Bellevue Art Museum
Call Me Chairmaker: work by Garry Knox Bennett. Through Nov 26. Islamic calligraphy by Mohamed Zakariya. Through Feb 18, 2007. William Morris: Native Species. Oct 19-Apr 29. 510 Bellevue Way NE, 425-519-0745.

recommendedFrye Art Museum
Klompen: Trimpin's coin-operated Dutch clogs dancing in air. Through Jan 21, 2007. Spectatorship and Desire: Love restores the paintings that curator Robin Held removed from the walls, set beside visitor comments made in their absence. Through Mar 4, 2007. "Demon seed or sweet innocent?" That's the question about the children in the unusual, historical folk art portraits from the Fenimore Art Museum in Little Women, Little Men. Through Feb 4, 2007. The Chicago recluse Henry Darger painted a whole world that wasn't discovered until his death: "His life's work needs no followers; his life's work had no audience. And yet here we are in the gallery looking at Darger's paintings. Why? Not because they are beautiful, or edifying. The paintings themselves do nothing for us. We are here because of the sheer scale of Darger's obsession." (Charles Mudede) Through Oct 29. 704 Terry Ave, 622-9250.

recommendedHenry Art Gallery
"We pack lives into photo albums, and so it is apt that the life story of this art form is seen not in dissection, but en masse, like something unremittingly urban. It is awfully satisfying to catch, with a single 180-degree turn of the head, a Timothy O'Sullivan American Civil War death field, a radiant but slightly nuclear Richard Misrach lakescape, a quadrupled view by Andy Warhol stitched between quadrants, a sultry red William Eggleston ceiling, suburban parents sunning themselves by Diane Arbus ..." (Jen Graves) Through Oct 22. Final week. The Biographical Landscape: the groundbreaking photography of Stephen Shore, 1968-1993. Through Dec 31. The Laughing Monks: ceramicist Akio Takamori mines the Henry's collection and mingles it with his own figures. Through Oct 22. Final week. 15th Ave NE at NE 41st St, 543-2280.

Museum of Glass
Fresh! Contemporary Takes on Nature and Allegory. Through Dec 31. Transparently Built: exploring the diverse architectural properties of glass. Through May 27, 2007. Kickin It with Joyce J Scott. Through Oct 22. Final week. 1801 Dock St, 253-284-4732.

Museum of History and Industry
100 Years of American Photography from the National Archives. Through Dec 17. 2700 24th Ave E, 324-1126.

Museum of Northwest Art
Entering Ether is five interrelated, site-specific installations by Lanny Bergner, interspersed with screen and wire studio works. Through Jan 7, 2007. 121 S First Street, 360-466-4446.

Tacoma Art Museum
Symphonic Poem: Sculpture and flatwork by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson conjures the lives of Africans and African-Americans. Through Jan 28, 2007. Trimpin's installation Conloninpurple: a five-octave, playable, room-sized instrument. Through Dec 31. Telling Stories: Selections from the Permanent Collection is 40 pieces capturing the spirit of narrative tales with new works from NW artists Claire Cowie, Lucinda Parker and Steve Davis. Through Dec 1. The Art of Eric Carle: original works on paper by the artist most known for the children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Through Jan 21, 2007. 1701 Pacific Ave, 253-272-4258.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Emily Carr: New Perspectives on a Canadian Icon. Through Jan 7, 2007. Paint: a generation of it in BC. Through Feb 25, 2007. Kyohei Sakaguchi's installation Zero Yen House: the architecture of temporary dwellings. Through Jan 1, 2007. 750 Hornby St, 604-662-4719.

Whatcom Museum of History and Art
Rodin: In His Own Words. Through Dec 10. 121 Prospect St, 360-676-6981.

Wing Luke Asian Museum
These Walls Can Speak: Untold Stories, featuring the historic Kong Yick, Higo, and Eastern Hotel buildings. Through Dec 10. Voyage of the Barangay: Filipino Currents in King County A photo exhibit highlighting the contributions of the Filipino culture to this region. Through Dec 10. Voyage of the Barangay: Filipino Currents in King County. Through Dec 10. 407 Seventh Ave S, 623-5124.

