FRIDAY 11/23

PATRIOT ACT PROTEST--House Resolution 3162 was recently passed by the United States Congress, but it's not going past the Seattle Young People's Project so easily! Otherwise known as the USA Patriot Act, it allows for less-restricted surveillance of United States citizens--a reactionary, dangerous resolution to the freak events of September 11--and the SYPP says it violates the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. Westlake Center, 400 Pine St, noon.

COMEDY FINALS--Here it is: the event that will decide who is the funniest muthafucka in the Northwest. This one time I saw a guy spill a Big Gulp all over himself at Seattle Center. He was pretty damn funny. Anyway, the finals go on all this week, from Fri Nov 23 to Mon Nov 26, at various venues: go to or call 988-4888 for details.

BEARLOOMS--Today, jewelry designer and Seattleite Bruce Bielka will officially present his signature Bearlooms: little, movable, 18K gold teddy bears encrusted with diamonds and other precious gems. This event will happen at Bailey Banks & Biddle, which has a shop at Westlake, and has been in the jewelry business since 1832. So to sum up: Bruce Bielka's Bearlooms at Bailey Banks & Biddle. I'm stunned and deeply thankful that I was given the opportunity to write that last sentence. Bailey Banks & Biddle, 415 Pine St, 344-3066, 2 pm.

SUNDAY 11/25

BRUCE BICKFORD BE-IN--Bickford's movies are renowned for their psychedelic animation (heads flattening into hamburgers, fingers stiffening into French fries, that sort of thing), and this weekend you can work with the mastermind himself on his next movie. True, this sounds like you shelling out $60 to work for him, but you never know... you might hit it off with the guy and become a Hollywood superstar. Not that he's a Hollywood superstar, but you could then use him to your advantage and step right over him, you know what I mean? Play the game. 911 Media Arts Center, 117 Yale Ave N, 682-6552, Fri-Sun Nov 23-25, $60/$50 members.


MENTAL HEALTH AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE FORUM--Ah yes, the holidays are here, and King County is honoring the season with this forum on issues facing the mental-health and substance-abuse communities. King County Executive Ron Sims will offer opening remarks (that crazy drunk). Just kidding, Ron! I know you've been cool. Museum of History and Industry, 2700 24th Ave E, 324-1126, 6:30 pm.

AFRICAN WILD DOGS--The Woodland Park Zoo is planning to open a new exhibit of these endangered mammals next year, and tonight African wild dog expert Tico McNutt will offer a slideshow presentation on why you should be excited about this. Woodland Park Zoo, N 50th St and Fremont Ave N, 7 pm, free. RSVP at 233-2509.