For anyone living under a rock, David Shrigley is a British painter, sculptor, filmmaker, and wonderful weirdo who’s most well-known for crudely drawn images paired with bizarre and hilarious commentaries. His work has been exhibited—quite literally—all over the world, and his many books should be straining a shelf at any cool bookstore near you. In our interview, we talk about tackling the unfamiliar, good music to paint to, and which items look better in color.

Your range of mediums over the years is inspiring and has a very punk rock spirit about it. It seems like you bravely tackle whatever the fuck you feel like. Have any mediums been daunting to you, and do you have a favorite?

I wrote the libretto to an opera in 2011 (Pass the Spoon). I guess that was daunting. My policy is to try everything. Knowing nothing can be an advantage and it makes it more fun. I always want to be at the beginning; to treat every day like the first day of school. It also helps to collaborate with talented people (as I did with the opera). Drawing is the thing that I keep coming back to. Drawings with words: That’s my thing.

I’m really chuffed that I ran your art on two Stranger covers during the 2000s, the photo of a hot dog with googley eyes tucked snugly into bed still cracks me up. Do you have a piece of work that remains a favorite, or still cracks YOU up?

I’ve made so many drawings over the years; probably many thousands. So I have forgotten a great many of them and when stuff turns up again that I have no recollection of I often laugh. Sometimes I’m impressed by what I did in the past, but I also think some things are shit and I don’t want to see them again.

Cover Art by David Shrigley

What can you tell me about transitioning from your iconic black and white into painting in color?

I started working in colour about 12 years ago. I paint in acrylic on thick paper. I don’t mix the paint very much; it’s pretty primitive. When I paint a picture I feel the same way I did when I painted a picture when I was in kindergarten. I just paint. I don’t think about it. I don’t really think of myself as a painter. It’s very much like drawing, only there are more variables. There are some things that look better in colour. Like rainbows, etc.

What are your favorite moments of a normal day for you?

The first moment I walk into the studio in the morning is my favourite. It tails off a bit in the afternoon, so I try to have a power nap if I’m on my own. I also like to work late in the evening. I seem to get things resolved after dinner. Ideally, I will work until about 9 pm.

Artwork by David Shrigley

You and I have both created cover art for one of the world’s most under-recognized bands, Parenthetical Girls, and you have done some wonderful collaborations with talented indie musicians such as Bonnie Prince Billy, Phil Elverum, Deerhoof, to name just a few. Clearly underground music is a big part of your life, what are you listening to these days?

I’m listening to Osees' A Foul Form. Great punk rock. Also Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt's Made Out of Sound. I rediscovered Merzbow recently, though it bothers the dog as there are animal noises in it.

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