Gallery Openings

Arthead Gallery
In Praise of Beauty: oil and watercolor by Ken Duffin and Eugene Erickson. Reception Sun Oct 22, 4-7 pm. Oct 21-Nov 25. 5411 Meridian Ave N, 633-5544.

recommendedCrawl Space Gallery
Current Works: Session One is first in a two-part exhibit focused on the current studio practice of the artists who run Crawl Space. Reception Sat Oct 21, 6-9 pm. Oct 21-Nov 12. 504 E Denny Way, #1, 322-5752.

recommendedCritical Line
Artwork from the homeless patrons of Tacoma's only daytime drop-in shelter: Nativity House. Reception Fri Oct 20, 6 pm. Oct 20-Dec 30. 741 St Helens Ave, 253-444-2741.

recommendedHoward House
Murmurs: Tens of thousands of starlings descended on southern Rome in the winter months, and are the subject of a collaborative photography, video and sound work by Richard Barnes, Alex Schweder and Charles Mason. The artists will give an informal talk on their collaboration Sat Oct 21, noon. Reception Thurs Oct 19, 6-8 pm. Oct 19-Nov 25. 604 Second Ave, 256-6399.

Juniper Flowers
New work by Kelly Rae Cunningham. Reception Thurs Oct 19, 5-8 pm. Oct 19-31. 308 W Republican St, 285-2700.

National Parks Conservation Association
Ice Age Floods: the story of the Ice Age floods through the work of local artists. Oct 19-Dec 31. 313A First Ave S, 903-1444.

Print Zero Studios
Memories: new mixed media works by Jennifer Hines. Reception Fri Oct 20, 7-10 pm. Oct 20-22. 323 N 105th St A-2, 363-2997.

Continuing Exhibitions

Old Growth New Growth: a collaboration and exploration of urban and natural systems by the adult Sarah Sandman and the 7-year-old Maximillian Guelmine. Through Nov 9. 5208 Ballard Ave NW, 706-0969.

recommended911 Media Arts Center
Separate installations by two teams of artists, Carrie Bodle/Margie Livingston and Yuki Nakamura/Robert Campbell. Both are worth seeing, but the Nakamura/Campbell piece is ravishing: two silent white islands of cast plaster shapes on the floor with urban style canyons between them, and three synchronized projectors creating one moving image across the surfaces of the buildings, streets, and alleys. Through Oct 27. 402 Ninth Ave N, 682-6552.

recommendedAIA Gallery
Stalks, Totems, Weapons: by Chris Haddad. Through Oct 26. 1911 First Ave.

recommendedAll City Coffee
Evil, heavy-metal quilts by Boo Davis, for warmth on a cold winter's night. Through Oct 31. 125 Prefontaine Pl S, 652-8331.

All City Coffee (Georgetown)
Georgetown Project: portraits of business owners in Georgetown, "the faces of Seattle's best-kept secret." Through Nov 1. 1205 S Vale St.

Art on Center
Marine Journal: gouache on paper by Bill Rades. Through Nov 11. 1604 Center St, 253-627-8180.

Art Patch Gallery
Jite Agbro gives us Populai: mixed media prints inspired by illuminated manuscripts and old world graphics. Through Oct 27. 306 S Washington St, Ste 102, 388-2373.

Art/Not Terminal Gallery
The Rosary of the Philosophers Restored and Revisioned: Alchemical Emblems for a New Era in an Old Key: paintings by Kurt J. Vance. Through Nov 2. 2045 Westlake Ave, 233-0680.

One Moment in Time: work from members of the Northwest Collage Society. Through Nov 4. 4711 California Ave SW, 938-0339.

ArtWorks Gallery
Sculpture by Nick Elledge and painting by Dale Metteer. Through Oct 31. 619 Western Ave, fourth floor.

Baas Art Gallery & Framing
Paradise Built: paintings by Rachel Maxi. Through Oct 28. 2703 E Madison St, 324-4742.

recommendedBainbridge Arts and Crafts
On March 30, 1942, 227 Japanese men, women and children from Bainbridge Island were taken to the Manzanar concentration camp in California. Contemporary artists are raising money to help pay for an internment memorial at the ferry dock from where they left. If you only go once a year to Bainbridge to see art, make this the time: the artists include Mark Horiuchi, Roger Shimomura, Gerard Tsutakawa, Louise Kikuchi, Fumiko Kimura, and Reid Ozaki. Through Oct 31. 151 Winslow Way E, 842-3132.

Ballard Fetherston Gallery
Fantastic Creatures like jellyfish, seahorses and carnivorous plants inked by Cathy Sarkowsky. Through Nov 7. 818 E Pike St, 322-9440.

Bazr Gallery
Urban Curiosities and Anonymity: new paintings and pen-transfer drawings by Shannon McConnell. Through Oct 30. 910 E Pike St, 617-2161.

Benham Gallery
Estaurine: a multimedia meditation on mortality, loss, and the tides of the sea by Reymont Cantil and Brendan Basham. Through Nov 11. 1216 First Ave, 622-2480.

Bluebottle Gallery
San Francisco, 1940-1942: new bag paintings by Chris Crites. Through Oct 29. 415 E Pine St, 325-1592.

BLVD Gallery
Skateboard culture meets fine arts in Pushin' 5. Through Nov 4. 2316 Second Ave, 374-8977.

Caffe Ladro
Portraiture by Joey Bates. Through Oct 31. 435 15th Ave E, 282-1549.

Caffe Ladro
Paintings by Laura Marks. Through Oct 31. 2205 Queen Anne Ave N, 282-5313.

Caffe Ladro
New figurative works by Erik Andrew. Through Oct 31. 7011 California Ave SW.

Caffe Ladro
Selections: Collaborative Works by Natalie Oswald and Joel Barber. Through Oct 31. 452 N 36th St.

Caffe Ladro
Works by local pop artist Lucas Vidana. Through Nov 30. 600 Queen Anne Ave N.

Caffe Ladro
Abstract paintings by Marilyn Ullin. Through Nov 30. 813 5th Ave.

Caffe Vita
Photographic portraits by Davis Freeman. Through Oct 31. 1005 E Pike St, 709-4440.

Cancer Lifeline
Stroked Bamboo: oils and mixed-media by Leslie Sinclair. Through Oct 23. 6522 Fremont Ave N, 297-2100.

Carolyn Staley Fine Japanese Prints
Katagami: Japanese paper stencils from the John Huston collection. Through Oct 31. 2001 Western Ave, Suite 320, 621-1888.

Catherine Person Gallery
Colleen Hayward & Kensuke Yamada: Dwell. Through Nov 11. 319 Third Ave, 726-1836.

recommendedCenter on Contemporary Art
Mandy Greer's crocheted, sewn, beaded, knitted, and knotted viscera flowing out of a white stag, reprised from Bumbershoot: The Small But Mighty Wandering Pearl. What Could It Mean To Say Yes?: a photographic exploration of bridehood by Tomiko Jones. Through Nov 12. 410 Dexter Ave N, 728-1980.

City Hall
Five Blocks to Green Lake: environmental portraiture by Gary Grenell. Through Oct 30. 600 Fourth Ave, 684-7171.

Columbia Center Gallery
Celebration IV, by the Women Painters of Washington. Through Oct 27. 701 Fifth Ave, Third Floor, 262-5400.

Columbia City Gallery
Drawing in the New Year: 6 artists explore memory and ancestry at the Jewish New Year. Through Nov 5. 4864 Rainier Ave S, 760-9843.

recommendedCornish College of the Arts Main Gallery
Works by Cornish alum Diem Chau, a sculptor whose crayons carved as figures were recently at Howard House. Through Oct 20. 1000 Lenora Street, 726-5011.

Corridor Gallery
The Noblest of Beasts: egg tempera paintings by Nathan DiPietro. Through Oct 28. 306 S Washington St, 856-7037.

D'Adamo/Woltz Gallery
Florafaunaphobia: paintings by Jim Stoccardo. Through Oct 31. 307 Occidental Ave S, 652-4414.

Davidson Contemporary
Elsewhere: paintings by Dion Zwirner. Through Oct 28. 310 S Washington St, 624-7684.

recommendedDavidson Galleries
The Age of Satire: British Caricature Prints, 1790-1830: "This was before the clampdown of Victorianism, and so aside from the occasional serious-minded pro-revolution caricature, most everything at Davidson is ribald, squalid, and silly—but still plenty vicious." (Graves) Plus, Light Orchestration: new monotypes by Kevin Fletcher. Through Oct 28. 313 Occidental Ave S, 624-1324.

Experience Music Project
"In its six years, EMP has been more of an overpriced tourist attraction than a home for the exchange of ideas about rock music, and rock is something we know Allen loves. How does he really feel about art, and what is his vision for showing it? This show doesn't answer those questions. Instead, it relies on celebrity. Even in rock, that only goes so far." (Graves) Through Jan 1, 2007. 2901 Broad St, 770-2700.

recommendedFacere Jewelry Art Gallery
The Progressives: new work by six experimental studio jewelers, curated by Jana Brevick. Through Nov 1. 1420 Fifth Ave, Suite #108, 624-6768.

Faire Gallery Cafe
drama of memory, a closed site of rest: by Michelle Sciumbato. Through Nov 3. 1351 E Olive Way, 652-0781.

Form-Space-Light Gallery
Works on paper by David Buschman. Through Oct 31. 619 N 35th St, Ste 100, 545-6974.

recommendedForm/Space Atelier
The grand opening of a new, temporary gallery in a building that will be torn down in a few months features Micro/Macro: photography by Signe Drake and Jonelle Lind, curated by Paul Pauper. Through Oct 31. 1907 Second Ave, 448-2302.

Foster/White Gallery
Arboreum: Robert Marchessault. Through Oct 28. 220 Third Ave S, 622-2833.

Fountainhead Gallery
Andrew Hare says Enter at Your Own Risk, Jennifer Frohwerk paints a Still Frame. Through Oct 29. 625 W McGraw St, 285-4467.

Frame Up Studios
Julia Miller showcases her latest work in acrylic. Through Oct 31. 3515 Fremont Ave N, 547-4657.

recommendedFrancine Seders Gallery
About Landscape, by the veteran Seattle painter Norman Lundin. Upstairs, thickly painted and heavily textured oils by James Deitz. Through Nov 12. 6701 Greenwood Ave N, 782-0355.

Frank and Dunya
Sam Hamrick's skeletons series. Through Oct 31. 3418 Fremont Ave N, 547-6760.

Friesen Gallery
Tracking: sculpture and works on paper by Jane Rosen. In the east gallery, Pilchuck Glass School: 16th Year of Emerging Artists in Residence includes Jenny Heishman, Pat Bako, Cara Meling, Rachel Moore, and Kazue Taguchi. Through Oct 31. 1200 Second Ave S, 628-9501.

Fuel Coffee
The Past: pop-styled portraits of the 1920s by Javier S. Ortega. Through Oct 31. 610 19th Ave E, 329-4700.

recommendedG. Gibson Gallery
The Wilderness Act: new paintings by Michael Brophy. Introducing new works by Faryn Davis. Through Nov 11. 300 S Washington St, 587-4033.

Gage Academy of Art
Recent land and portrait work by Amy Huddleston. Reception Sun Oct 22, 6-8 pm. Through Oct 22. 1501 10th Ave East, 323-4243.

Gallery 110
Photographic Translations by Dave Kennedy and Every Day: by Gary Oliveira. Through Oct 28. 110 S Washington St, 624-9336.

recommendedGallery 4Culture
Floating Worlds: an installation of three new large chandelier forms, filled with miniature worlds of delicate ceramic, by Saya Moriyasu. Through Oct 28. 101 Prefontaine Pl S, 296-7580.

Gallery IMA
All Too Human: The Works of James Wille Faust and Harold Hoy. Through Nov 1. 123 S Jackson St, 625-0055.

recommendedGarde Rail Gallery
Gregory Blackstock collects everything from sharks to cop cars for his illustrated lists. Through Nov 11. 110 Third Ave S, 621-1055.

Gary Word Fine Arts
Gary Word with a new body of work of oil painted fused glass and canvas. Through Nov 15. 810 Pike st.

