Suzi pratt

Favorite thing about Seattle that you can't find anywhere else?

Cool neighborhoods! First thing that any Seattleite would ask anyone is what neighborhoods they are planning to hang out in. Each neighborhood is so different and it instantly tells all about you. :)

Favorite places to eat, drink, and play in the city?

To eat—Trove Noodle; to drink—Foreign National; to play—Green Lake.

One thing a Seattle visitor shouldn't miss?

Especially with this nice weather and bikes to rent everywhere, the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Something in Seattle most people don't know about?

South Lake Union on weekends! During the week, it might seem daunting with so many people and cars, but weekends are the perfect time to explore the cool retail and awesome restaurants! Also, you might get lucky scoring last-minute Saturday night reservations at restaurants in this neighborhood, it's way easier than other areas.