These two fiery Targaryens would be way more chill if they took a few hits of this new vape pen.
These two fiery Targaryens would be way more chill if they took a few hits of this new vape pen. Helen Sloane/HBO

Winter is almost over. There are officially only three Game of Thrones episodes left before the HBO series ends and we can no longer watch along as our favorite characters are brutally murdered. Or at least until the first GOT spinoff starts. But either way we need to maximize each of the following episodes, and I found the perfect weed pairing for your next Sunday viewing party.

Seattle’s Heylo Extracts just released a new pot vape cartridge dedicated the show. It’s called “Mother of Dragons” and it contains a bunch of rare cannabinoids and a pot terpene I’ve never even fucking heard of. I picked up a cartridge this week and it tastes hella classy, like a bowl of fancy dried-orange-and-spices potpourri, and it gave me a really fun and exciting high.

Laurel Friesen, Heylo’s founder and chief extractor, told me that she thought up the blend because she had a bunch of top shelf strains from the pot grower Alta Buddha (which has since gone out of business) that all shared a similar “dragon” lineage. Friesen said the strains, which include Dragon Breath, Dragon Lady, Jack's Dragon, and Jack's Dragon Girl, paired particularly well together.

“We are intentional about the blend. If we know about the genetics and the experiences the plant provides we will put them together intentionally,” Friesen said.

The cannabis oil inside the vape cartridge contains a unique selection of pot compounds. "Mother of Dragons" has THC and CBD—the two most common chemicals found in pot—but it also has large amounts of three rare cannabinoids you probably have never heard of: CBG, CBN, and CBC. The cartridge is also filled with a very unique set of terpenes (the compounds that give pot its flavor) that includes Valencene, a terpene I’ve never heard of that was first identified in Valencia oranges.

I think the oil tastes like a mix of dried citrus, peppercorns, and musky earth. Some strains of cannabis can taste wonderfully straightforward—like the Sprite-like flavor of a great Lemon Haze—but "Mother of Dragons" definitely felt like a complex blend of different flavors. I noticed a mentally stimulating and mood elevating high after taking two hits, definitely not sedative or very physically relaxing. Its THC content is somewhat low for a THC-dominant oil—"Mother of Dragons" tests at 52 percent THC, while many commercially available cartridges test at over 80 or even 90 percent THC. But even with that 52 percent, it’s possible to get legitimately high after just a handful of vape hits.

Daniel Luebke holding a batch of extracted cannabis oil inside Heylos Seattle facility.
Daniel Luebke, Heylo's marketing director, holding a batch of extracted cannabis oil inside their Seattle facility. Lester Black

I found out about "Mother of Dragons" from David Heldreth, a Seattle-based cannabis entrepreneur who is the chief science officer of True Terpenes and the CEO of Panacea Plant Sciences. Heldreth said it was remarkable for there to be over 2 percent of CBN, CBG, and CBC, considering these rare cannabinoids are almost never seen at levels above 0.5 percent.

Heldreth said the presence of the Valencene, which he described as “one of the rarest terpenes in cannabis and the world in general” makes the cartridge even more remarkable.

“It was originally isolated from Valencia oranges which gives you a good idea of a flavor palette,” Heldreth said in an e-mail. “I find it slightly uplifting, with a little energy. It’s found in varieties like Tangie, but even then in very low levels. Due to the low levels found in cannabis and elsewhere, it’s actually the most expensive isolated terpene True Terpenes carries in stock.”

Daniel Luebke, Heylo’s marketing director, told me that the blend of these different dragon-named pot strains happened to coincide with Game of Thrones, so they decided to fully embrace the show.

“I think we got really lucky with it to some degree because we didn’t set out to find something to fit Game of Thrones. But a few different things, including the timing of the new season, came together as we were making this blend,” Luebke said.

The cartridge’s name, "Mother of Dragons," is a reference to the white-haired star of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen. At the end of the show's first season, Daenerys calmly walks into her husband’s burning funeral pyre and then walks out the next morning carrying three baby dragons. She spends the next seven seasons amassing an army and attempting to take over the world with the fiery creatures, which are the first dragons to be seen in her world in generations.

Which character in Game of Thrones is most likely to hit this dank vape? The strain might be named after Daenerys Targaryen but Friesen said she didn’t think the dragon queen would necessarily smoke this latest cartridge from Heylo. She said Tyrion Lannister, a perpetually conniving character who has managed to stay alive and rise to power in multiple houses, would be most likely to enjoy the cartridge.

“I think he definitely uses substances to really think about things differently. So definitely him,” Friesen said.

One more thing about Heylo before I leave you to enjoy the last five hours of Game of Thrones: I’ve got some bad news, Heylo is no longer selling their "Where’s My Bike" vape cartridge. They couldn’t find a suitable source for that very specific strain, according to Luebke. So all of you that have been emailing me asking where you can find it after I wrote about "Where's My Bike" last year in my story, The Most Important Weed Compound No One Is Talking About, should stop looking for that cartridge. But Heylo has replaced "Where’s My Bike" with a new cartridge called The CBG Blend. So you can still get that CBG if you’re looking for it.