Glasshouse Studio
Work by Dehanna Jones and Jacqueline Mendelson. Through Nov 1. 311 Occidental Ave South, 682-9939.

The Great Nabob
Abstract paintings by Jennifer Cepeda. Through Oct 31. 819 Fifth Ave N, 281-9850.

recommendedGreg Kucera Gallery
Bovine: The constructed, plastered, and Guston-inflected painting and sculpture of a man who has recently bought his first, old, home: Whiting Tennis (see review). Plus, recent punk-intellectual print editions from Raymond Pettibon and Mark Bennett's TV-addict blueprints, including a detailed architectural map of the Jetson abode. Through Nov 11. 212 Third Ave 2, 624-0770.

Grover/Thurston Gallery
Second Thoughts: paintings and sculpture by Terry Turrell. Through Oct 28. 309 Occidental Ave S, 223-0816.

Harbor Steps
West Edge Sculpture Invitational: works by 29 Seattle-area sculptors at Harbor Steps and on the stairs outside Benaroya Hall. Through Oct 29. First Avenue and University Street.

Bite Size: works by Junichi Tsuneoka. Through Oct 31. 1510 12th Ave, 234-2342.

Icebox Contemporary Art
81 Things on a Stick: An installation by Eugene Parnell. Reception Thurs Oct 19, 7-9 pm. Through Nov 12. 301A Puyallup Ave, 856-7114.

recommendedIcon Coffee
How do trees grow? Anna McKee's Recent Etchings studies for answers. Through Nov 30. 4301 Fremont Ave N, 632-3535.

Jack Straw New Media Gallery
Huldre: an interactive sound installation by S. Lyn Goeringer. Through Oct 27. 4261 Roosevelt Way NE, 634-0919.

Jacob Lawrence Gallery
Alfredo Arreguin: Selected Works 1992-2006. Lauro Flores Marian Yamplosky: Imágenes de México. Through Oct 28. Art Building, University of Washington.

recommendedJames Harris Gallery
Jam: New Drawings is a quartet of totally alluring and dislocated images by Geoffrey Chadsey made of composites of other images, like a portrait of three young guys dancing on a hotel bed in their clothes, while an old, fat naked man lies on the bed beneath them uncomprehended. Through Nov 11. 309A Third Ave S, 903-6220.

Joe Bar
Dolls of Air and Space: paintings and video by Hayley Barker. Through Oct 31. 810 E Roy St, 324-0407.

recommendedKirkland Arts Center
Curated by Tracey Fugami, Wired Forest explores the intersection of nature, electronics, and technology, including work by Justin Beckman, Vaughn Bell, Cat Clifford, Shannon Eakins, Susie Lee, Susan Robb, and Mary Simpson. Through Nov 15. 620 Market St, 425-822-7161.

Kobo at Higo
Pottery by Hiro Yoshihara. Through Nov 1. 604 S Jackson, 755-8900.

recommendedLawrimore Project
In Kerry Skarbakka's photographs, someone is always falling. Fluid is his series of underwater images, "intended ... as warnings about global warming but they came too late. Now they are portraits of a man drowning in disaster." (Graves) And Seattle artist Susie J. Lee presents Fermata, a video installation that evokes the tension between hanging on to one another and letting go. Through Nov 11. 831 Airport Way S, 501-1231.

recommendedLee Center for the Arts
"Eric Eley's installation, Intricate Matter, has to be seen from both inside the gallery and across the street. One view is not enough. From the inside, the piece is an elongated and many-legged insect, or possibly a sci-fi prop or a snippet of architecture, and definitely the work of a mathematical mind." (Graves) Through Oct 27. 901 12th Ave, 296-5360.

Linda Hodges Gallery
Encounters: by David French. Through Oct 28. 316 First Ave S, 624-3034.

Lisa Harris Gallery
Abundance: by Kim Osgood. Through Oct 29. 1922 Pike Pl, 443-3315.

McCaw Hall
Miniature mixed-media constructions by Rick Araluce. Through Nov 14. 321 Mercer St, 684-7200.

Miner Gallery
Taiko Ghosts: by Marc Samuelsson. Through Oct 31. 346 15th Ave, 568-7604.

