THE U.S. ARMY NEEDS help us figure out where we are..because were all really stoned.
THE U.S. ARMY NEEDS help us figure out where we are..because we're all really stoned. E+ VIA GETTY IMAGES

Antifa activists in Oregon say they’ve caught the owner of a pot lab giving out food at Neo-Nazi events; she stepped down but has a helluva statement about it. A new hemp program in Washington State is being put on hold for lack of funding, and Vermont will finally legalize weed. Maybe. Probably? Read on.

The Neo-Nazi Pot Lab Owner Next Door

The CEO of a marijuana testing facility in Oregon stepped down this week after activists alleged that she had participated in Neo-Nazi activities and had ties to white supremacist groups. Eugene Antifa says OG Analytical’s lab owner, Bethany Sherman, supplied food for Neo-Nazi gatherings and operated a racist Twitter handle. In a statement to the Oregonian, Sherman denied that she’s a Neo-Nazi, but expressed how proud she is that she’s white!

I find it extremely disconcerting that it is admired and revered to have “Gay Pride,” “Black Pride,” “Asian Pride,” or pride in any other cultural heritage, but if you have “White Pride,” it automatically makes you a Nazi, and you are ostracized, attacked, and lynched by your community. I admit, I am proud that I am white, and I’m not ashamed of my heritage. And I admit that I have been so conditioned to feel shame about this pride that I discreetly sought community where I could.

No New Hemp Licenses Issued in Washington State

Not a great week for hemp hopefuls: The Washington State Department of Agriculture says it needs more cash to continue a program, the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot, approved just last year. Until then the program is on hold, and doesn’t look like state lawmakers are going to want to shell out the money for it (Washington state has only licensed seven hemp operations so far).

And a company in Southern California wasn’t allowed to continue growing hemp after a federal judge declared that the research institution they affiliated themselves with was not a real university.

Legal Cannabis Sales Expected to Reach $10 Billion This Year

Sounds a like a pretty robust industry! And yet cannabis producers and businesses in states where weed is legal still can’t use real banks, or file for bankruptcy like other “real” businesses.

Is Dabbing and Driving a Good Idea?

As anyone who has tried it can tell you, dabbing can be pretty intense. Some researchers at the University of Colorado want to find out how high is too high to dab and drive, and they’re using sensors that they’ve built into an iPod Touch to help figure it out. An app will measure data on the subjects’ movements, balance, and cognitive ability after dipping into the dab (no one will actually be dabbing and driving).

Vermont Will FINALLY Get Legal Marijuana

After what’s been a roller coaster of yes's, no’s, and maybes, it looks like weed will finally be legalized in Vermont come January 2018, according to the state’s house speaker today. The legalization bill has been passed back and forth between the state legislators and governor more times than a blunt that just won’t quit, but it finally looks like it’s going to happen…probably (the gov says he still may have a couple tweaks).

The U.S. Army Granted More Pot Waivers in 2017

"Be All You Can Be" has taken on a new meaning for people who have consumed marijuana and want to join the army. According to the Associated Press, the army granted more than five hundred waivers this year, a huge jump from 191 in 2016. So, more stoners can join the army now! Of course, you can’t smoke weed once you’re in the army (don’t ask, don’t tell?).