Visual Art Sep 7, 2011 at 4:00 am

Whatever You Do, Don't Run—It's a 5K for Art, but They Couldn't Get the Permits

Art goes everywhere.


Oh Yes
there are worse things than
being alone
but it often takes decades
to realize this
and most often
when you do
it's too late
and there's nothing worse
too late.

Charles Bukowski
This ain't nuttin' but the lame leading the lame, leading the lame, leading the lame down the garden path to a big giant nowhere party, yes, again, surprise everyone- a party-with the excuse for this nw art scene event being nuttin' but a big messy p-p-p-aaaaarty! Plain n' simple. When is this annoying and shallow concept of " my big fat drug and alcohol problem" being high art and way conceptual- going to be over? I beg you-someone please end this NOW!
Dumb...boring...nowheresville,.vacant, and yes, ALL brought to you under the umbrella of yet another-get ready everbody- tragic gallery in a domestic physicality-aka some ugly living room! YIKES!!! RUN!!! Oh I forgot....
And btw... I'll pass on the concept of Jen Graves in a bathtub interviewing artists...a concept that , well, I just threw up in my mouth...'nuf sad?
oh good grief mystic .. you are one seriously cranky grump-miester
There were 206 artists shown in a phone booth a few months ago and this party only lists 80 on their website, yet JG tells us "Name an artist and s/he's probably part of this." Even if every artist in King County had been shown in the phone booth, that would be a shockingly high attrition rate, and these artists aren't risking life and limb for their art. It's cool, 80 names are too many to list in the space available, but JG has once again taken the insulting way out. Have a nice party, ladies.
Whether you stroll/stumble the entire route or catch the train up the hill, here are going to be after parties all over Beacon Hill!

ROCKiT Space has fire throwers at 2336 15th Ave. S, you can see bands & a car show on Roberto Maestas Festival St. (between the Light Rail St & El Centro, just up the hill from NEPO), enjoy a beverage & polka music at the German Garden around the corner...

Walk, DON'T RUN to Beacon Hill tonight.
Who is this "mystic" shit? On and on about his dislikes as he slowly mastubates hemself into old age. Come on down to Prole Drift, I'm sure I have something that will make your head explode. What is it no one willing to show your little paintings, feeling didn't breast feed you long enough. Rant away........... and what's wrong with a party?
I loved this event.
The 5k ruled! Period. Well done Seattle and Nepo
I had a great time. Thanks NEPO!…
neo NEPOtism
Bully-boy Mystic sounds like some George Bush-styled dry drunk. Can't produce worthy art, and can't even drink or get high anymore. What's a lame curmudgeon to do? Carp!

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