Moments ago my concentration was shattered by what sounded like Zeus farting ripping a hole through the cloudless sky with his thunderbolt wand thing after being told Typhon scored Taylor Swift tickets when he didn't.

"The Blue Angels are here," I thought, as I jumped from my chair to take a look. It is officially summertime in Seattle.

I surprised myself with my reaction. I originally worked at The Stranger from 2000-2013, when our offices were on Capitol Hill, and every year for 13 years the Blue Angels rattled our windows and our souls. It'd become somewhat of a tradition for Stranger writers to rant on Slog.


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It's reasonable to be angry, or at the very least annoyed. These $70 million F/A-18 Super Hornets scare squirrels; disrupt traffic; remind us that we "do not live in a utopia ruled by philanthropic billionaires, or enlightened entrepreneurs, or an Innovation Advisory Council that can dissolve all of our problems"; and sometimes fall out of the sky.

In 2014, a former member of the Blue Angels claimed the team "was a hotbed of hazing, sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination," and lead pilots have been accused of participating in "persistent homophobic humor." In 2021, one of their "tricks" caused $180,000 in damage at a naval air facility in California.

I hate them, too! Or, I thought I did. Then I moved away from Seattle for nine years, to Nashville, a city where I never not even once heard or saw a single Blue Angel. Tennessee's annual air show is an hour outside of the city, in Smyrna. A Blue Angels pilot crashed and died there while practicing in 2016, but that was miles and miles away from me. I heard nothing, I saw nothing. The only roar I heard during summer days was the buzz of hundreds of male cicadas flexing their tymbal when they were ready to fuck.

I missed the Blue Angels! I missed the Blue Angels? Indeed, to hear them today, on an early August afternoon means I'm in Seattle. My first summer back since moving to Nashville in 2013. I'm where I want to be.

Now that I have felt the comfort of their roar, though, they need to shut the fuck up.