Kelly O

Favorite thing about Seattle that you can't find anywhere else?

Being totally surrounded by mountains and water. The view of Elliott Bay with constantly moving ferries and container ships, and the cranes that look like ancient dinosaurs.

Favorite places to eat, drink, and play in the city?

I live on Beacon Hill, so I will plug some local places: The Oak, for the best burgers and drinks; Bar del Corso, for the best pizza and other delicious seasonal dishes; and Cafe Ibex, for the best Ethiopian food.

One thing a Seattle visitor shouldn't miss?

Since all my friends and family are architects, I always take them to see Steven Holl's Chapel of St. Ignatius on the Seattle University campus and the downtown Central Library by Rem Koolhaas.

Something in Seattle most people don't know about?

Swimming in Lake Washington in the summer is amazing.