of true love’s all ours, and you are sweeter than any flower.

To Jillian <3

Happy Valentine’s Day, Jillian! So thankful to have such a funny, caring, and wildly sexy angel like you by my side. I’ll see you after work ;)


Our girl-powered night celebrating fun and friendship would be nothing without you babe!! Thank you for showing up for our community & all the support

Elizabeth <3 Wolf

I think about u more than I should - TY for helping me believe in myself & turning my fantasy into a reality. Meet you @ the pancake house soon babe

My habibti

Two years of love and gayness between two hearts, between Lebanon and Milwaukee, sewn together by a little magic & chance, I celebrate us every day...


Liz - Let's keep confusing people about our relationship forever. You're my favorite midnight adventure, cabin accomplice, & ginger pirate. <3 Zephyr

Dr Love

I’ve loved you since we were babies…then when we had babies…and now grandbabies! And I still love you to the moon and back! Forever, Mo

для Миши

I love you, and that’s all there is to it. - Hal <3

Golden Donkey!!

My arms wrapped around you, singing your favorite love songs… we have arrived and it’s True Love

To my sweet guy

You’re the cutiest guy I ever knew in my whole life and I love you SOOO much!! :* <3 your slampiece

Zack and Laura 4evr

I love you, I have no clue what I'd do without you, and I've never been more proud of anyone. Here's to ten years <3

Honey Bear

Almost 30yrs with you and I still love your face (and butt). You are an awesome Papa & husband. Happy Valentine's Day!

Pee-can Pie

A valentine never looked as good as you. Especially in your running tights with your ass packaged like a fine Christmas ham. Love you! <3 Swannie

Houndstooth Hearts

To my four Loves, I have houndstooth tattooed on top of my heart for you. All the love bites to all of you for caring for me like you do. #chompchomp


Good Boy you're doing a great job! This most pervertable of holidays is a great reminder to celebrate what a good little slut you are. Happy hump day!

Dear S,

You are so good to me and I'm so grateful we get to grow together. Nothing beats the giddiness I get every time I see you at my door. XOXO mort


Dear Lizzie and Culver, I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch. Be my Valentines! Group hug! Love, Dada aka Tony

To a gr8 egg-miga

Dear eggsquisite friend, Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so kind, vibrant, and caring. I am grateful to know you and will always cheer u on!


Self-doubt, self, self, shit. I'm so happy to just ... hang out. Not mad about perpetually hanging out with you.

My Dearest Hakan

Thank you for capturing & safeguarding my heart. Winter days are far warmer & brighter because of your presence. Happy V-day, I love you. XO Lauren

Chief Milklesmooch

My sleeping smoochie. I would give you all my milk, if I had any. I would kill all your lice, if you had any. You're the albañil to my ama de casa.

My Best Friend

our love is awash in the colors you paint and hidden in the corner of your upturned smile you will always be my best friend and for that i am lucky

Sardonic Slav

No matter if it’s heart problems, music woes, insurance headaches, or any other trials and tribulations — I’ll be by your side.

VDay Msg for Neil

Rain or shine, your warmth helps to make Seattle a home for me. Love you! Your #1 Fan, AD



Every fucking day

My love, my treasure, my heart. What a wild year we've had. I can't believe we get to live this whole life together. I am so lucky, every fucking day.

To: Josh, Love: Emma

I know a shortcut to heaven It’s looking in your eyes on a mountain It’s swimming glacial blue Just me and you I love you Josh <3 happy vday

Sound of that organ!

I love your resilient heart for pumping into 2024 with its new stent and for not breaking all of ours. Also love the bones of you. C-dub

24 F'en Years!

I love you to the spoon and back. xoxo -sweetheart

The VooDoo you do.

Dear valued VooDoo. Has it really been 5 10 or 15 years? If not, please disregard. (distribute token of appreciation and applaud) Love you sweetheart!

