Sometimes, artists want to be surprised, too. "There are things that we will never see," said John Sutton about SuttonBeresCuller's upcoming immersion experience at On the Boards called To Be Determined.

The experience will happen in all parts of the building at the same time. Total simultaneity means that every performance will be in conflict with every other, and because there will be no posted schedule—you have to wander to see what you find—when you see something great, you will immediately be filled with the feeling that you are missing something else great.

For several years, the Seattle artist trio has been sought after for large-scale and public artworks, governed by proposal-­then-­execution processes—models with similar restrictions to rehearsal-based theater. To Be Determined is a break. The performers—different ones each night—were selected by ads posted on Craigslist, simply to avoid the familiar. These people mostly live outside Seattle—in Snohomish, or Redmond, or Tacoma. Circus-style performers. Musicians. Dancers.

Onstage—and maybe elsewhere, Sutton wouldn't give specifics—the performers will be joined by constructed objects. Things you might call sculptures if the whole history of installation art and readymades hadn't happened. They were built also from Craigslist, from the free section—the cosmic-materialist reverse of a theatrical stage set, made new to be destroyed after the show. Come curious, Sutton says. And wear dancing shoes. Otherwise, he doesn't say. He can't. recommended