Visual Art Jun 3, 2022 at 2:20 pm

Marela Zacarías pays tribute to our water-blessed region with her airport-bound sculpture, "Chalchiuhtlicue."

Welcome! Matt Baume



Can one visit the huge new international arrivals terminal? I want to cross that over-a-taxiway bridge too, ideally without having to make an international trip.


How does one afford all the materials and space for this kind of work before becoming an artist that sells their work??


@maevealleine: Most likely this and other art at the airport is done via an open call to artists, that is responded to be proposals to a committee from the Port of Seattle in this case. The port may convene a jury of people including artists not in the competition, to respond to the proposals and select winners. The winners are paid and in this case, I imagine they awarded funds to pay for materials and overhead. In many cases the fabrication costs of public art are significant and the actual artist doing the proposal receives a relatively small portion of the award as their own fee. I would have liked to see the article cover some of this process including the amount of the award.

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