Tsunami & Albedo Paintings: by Marcela Silva. Through Nov 2. 1930 Second Ave, 441-7131.

Sailors and Queens: Nautical architecture drawings that are scanned, redrawn using a drawing tablet and vector computer program, then printed and transferred to wood panels using gel medium as adhesive, by Jason Thielke. Through Nov 8. 5107 Ballard Ave NW.

Patricia Cameron Gallery
Stealing the Soul: paintings and works on paper by Milan Heger. Reception Wed Oct 18, 5-8 pm. Through Dec 1. 234 Dexter Ave N, 343-9647.

Phinney Center Gallery
The 2006 Northwest Fine Art Competition. Through Oct 31. 6532 Phinney Ave N, 783-2244.

recommendedPhotographic Center Northwest
Mary Ellen Mark's series Tiny is the highlight: "Mary Ellen Mark's Tiny in Her Halloween Costume is an iconic portrait of a 14-year-old girl who, in 1983, was working as a prostitute at First Avenue and Pike Street in downtown Seattle. Hidden behind bangs and the mesh veil of a postwar French whore, Tiny's eyes are mostly unforthcoming. But her thin lips, bent into the arc of a frown, form a perfect rainbow of expression. (Annie Wagner) Through Oct 31. 900 12th Ave, 720-7222.

recommendedPlatform Gallery
Word: a group show of contemporary conceptual work by artists that blurs the line between the visual and the verbal (see review). Through Nov 18. 114 Third Ave S, 323-2808.

recommendedPunch Gallery
Lost Thoughts and Abandoned Information: Jen Erickson mulling over where those thoughts and memories disappear to. Through Oct 29. 119 Prefontaine Pl S.

Rebla Salon and Art Gallery
The Works of Rachel Cohen. Through Nov 1. 2508 Fifth Ave.

The fifth annual Recycled Art & Fashion Show includes an exhibition at ReStore and Art Books Press in Ballard, and a Haute Trash Fashion Show at ReStore. Reception at Art Books Press coincides with Ballard ArtWalk Sat Oct 14, 7-9 pm. Reception at ReStore and fashion show are Fri Oct 20, 7 pm-midnight. Through Nov 14. 1440 NW 52nd St, 297-9119.

Retail Therapy
The October Cabinet Show: a collection of words and drawings by Dylan Snow. Through Nov 1. 905 E Pike.

recommendedRichard Hugo House
C. Albert's work, with the edges of our eyes, is collage paired with her poetry, and Sally Schuh presents Type/written, a visual reinterpretation of Gertrude Stein's prose. Through Nov 3. 1634 11th Ave, 322-7030.

recommendedRoq La Rue
Monster Mayhem and Day Of The Dead Delights: the work of Pooch and Ojimbo. Through Nov 4. 2312 Second Ave, 374-8977.

Seattle Center House
Portraits of Healing: Celebrating the Gift of Hospice by photographer Nancy Medwell. Through Oct 31. 305 Harrison St.

Shift Studio
Set Theory is comprised of Insect Collection, Celebrity Lips, and NaĂŻve Set Theory by Cara Jaye. Through Oct 28. 306 S Washington St, Ste 105.

recommendedSoil Art Gallery
Photography has been fake forever, and here are some terrific pieces that demonstrate again the play in picture-making, by Amir Zaki, Claude Zervas, Todd Simeone, Tim Roda, and Jenny Zwick, among others (see review). Through Oct 28. 112 Third Ave S, 264-8601.

Some Space Gallery
Buildings 2006: photographs by Shaun Kardinal. Through Oct 27. 625 1st Ave, 718-3104.

South Seattle Community College
Tobias Jean displays yarn paintings. Through Nov 8. 6000 16th Ave SW, 764-5300.

Square Room
Black Shoe Polish On My Dress: new work by Brian McGuffey. Through Oct 29. 1316 E Pike St, 267-7120.

Stonington Gallery
Works by Jean Ferrier and Loren White. Through Oct 31. 119 S Jackson St, 405-4040.

