This tree (stump) is so sexy, it's almost pornographic. Greg Hubly

The Stranger sure does love a good sexy tree. We get e-mails about sexy trees. Sometimes, they are worth sharing. This is one of those times, even if it is more of a stump than a tree.

This one came from Greg Hubly of Woodinville. I e-mailed Greg to confirm it was cool to post his sexy tree (stump) photo and if he should be credited, and then I asked him about its history and his history with it. Here was his response:

Post away, I'm thrilled. As for credit, yes, I would be honored. Wife was featured last year in an Audubon piece, that mainstream production. (Yawn. Let's show her real talent and adulation.).

S(he) has been a fire ringside artifact for years. Thriving in obscurity within our woodpile for time unknown, s(he) was recused from mundane immolation one summer evening by someone with a sharp eye for beauty and a desire to titillate. Hard, confusing exterior, masking such mystery within.

Was this the most sexy tree I have ever witnessed? No, there was this woody plank in shop class back in 1973...

Thanks, Greg, for turning us onto this tree (stump).

For more sexy tree appreciation, check one out here (it has a really nice ass), a whole story about sexy trees here (it was published in 2009, but they're trees! That means that if Seattle's unchecked construction hasn't caused them to be cut down, they're probably still out there somewhere!), and we also started a Sexy Tree Facebook group. You can join and see more sexy tree photo submissions, and/or submit some of your own. You can also e-mail me with your sexy tree photos. If I get one that's sexy enough, it just might get posted here, too.