On the left is Clay Sales, aka Mr. Leather Washington 2016. He faces off against The Strangers Rich Smith in a Solowheel race to the rainbow-colored finish line.
In case it's not automatically clear, the leather daddy, Clay Sales, is on the left. Rich Smith (me) is on the right. On Monday, we faced off in a Solowheel race to a rainbow-colored finish line. Jennifer Campbell

A Solowheel is an electric unicycle that looks and feels like a baby Segway. For the last two weeks I've immersed myself in Solowheel culture in order to figure out who rides them, to learn why they ride them, and to decide whether or not we should all be riding them. I wrote up my findings in this week's feature: Is Solowheel the Future of Urban Transportation?.

During my research, I crossed paths with Clay Sales, an avid Solowheeler who also happens to be Mr. Leather Washington 2016. If you live on Capitol Hill, you've probably seen Sales gliding down Pine Street on his Solowheel Xtreme. He's hard to miss.

Once I learned how to ride a Solowheel myself, I knew I had to challenge him to a race. And so I did. (In leathers, of course.)