What We Can Learn from the Man Who Ate Cannabis and Had a Meltdown High Above the Pacific Ocean

Is he onto something about edibles?


You can get quite a nicotine high from eating tobacco, but you also take on the full toxicity of the tobacco plant if you do that. You're going to get very sick. Cannabis edibles are equally as risky for a different reason because you can't dose based on an immediate feedback response. You have to wait too long. Imagine an alcoholic beverage that you can't feel until an hour later. How do you know how much you actually want to drink? Edibles are risky as hell because nothing sucks more than getting too high on weed. Experienced cannabis users stick with inhalation for a reason.
I don't think punching people and trying to open an airplane door is any more about pot than drunk driving is about beer. Sure, if I drink whiskey, I'll feel it sooner and maybe nanoemulsion would have made him feel high sooner too. So what!? The fact is we're all responsible for our actions and he made a criminally stupid mistake. Pro tip: Know your high before you fly!
Or alternatively; man boards flight to China with multiple edibles in his possession, realizes that it might be problematical once he reaches his destination, decides to consume all said edibles rather than dispose of them.
Dumbfuck. The drug culture is no place for amateurs.
He forgot to mention the mushrooms he ate.
@3 - This was my assumption all along. Or he thought that if one candy would work then 2 or 3 would really get the job done not understanding how this actually works.

Although I'll note that for some people, high doses of THC can induce psychotic episodes due to underlying pathologies, an interaction with some other medication or substance, or bad luck brain chemistry. Generally people find this out the hard way by being naive or unaware of their limits and jump right into situations that seem destined to go bad. Like, this one.
it may be true he's got a sentence to serve, but 99 years he just don't deserve.
@6 I was thinking the same thing...and hey The Stranger Even discussed it a while back...https://www.thestranger.com/seattle/the-…
@7, it said 20, which seems reasonable for trying to open an airplane door midair, beating the shit out of a bunch of people and forcing the airline to dump a few thousand gallons of poison jet fuel into the ocean. Actually, when you actually list it all out 20 years seems low.
I don't believe Hudek's story for one second. He was probably whacked out on something, but it wasn't too much edibles.
With the current packaging laws in WA it is pretty easy to know how much you consume and from history, how much gets you high. As a casual user, I get a nice buzz from 10mg. 20mg would probably knock me out. No way I'm trying any more than that in an uncontrolled situation.

He had to know he was way over dosed, or else he is a complete idiot.
@1) Experienced cannabis users can never get "too high".
"Too high" exists only for dilettantes.
It's called "stoned". There is no "too high".
@9: I know. it's a Dylan lyric, though. 2 ought to get r dun.
It was probably the alcohol. Some people can have strange reactions to alcohol at altitude.
@3 in SF, where I live, LOTS of people's are popping edibles in the security line. I imagine Sea-Tax isn't too different. I've done, most of my friends do it. I just bring the one piece or whatever I'm going to eat, and try to time it so I'm on the airplane 30 minutes later (not always possible based on security delays, but whatever). While this dude may have brought his entire stash and panicked, it's at least as likely that he had a sole edible (the problem is with TSA, as well - he can't bring that stuff on to the plane). But like I said @15, I think it was the alcohol and the altitude.
There are people who can have adveserial reactions to eating weed products and getting too much can cause extreme panic. Seems like he was trying to get out of the plane by yanking on the door, so I believe him. I once ate too many brownies when I was young and almost ended up in the ER because my heart was pounding so hard I thought I was dying while I was lying in bed.
"The problem may have been that Hudek ate more because he didn't get high quickly enough; it can take over an hour for an edible to start to hit you, and in that time, many people make the mistake of over indulging."

Being a well-seasoned smoker/eater of la Ganja, this I too have discovered -- the hard way. As some of my comments on your many (great!) pot articles indicate, I surely would appreciate seeing -- at least occasionally, or am I missing them? -- some small Disclaimer, contained on said articles, articles extolling the virtues/blessings of this powerful little wonder drug.

(Christopher Frizzelle's brilliant article, as noted/linked by @8, above, as well as many of the 185 comments, does an excellent job discussing the possible/probable links between psychosis and marijuana use. Obviously, much more work needs to be done, beginning with taking cannabis the fuck OFF the Fed's 'DO NOT STUDY THIS DRUG' shit list.)

Thanks, Lester.
Not to say pot causes psychosis -- it doesn't.
But, apparently, it can make it worse.
Speaking of Proper Dosage: “A Marijuana Dinner Party Grows Underground”
--from the New Yorker

@kristofarian, temporary psychosis can be caused by any number of medications/drugs, including THC.