Suite 100 Gallery
Tracey Curley's palimpsests and Terri Duffy's paintings and papier-maché. Through Oct 27. 2222 Second Ave, ste 100.

recommendedSuyama Space
All Things Long To Persist In Their Being: an installation by Ben Butler. Through Dec 8. 2324 Second Ave, 256-0809.

Tacoma Contemporary-Woolworth Windows
The Human Condition is sculpture by Jessica Geiger. Through Oct 28. 11th and Commerce (downtown Tacoma).

Tacoma Public Library
ConCreativity: curated by Lynn Di Nino, 27 Puget Sound artists create in concrete. Through Nov 4. 1102 Tacoma Ave S.

Triangle Gallery
Transitions: the work of Gage Academy youth. Through Oct 24. 909 Fourth Ave, 382-7899.

New paintings by Ryan Molenkamp. Through Oct 31. 3601 Woodland Park Ave N, 632-4600.

Eight: portraits by Heather Luke. Through Oct 31. 2018 First Ave, 441-3441.

Vetri International Glass
Stripes: glass cocktail sets by Boyd Sugiki Through Oct 31. 1404 First Ave, 667-9608.

Viveza Gallery
Primordial Soup: Eva Speer takes us on a mixed-media journey of the inevitable mutation of all forms. Through Nov 5. Primordial Soup: by Eva Speer. Through Nov 5. 2604 Western Ave, 956-3584.

Wall Of Sound
An Eye for Ears: a group show of LP and CD design work by local artists. Through Nov 30. 315 E Pine St.

Wall Space
Saint Petersberg Shadows Into Light, black and white photography by Alexey Titarenko. Through Nov 4. 600 First Ave #322, 330-9137.

recommendedWestern Bridge
Into Black: A slight show on the dark with bright stars, including a sparkling riddle by Hadley + Maxwell, an anti-sunset by Euan McDonald, a neon impression of the cave at Lascaux by Spencer Finch, and Claude Zervas's white-neon tomb of Napoleon. Through Dec 16. 3412 Fourth Ave S, 838-7444.

Whitman Gallery
Poetic Images: photography by Curt Smith. Through Oct 31. Harvard and Seneca.

William Traver Gallery
Form Color Pattern: glass work by Dante Marioni, and Woven in Glass by Tobias Mohl. Through Oct 29. Risonanze Tribali: Using ancient Muranese glass working techniques, Salvadore reinterprets tradition African symbols. Lavoro Vetro: A collection of unusually thin murrine pieces by Mel Munsen. Through Nov 12. 110 Union St. #200, 587-6501.

Windows Art Gallery
Barbara Mallon's The Legacy of Trees, capturing the wildness of the here and the now. Through Oct 31. 4131 Woodland Park Ave N, 632-7332.

Winston Wächter Fine Art
Substance of Space by Angelina Nasso and Tracy Rocca with Walking Distance. Through Nov 4. 203 Dexter Ave N, 652-5855.

Woodside/Braseth Gallery
Still Point: lush NW landscape paintings by Jared Rue. Through Oct 31. 2101 Ninth Ave, 622-7243.

Wright Exhibition Space
An exhibition of poetry as visual art, organized by Wave Books. Through Nov 15. 407 Dexter Ave N, 264-8200.

Paintings by Susie Wind. Through Nov 1. 171 S Jackson St, 583-0497.


recommended The East River Project
A collaborative installation by Gretchen Bennett and Yann Novak combining online downloads and direct street encounters to activate the public space of the neighborhood where they live, the International District. Erich Ginder Studio, 512 5th Ave. S. Free. Sun, Oct 22.

Rivet Magazine
Rivet Magazine release party: The Fake Issue. Mars Bar, 609 Eastlake Ave E, 624-4561. Sat, Oct 21, 9 pm.

recommended SAM at the Showbox
A one-night-only benefit for the Seattle Art Museum with MCs WET, soul sister Choklate, the rock wonder Awesome and lots more. Showbox, 1426 First Ave, 628-3151. $25. Thurs, Oct 19, 8 pm.

recommended Slideluck Potshow
Collaboration: the last Slideluck Potshow of 2006. Potluck at 6:30 pm, slide show at 8 pm. More information at Pravada Studios, 1406 10th Ave, Ste 200, 587-3830.