You Can Now Get High Just Drinking Water


sounds cool but will it get you high?
Yep, sounds like Lester was high. He got a body buzz, and was laughing at what he saw in everyday life. Sound like a cannabis buzz to me. Lester also said he had 20mg, which was his "medium high" dose.
Ultrasonic emulsification is just a type of supersaturation, yes?
The closest that water and weed should get is in a bong. End of story.
(Better yet, be a smart cookie and use a vaporizer, save your lungs for breathing smoky air outside.)
#4 Is anybody else hearing the words "Ultrasonic emulsification" in their heads being sung to this tune?…

(after all, Bert and Mary would have to be tripping balls to keep talking to all those imaginary people).

I would be eating ramen too if I was stupid enough to pay 30 dollars for 12 onces of bong water.
This reads like a product advertisement. The product name was mentioned seven times in the body of the article, and the company's own marketing picture was used.