Dylan Neuwirths All My Friends outside of Museum of Museums east entrance on Broadway.
Dylan Neuwirth's "All My Friends" outside of Museum of Museum's east entrance on Broadway. Jasmyne Keimig

Dylan Neuwirth's neon sculpture has been up for around two weeks outside the yet-to-be-opened Museum of Museums. A formerly run-down office building on First Hill, the building is currently being renovated and turned into a contemporary arts space by Seattle artist Greg Lundgren. The sculpture is called "All My Friends," in reference to that LCD Soundsystem track ("If I could see all my friends toniiiiiiiiiIIIIiIIiIiiiIIhgt")—I saw it for the first time today, at high noon on my lunch break.

Neuwirth is a Seattle-based artist who works with light, space, and interactive technologies—you might have caught his show at Bellevue Arts Museum, OMNIA, earlier this year with its towering neon "SOURCE CODE" on top of the building. His work here is just as stunning, just as public, just as siiiiiick.

Though it's certainly less intense in the bright light of day (obviously), the tubes are still brilliantly colored blue and green and orange and cerulean and magenta and yellow, contrasting vibrantly with the starkness of the white building of the museum itself. In an Instagram post, the museum says that this is their first public (and permanent) sculpture.

If you like to go on night walks like I do, I suggest you reroute your destination so you can check this baby out—and keep your eyes peeled for announcements of the museum's soft opening later this fall.

Also here's the namesake of the sculpture for all you uncultured swine!!: