A bigger image -- one where people can actually read the text -- would be appreciated.
It's obvious the Bunn family hates freedom.
Yeah, this picture is so small it's useless. Better luck next time I guess.
@1, clicking the image itself above gets you a smaller version (500 x 682 pixels) than Jen's "click here" link (900 x 1227 pixels). If you zoom the latter one in your browser window it's nice and readable.
This sort of ruin porn is interesting 'n all, but I'mma go back to eating my dollar slice in my coat-closet-of-an-apartment in Manhattan 'cuz I gotta avoid getting the snax I can't afford at the movie house when I go to see The Grand Budapest Hotel tonight. You probably know that's Wes Anderson's latest.
I visited Braddock and its steel mill in the 1990s. The mill looms over blocks and blocks of mostly-abandoned streets, but you can still get a sense of what a busy place it was back when the mill workers lived right next door. Now the mill workers are from all over; I think the guy who gave us a tour said his home was in Philadelphia, he came over to Pittsburgh to work ten-day stretches.

The Carnegie Library in Braddock was amazing.
Here's the house on Google Maps:,-…

From the street:

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