Favorite thing about Seattle that you can't find anywhere else?

The nature. Washington is such a beautiful place. Also, the local music scene is quite the untapped market. So many amazing artists of all different kinds of artistic backgrounds come from Seattle!

Favorite places to eat, drink, and play in the city?

Favorite places are a tie between the Jerk Shack and Taste of the Caribbean. If you want good Jamaican food in Seattle, that's where you go. I don't drink, but I do smoke, and Ponder in the Central District is where I be at. When it comes to play, I just make music and go to live shows.

One thing a Seattle visitor shouldn't miss?

A live show or smoking a nice blunt at one of the many view points.

Something about Seattle most people don’t know?

We're being dubbed as "Crane City" because we have more cranes here than anywhere in America. You can't go down any street without running into construction. It's a pain in the ass, gentrification is the death of everything that once made Seattle unique, and it's very somber around town for the real Seattle natives.