Love comes In spurts

You’re the Arlene to my Garfield, the Scully to my Mulder, the Sailor to my Lula. If a witch turned us into two raccoons I’d eat garbage with you 4eva

To My Love Bug

I love you forever and ever, even if that forever is only laundry and taxes <3 - your bug

EHDDI, Hear's to You

Karin, Julie, Anna (and epi Annie!) - WA state is incredibly lucky to have such a great team supporting DHH families. You're ear-replaceable! - KD

Ku’u Ipo!

E ku’u ipo, my bff, my heart. Mahalo for your heart and mahalo for keeping mine. This our year! And all the ones to come <3 Love you. Wo ai ni.

Dearest Grego

Happy 10 years of being a couple! Isn't it wild that we've been together that long? Hope we can grow our family of 3 to 4 someday!! -D.

To My One Life Stand

Happy Thirteenth Valentine’s Day together. Thank you for still loving me. Olive Juice, forever.

BIG boo LIL boo!

<3 forever FIRST + BEST boos - never forget. it's been almost a year of the most special time with you both. thank you and let's have more <3

To my beautiful Dee

Nothing makes me smile like seeing you and our kid laughing together Let's make another one! <3

To Eikthyrnir

We've been through so much in 11 years. I love you dearly and want to marry you (someday).

My Liebe

Remember studying German in the HS hall, pretending to be cool? I miss you when you're away. (ETA: approx. 31 hours, but who's counting?)

sittin’ in the tree

You make my heart beat fast 23 years later. you love me. Okay, okay, I love you too xo in black and white.

Hey, Chris

From your PhD in Fuck Yeah to your occasional snort of acknowledgement, Bobbo and I love you more than freeze-dried fish.


Dear Sam, There is a disclaimer that nonsensical gibberish is not allowed in these Valentines. The best times with you are nonsensical so...uh oh.

My Equal

You will always be my equal, distance be damned. Thanks for the great two years.

Cherry Pie forever

Kenny you make my world sweet and fun and limitless. i love your take on the world, your calm demeanor, your dyi soul and your sexy swagger.-xo S

Mr. Huggy

Forever and ever, you'll always be my magical cheese wizard. Love, Spoopy.

Mushy Mushrooms

Not only are you a fun-guy, you might be my spore-mate! I love you beary mush! - Bunny

Mona, My King!

Could you be more lovely? More kind? More generous? More tender? More strong? Have nicer buns? Impossible. All my love, all ways!

1 yr anniversary:)

It still makes me laugh you chose “a random Tuesday in February” to officially ask me out. I love+adore you so much. Happy anniversary, Nick. <3, Jack

To Mr J From Kai

Consorting with you for the last decade has been fabu. Time for another glitter heart over the doorframe.

all the things

S: There's no one else I'd rather try to 1) master cassava, 2) wrangle tween therapy, 3) play birb games, or 4) cuddle with than you. -j.

dog mom found same

H, I’m so excited to spend the future next to you laughing, skiing, snuggling, and wrangling our menagerie. To the year ahead! Love, k

You still make me cr

Rob - It's been 35 years since our first date & you still make me giggle & crow. How blessed we were to find each other. All love and laughter Kath

What’s Sasha short 4

From an Irish-Turk to a Russian-Jew, I love yewwww!

Our 40th Valentine's

Our first was our first ever fancy dinner, with a sommelier, even... awkward! That dress went into our kids' dress-up basket (& our grandkids?) 459

Its only weird if... doesn't work. Our relationship is so much better the way we live it now. I'll shake my fat moon over your hammy any day of the week butterbear!!

Drew & Gage 4 Evah!

FOURTEEN years this man has loved and respected me. There's no one else I'd rather be locked down with. I'll always carry my Rx for time release hugs!

Not abandoning you

Hi Eliza, Sorry I still haven't been to your new house yet. I hope you have a nice Valentine's Day. I will visit this year, I swear! <3 J

Don't hate me

Eric, you may not like reading the stranger or being in the center of attention but I wanted you to know I love you! Happy valentines day

ren, you’re my love

this year has been so hard, but every moment was worth it to be with you. i love you so much and i’m so proud of you <3