Liberty Reach wining one of their two first place awards on Saturday.
Liberty Reach wining one of their two first place awards on Saturday. Easton Richmond/DOPE Cup

There are more pot farms in Washington state than there are breweries and wineries combined. How do you know what weed to buy when you have more than 1,200 licensed farms to choose from?

Well, to start, you read my column every fortnight in our paper—I spend a lot of time sampling as many products as I can to try to find the best pot and most interesting products in the state. The other trick? Pay attention to industry competitions. Events like The Sungrower's Cup and the DOPE Cup pit some of the best growers in the state against each other to find the best weed in Washington.

This year's DOPE Cup just happened this past weekend at Hempfest. I had planned on covering the event but some Proud Boys and Antifa folks took too much of my time, so I ended up getting to the stage just as the awards show ended. But I still managed to snag the results for Slog's viewing pleasure.

The big winners out of Saturday's competition were Olala, a processor in Kirkland, and Canna Organix, a farm in Sequim, with both companies winning three first place trophies. Phat Panda, Dabstract, Verdelux, Liberty Reach, and Lazy Bee Gardens all won two first place prizes.

The best pre-roll went to DogHouse Supreme Cannabis with their Tanglieland #5 joint. Liberty Reach won best terpene profile, which refers to the aromatic compounds found in pot, with their Tropicanna Cookies strain.

Phat Panda, the Spokane farm that is our state's largest producer of pot, had an impressive showing winning both first place and the runner up prize in the most potent flower category with their GMO and Trophy Wife strains.

Check out the DOPE Cup's website for the full list of winners.